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Clinics in Australia – Berrima NSW and Rokeby Vic – then overseas clinics in Alaska and the Yukon – and maybe another one in the USA on the way to Canada.

I love being at home, I love being with my horses and no matter how much I enjoy teaching clinics in person, the From Your Horse’s Heart on line program is my priority focus, so I don’t intend to travel and do clinics in person too often.

So if you have been thinking about the possibility and if any of these clinics are within cooee of you, you might like to jump at the opportunity and have a good look at one of the clinics listed below.

Set yourself on the fast track to happiness with your horse with a 4 day clinic designed with a beautiful mix of practical techniques, incredible healing for both horse and rider and deeply moving spiritual insights.

What does happiness with your horse mean for you?

Will it mean reaching your dreams of dancing with your horse?

Will it mean learning the secret to a deep sense of trust and confidence for you and your horse?

Will it mean riding bareback and bridle-less or a deep sense of togetherness and mateship out in the bush?

Does it mean a sense of safety for you and your kids?

Or a breakthrough for you and your competition horse?

4 intensive days with me and a group of like minded people is a fast track to all of those goals.  And the price of the clinic includes 8 months of follow up, with the on-line lesson program From Your Horse’s Heart.

Berrima N.S.W.  4 days Saturday 20th to Tuesday 23rd October 2012 .  We are taking bookings and deposits for this clinic now.  Email me (take the “dot”s out of the addresses – they are there to stop the web spiders!) jenny@jennypearcedotcomdotau or Page Coulson on pagecoulson@bigponddotcom or if you want to have a chat about the clinic, ring me on 0417 863394.  $650 plus  venue costs, which we are still working out and the price includes 8 months of support with the on line lesson program From Your Horse’s Heart.  Page has some accomodation available for those travelling long distances.

Rokeby Victoria  4 days 24th to 27th November 2012.  We are taking bookings and deposits for this clinic here at home.   The cost is $650 which includes 8 months of follow up with the online lesson program From  Your Horse’s Heart.  Email me jenny@jennypearcedotcomdotau or phone 0417 863394.  There are three beds available here at the house – riders get first priority.  It is a very convivial atmosphere here, where we share cooking for each other and generally have a good time outside of the clinic too.  Camping welcome.

AlaskaJuly 2013 – Summer in Alaska woohoo!  Devony Lehner is organising that clinic and is looking for expressions of interest.

The Yukon, CanadaJuly 2013 – aren’t I lucky Alaska and the Yukon are both places that I have wanted to go to forever! Clara Sharp is organising this clinic and looking for expressions of interest.  Email her at klarashark@gmaildotcom

USA July 2013 – It makes sense to break such a long trip by doing another clinic in the USA, somewhere on the way up to Canada .  If anyone is interested in organising such a clinic and is a good organiser, then contact me jenny@jennypearcedotcomdotau.  Organisers get a free ride plus expenses on a full clinic.


Here are some testimonials from the last clinic:

With Jenny’s support and experience I was able to really tap into myself and my intuition; I found a powerful new riding position I had never experienced before despite being a horse rider for 30 years.

Narel:  I watched the most beautiful transformation of my very nervous 11 year old mare as she went from feeling her usual terror to curiosity about things going on around her.

Sue: I watched Jenny in awe as she helped both beginner and very advanced riders find their own unique place.  Her ability to sense when the person is stuck or unsure is uncannily accurate.  There was some very emotional moments as people released fright imprints or gained insights into their own or their horse’s behaviour—but I think everyone has left with “joy imprints” in their place.  Jenny:  Sue found a riding position on her horse that had her with tears of joy running down her face.

Jo:   My life in and out of horses has been transformed

Watchers without horses get to participate where they can in my clinics – they are not just sitting on the sidelines.

Mandii was a watcher without a horse.  For Mandii, understanding and releasing a traumatic event from her childhood, caused an incredible expansion of being able to hear animals.  When I asked her what was the biggest thing she got out of the clinic, she said:  It was the ability to finally be able to help others, because that is essentially what I want to do with my life.  My outlook on everything is just so positive and my energy is on a high.  Even the people around me are affected by that positivity – it has brought their energy up too.

Two other riders started a beautiful relationship with their new horses in that last clinic.  One laid a fabulous foundation on the ground  and in the beginning of the saddle work and took her horse from a nervous baby to a relaxed, happy and incredibly co-operative horse.

The other rider had a youngster who had not been ridden for 6 months or so and had only just been broken in then.  She helped this young horse find a lovely balance in self carriage in her first ride at the clinic in this powerful new riding position – yes you read that right – self carriage, in the first ride.

Conditions of clinic payments:

Deposits are non refundable, but are transferable to any other product.

The balance of clinic payments should be paid two weeks before the clinic starts in Australia and four weeks before the clinic starts outside of Australia.   If you have to cancel a clinic for some reason after that time, then your payment is transferrable to any other product – e.g on line program plus private lessons with me personally.  If you prefer, we will make every effort to sell your place instead.



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