Jenny Pearce

Dealing with a death in our four legged family

The top 10 things Maya taught me about death and dying – A guest post

As a healer, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that a healer has two jobs.  One… to support people and animals to have the best life possible and Two… to support them for the sweetest death possible. Death is the one sure thing in life, hey?  So why do we in the […]

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A beautiful death in a four legged family and what deep comfort there is in knowing it is absolutely the right time

Animals seem to have a much more pragmatic approach to death than us humans – and in my communication work I think I have caught their ease about the subject. (Actually, I had a very clear glimpse one day of where we go as we die, when I was helping my father in law have […]

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Helping Sammy go home…

Sammy was a chest thrust out, giant of a dog in a miniature fox terrier’s body. He spent his weekends out in the shed with his Dad, pottering around doing chores or watching the footie and he slept with Trinette, where he had been keeping her safe from the monsters of the night for almost […]

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