Jenny Pearce

Happiness And Well being for horse AND rider as a pathway to excellence

An email from Jan about her horse riding lesson over the phone.

It sounds ridiclous doesn’t it?  Riding lessons over the phone, indeed!  How useful could that be?  VERY useful as it turns out… Here’s an email from Jan about her free 15 minute phone coaching session that we did last week.  Jan spent time helping me develop the nervous riders / nervous horses internet based coaching program and […]

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Kissing spine is not the kiss of death

Kissing spine is considered un-fixable by most – but I strongly disagree. Kissing spine happens because the horse is arching his back the wrong way, sagging like a saggy mattress with the human sitting on the saggy bit.  And the angles of the sag have the bones of the back wearing in ways it was […]

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