Jenny Pearce

Just say “YES!”

Ahhh what a beauty for the Just Say YES! file

  These photos were sooo… a Just Say YES! blog.  Just look at Bella’s lovely straight back and a very nice start to a beautiful seat –  that happens naturally when a rider and a horse has no fear or nerves or anxiety. Gosh this little pony is using his body and fairly motoring along, hey? Bella […]

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Another Just say YES! addition – Manolo Mendez with a horse called Picasso

Well, it seems that Just say YES!  to beautiful horse and humans together is growing some momentum on this blog  🙂 This morning I came across this Youtube of Manolo Mendez working with Kathryn Barrett’s Picasso .  It is definitely the kind of poetry that Just say YES!  was designed for.

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And here is a cute video of Bobby at liberty that I have reloaded onto Youtube

  Bobby had been having some pretty bad hoof problems and once tested up for 7 kms at a time of fast work, several times a week.  I was a bit concerned about riding him for that, because he was a touch lame and this liberty work from the car window out on a bush track, […]

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Oh man, the next time I whinge about something let me remember this lady!

    I know the Para-olypmics will be full of amazing stories of guts and determination – even more so in the horse riding field. Click here to have a look at this article about USA para-olympian Barbara Adside!

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