Jenny Pearce

Horse floating or trailoring problems

The calming acupressure point and a trailer loading question.

Sharon asked about using the calming acupressure point from my previous blog to help with a horse’s float / trailer problem: Would this help a horse who stresses in the float??? My mare no longer travels well in the float.  She loads easy but leans on centre divider and no matter if it is a […]

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A nice horse floating story

My daughter Mel shared a wonderful memory on Facebook this morning, that brought back memories of this old story about float / trailer training two of our own horses. Six years ago we moved farms and had 11 horses to move. Some of the horses were brilliant loaders and travelers because I’d worked with them […]

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Horse floating and horse trailering problems – questions answered here

Over the years, I have answered a lot of questions from people who have problems getting their horses on the float or trailer or truck or have problems travelling them and successfully helped a huge amount of people and horses solve their problems. At one time I earned a significant part of my living training difficult […]

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A floating problem with a terrifying solution

I had a couple of people come into my and leave questions about floating problems and while I was reading the questions – this old question popped up.  I wonder how this kid and this horse went, hey?  She never did come back and take me up on that offer of a free book. My name […]

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Horse floating, trailoring or travelling problems

Getting horses to get on the float, truck or trailer has to be one of the most common problems that people experience with their horse. Here’s an excerpt about floating or trailering problems from the first of the horse books that I wrote “Bobby’s Diaries – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth to You”.  The approach […]

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