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aaa French alternative therapists specialising in horses and riders

Beatrice Vuillaume   France

Location:   south east, (provence-alpes-côte d’azur)


Phone:   0033 6 1352 8861

About Beatrice:  She is an equine podiatrist, helping horses go barefoot, qualified at the swiss school of barehoof strategy, and at the institute of equine podiatry in Florida.

Equine Breathing      World wide

Clare has a French translation available on her website

Click here for Equine Breathings website .

Equine Breathing is a new holistic method that enables horse owners to help their horse recover from chronic ailments (such as Chronic Pulmonary Obstructive Disease, COPD where the horse has difficulty breathing) and behavioural problems (such as headshaking), and to increase fitness and performance. Anyone can do Equine Breathing using free instructions available on Clare’s website above.  It is soothing and relaxing and horses enjoy it.

If a horse has a chronic ailment or behavioural problem, then it will be over breathing (breathing too big a volume of air). Over breathing has a direct and damaging effect on the physiology and can therefore eventually manifest in symptoms.

Equine Breathing is not a veterinary technique or even a therapy, it is simply a training method that owners can use to bring their horse’s breathing back towards normal. As the horse’s breathing improves, the physiology recovers and symptoms reduce.

Click here for a short introductory video about Equine Breathing    The website is full of info including case studies, how it works, how to help your horse, how to help yourself etc. Clare of Equine Breathing is always happy to hear from you and answer questions by email.