Jenny Pearce

“Bobby’s Diaries – Straight From the Horse’s Mouth to You”

This was the first of my horse books, written in 2007.  The two years preceeding this book  were the start of a phenomenal growth curve for me, that continues to this day.  Even though that growth has me a heck of a lot gentler these days, the blueprint that Bobby came up with for this book is still valid today.

You want to ride with confidence, you want safety and fun, and you want results from the work that you put in.

You want to be a better rider and you want to enjoy that wonderful four legged being standing out there in the paddock or field, stable or barn – and you want to enjoy them ALL the time.

(Scroll down if you want the buy button now.) Correct me if I’m wrong, but these things are not happening ALL the time and the ground gets harder every year – so something has to change, in order for you to have what you are looking for.

Well, I suspect that this book and others here on this website, might just be that change.

Turn your horse relationship into the stress free, happy experience that it’s supposed to be.

Bobby’s Diaries is about Bobby the horse’s roadmap for us to be a truly confident rider and it’s about how your horse too, can help you to get the results of a gifted rider – even when you think you’re not.

If you’ve got an open mind to try something different, you’re going to be more than pleasantly surprised  at this simple and powerful approach.

Get your training from the best – get it from your own horse with this revolutionary new book, that shows you how to listen to your horse and how to use that to be brilliant with him or her.

This book is simple to understand, written in a fresh, earthy style and easy to read.

You’ll get the dramatic improvement that other readers have reported if you apply the principles in the book with an open mind and a willingness to allow your horse to teach YOU how to be brilliant with horses.  This book is unique and quite different in approach to anything that you have read.

Bobby’s Diaries – Straight from the horse’s mouth to you – How your horse can teach you how to be a confident and gifted rider.   Learn how to listen to your own horse and get the freedom from nerves, the safety and the fun that you both deserve.  You could be reading this book in minutes in its electronic version through one of the most secure financial sites in the world, with my unique in the horse world “love this book or get your money back” guarantee.

You can be reading this book in minutes. AUS $29.95