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Our Training Programs as a Path To Excellence with Horses

What you and your horse get from ALL our programs here.

There are no happy endings to a journey that isn’t filled with happiness along the way.  If you like our ideas about how to go about getting happy and confident horses and happy and confident people that are in this short audio, then you’re going to love our training programs too.

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9 Keys to Happiness With Your Horse – free lessons

This very popular and FREE course is a great place to start. Using her practical, down to earth approach to teaching, Jenny will show exactly how you can achieve happiness with your horse, and quickly.

You will get the practical foundation to concepts to that are usually considered unteachable. “Feel” and “deep connection” are just two of those concepts.


21 Days to a Quiet Mind – Horse Meditations

A Quiet Mind is the single biggest key behind every mutually positive training experience with horses. It’s the foundation key behind excellent riding, empathetic groundwork, harmony in routine activities, perfect timing, clear thinking, calmness, confidence – and the list goes on.

Jenny has developed a PRACTICAL way to help you develop and/or deepen a Quiet Mind with this new program 21 Days to a Quiet Mind.


Foundation for Riding Excellence

Foundation for Riding Excellence is a wonderful place to start if you are seeking to significantly improve your riding seat, security and stability in the saddle.

In this 20 lesson course you will first find YOUR perfect riding position and systematically eliminate all the resistances that are getting in the way of you being able to flow with your horse. Then we make those riding position improvements effortlessly automatic and then finally you learn how to introduce it all to your horse.


Fast Track to Brilliant Riding

Fast Track to Brilliant Riding is the ultimate Fast Track to excellence in your riding and connection with your horse.

The 80 online audio and video lessons will fast track your riding and horsemanship skills, replacing years of training, clinics and lessons, and often times struggle. They will help you and your horse find a calmness, confidence and lovely sense of well being in all aspects of your lives.


Ease and Grace – A new path with horses

Ease and Grace is a custom designed, private, on line clinic – at home with your own horse, at your own pace.

It’s a rich combination of beautiful horsemanship and empathetic riding, mental, emotional and physical healing for you and your horse, health and life coaching – all grounded through the grace of your horse.


Horse Magic


Horse Magic is a different kind of a custom designed Bucket List program – once in a life time for most people – that includes all our on line programs then adds a week long, live visit from me, to you and your horse AND 12 follow up video lessons.



Arthritis Recovery Program

The Arthritis Recovery Program is for any horse person wishing to recover from arthritis AND gain access to the mutually healing gift from horses.

Whilst we address 7 key areas in our 34 lesson Arthritis Recovery Program, your experience will be unique and appropriate to your situation and needs. AND to enrich your recovery experience we have included our 80 lesson Fast Track program – so that you can access the incredible and powerful gift of reciprocal healing between horse and human.


Colic Attack First Aid

Colic attack - horse downJenny has never lost a horse to colic and never had a horse need colic surgery. This 100% success rate with colic has been achieved using powerful techniques that she has learned, developed and finetuned over more than 20 years of treating other people’s horses with colic.

These very same techniques are contained in this Program and will give you the capability and calm confidence to help your horse in the event of a colic attack.


Private lessons with Jenny & Team

Jenny and her team offer a wide range of expertise in horse training, health and wellbeing to support you in whatever you are hoping to achieve with your horse and in life. Our private lessons can be in person but are often (and very effectively) by distance.

Fundamental to our approach is that the journey doesn’t need to be a struggle and that horses can help us and we can help our horses in escalating each other into transformational change.


Live Clinics

As most of you know, live clinics are rare with me – because, while I enjoy doing occasional clinics from home (with some exceptions for beautiful places and beautiful people) I enjoy traveling for fun a lot more! 🙂

We have no live clinics scheduled this year as yet.

Enrol with Confidence

With all Jenny’s programs, it’s simple – do the work and get the results. And because Jenny is happy when you and your horse are happy, all her programs are backed by her “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

All Our Programs Feature

+ Innovative, proven and powerful learning techniques that bypass years of lessons and fast track horse and human progress

+ Practical step by step lessons that produce excellent results

+ A special community of like minded horse people via the Student Forum and monthly Live Seminars

+ Extra lessons and support in the Student Forum

+ Instant and lifetime online access – work at your own pace with unlimited access to all the lessons

+ They are suitable for people of all ages, ability, shape, fitness level and horse experience – from beginners to World Champions

+ And they are all backed by our “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee

Where To Start?

If you’re not sure where to start or which course is right for you, drop a line to Jenny and she’ll help you work it out.

Written version of the introductory audio

My whole world changed the day that I started to treat my horse as my teacher. Most of his resistances dropped away, he became co-operative, he started to enjoy our time together. And so did I.

We both got happier and happier.

That magnificent, delicious smelling, heart swelling, thinking and sometimes infuriating creature out there in your pasture is your teacher too.

Our horse programs, including our on line horse programs, are filled with innovative, practical techniques discovered during that listening to my horse Bobby, by listening to other horses, to students, to teachers – all of whom contributed to this beautiful body of work that continues to unfold.

My passion for good health, vitality and zest for life for both horses and humans and my background as an alternative therapist for over twenty years is reflected in these programs too – happy and healthy… healthy and happy. If you haven’t had anything to do with me before, you will be astounded at the healing of things for both you and your horse that modern medicine considers either impossible to do or incredibly expensive.

Horses and students alike, have taught me more and more about deeper and deeper connection, how to have both humans and horses unafraid of each other and connected emotionally for pure happiness together, how to understand those crappy feelings and find happiness again, how to teach a riding position that feels so deeply physically connected that nothing could tip you out of the saddle, how to be energetically so connected that you move as One like a school of fish, whoosh … all moving exactly together no matter what goes wrong, how to be mentally connected so deeply that you can understand whatever is behind every problem with your horse and find a solution easily, how to appreciate each horse’s and each person’s uniqueness –

And to understand that The Horse really is the magnificent being of my childhood dreams and that I am a part of that.

Along the way, I have come to understand that there are no happy endings to a journey that isn’t filled with happiness along the way and I teach people how to find that deep sense of peacefulness and happiness with their horses.

And that’s what you can get out of all my online horse programs:

+ They are founded on developing a deep soul bond with your horse

+ And bringing that bond into practical skills and knowledge with spectacular results in the saddle and on the ground

+ You can find this happiness and skill no matter what age, size, shape, fitness or experience level you are – from beginners to World Champions.

So if you are gentle or want to be, if you are excited by getting better at what you do with your horses and what you’ve read or heard just now then check out the programs below. There’s something for everyone.

All my programs, whether they are training programs or health programs, are about a journey to healing and happiness for both horse and human and come with my “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.