Jenny Pearce

Student Spotlight

Yuka, a wwoofer from Japan with our horses

This photo is of Yuka from Japan, with our miniatures Dom and Blondie. Even with her very new and limited English back then, Yuka understood what I was asking her to do and “got” the connection to listen to our miniature pony Dom, instantly.  The first thing she heard was “I hate you.” That shocked me, […]

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Natasha, a wwoofer from Israel

Natasha quickly became one of our favourite wwoofers.  (Willing Woorkers On Organic Farms)  Here’s a photo of Natasha taking a rest from tree planting, having a deep and meaningful conversation with young Boots. Natasha had quite a bit of horse and riding experience already when she came to us. Even in another language, the connection […]

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Juliette – a French wwoofer

Juliette, a French girl from Paris, fitted into our family as if she was born in the countryside.  She came to us on the wwoofer program (Willing Workers on Organic Farms).  It’s a program that involves working for your organic board and keep whilst being part of the family in a different country. With very […]

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