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What if we could assume the rightness of everything that goes “wrong” with our horse?

I have had very large shift in perspective in the last few weeks that has had a major impact on my life in and out of horses – and I just love the fact that horses are such a catalyst for things like this! What if every “problem” that we experience, every crappy thing that […]

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Me, a snake and an insight on what it feels like to be a horse dealing with serious fear

  I used to be snake phobic – so bad that I couldn’t watch them on TV without having nightmares.  I had gotten rid of the outright phobia with my healing work, but was still pretty afraid of them when someone suggested that “knowledge is power, perhaps I ought to find out more about snakes.” […]

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Stringhalt query from a reader…

A reader with a stringhalted horse had been told to lock her horse up off the pasture, give it a mineral block, a large bale of hay and hard feed it.  She was having trouble with transitions even after her horse was supposed to be recovered.  So this article is about stringhalt AND transitions. Here’s […]

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A powerful improvement to the Parelli Friendly Game

Whether you are into natural horsemanship or not – even if the idea of natural horsemanship makes you cringe –  the Friendly Game, the rhythmic advance and retreat method of getting your horse used to routine things that they might find either scarey or uncomfortable, is probably one of the best things that you can […]

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