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Happiness with Horses clinic here at Rokeby in January 2019


Happiness with Horses two boutique clinics at Rokeby.
3 days 16, 17th and 18th of January 2019

and a whole new clinic again
3 days 30th 31st January and 1st February

How a clinic works

We always work on deepening our connection to our horse – just look at Doll and Liberty’s connection in that photo over on the left, taken in a clinic in Perth – even their legs are in sync – and we always work on our Feel, our own and our horse’s confidence and the riding seat work I describe below. 

Get your horse WANTING to be with you and following you around confidently with liberty work – we’ll have one or more liberty areas going, as well as ridden work if you’re up to that.  I am passionate about people having a beautiful Feel for their horses.  Feel is the foundation for a happy confident horse and acting on your feel has you happy and confident too.

I’ll do a bit of consult by email beforehand getting everyone to think about what they want from the clinic and that gives me an idea of what the clinic will look like – so if you’re thinking of taking up one of the last two horse and people places, start having a think about that now.  And if you’re up for it, you could ask your horse to show you what they’d like to work on too.  🙂

Apart from some shared group activity, in a clinic each person works on what they and their horse individually needs. There’s lots of time for breaks as you both need them, for you to watch and learn from what other people are doing.

We’ll get rid of things that have been causing your horse to have anxiety – like saddling and bridling where appropriate.

I’ll have Magic down in the arena (see left) for the riding seat work and/ or any fright imprints or “oh shit re-programming” that people need to do – that’s when you need to re-program how you react when your horse does a spook or has some kind of adverse thing happen. 

Sheer magic happens on Magic when people can focus inwards and re-program a perfect riding seat or a perfect “oh shit” reaction without worrying about their horse.  An oh shit reaction is what you do on auto pilot when something goes wrong and you can change that from pulling on your horse and making things worse, to a deeper, even more connected and reassuring response – on auto pilot.  That’s one of my specialties. 🙂

Susan will have a motorbike arranged for a while on the last afternoon as her horse has a problem with them and we’re going to get started on eliminating that issue – so anyone else can join in on that too if they want or watch and learn how to release and reprogram BIG oh shit reactions from your horse and get them calm and thinking about things like motorbikes or traffic.

Price and accommodation details

The price for the clinic is $650, which includes Fast Track to Brilliant Riding which gives you a year of constant reinforcement and follow up, with all the extras that fast track has – free monthly live seminars, student forum with a lovely community, loads and loads of extra on line lessons. Fast Track is usually $550 all by itself, so you can see how keen I am that people get follow up after clinics!  It turns the clinic from a lovely clinic into something that keeps on keeping on.

The Price also includes staying here if you need to, bed on the floor – everyone kicks in and provides and makes one or more meals depending on how many people stay and everyone keeps the house clean etc. We have paddocks up here close to our house that are also included in the price, but if you want your horse in a yard by themselves, that’s at Sue’s, within sight of the arena and she charges $15 a night.

There’s a motel 10 minutes up the road if you prefer that.

Discount for people already on Fast Track

People who are already on Fast Track get a discount on their clinic, so let me know if that’s the case.

Your horse and person place is secured with a non refundable 50% deposit of $300 (unless you or we sell the place – I DO give rainchecks, i.e. you can use the deposit anytime for anything), balance to be paid prior to the clinic.

There’s only two horse and people positions left

This clinic has been organized in response to a request by a number of people for a clinic, so there’s only two horse and people positions left.  Then we’ll go into a wait list in case someone has an emergency.

Fence sitters

Fencesitters are $50 a day and must be there from the first day or it won’t make sense for you.  Please book your place because I give a lot to fencesitters, including some of the riding seat work, so those positions are very limited. 🙂  Any fence sitters who need to stay here will get conned into extra feeding of people!

Woohoo! We’re gonna have a ball!

Email me to chat about your specific circumstances or put these numbers together to make my phone number and we’ll play telephone tag until we catch each other.


Photos starting at top and working down from left to right:

Doll riding her horse Liberty, photo taken by the very talented Michelle Brannan from Finding Grace Photography in Perth, below that on left Doll with Liberty so utterly in sync together that their steps are matching.

On the right Val with Topacio taken by me.

Next down on the left our Sunny girl having her feet trimmed at liberty  (she used to be diabolical),  to the right of that Mel getting the saddle in Boots’s comfort zone (I haven’t met very many horses who had their saddle in their comfort zone and then we SIT on it and expect them to be free of tension???).

Then on the left again, we have Clara from Alaska on our vaulting “horse” Magic getting a riding seat so fabulous that she could feel the circuit of energy between her and her horse that the great riding masters talk of.

Then a motor bike, because we’ll have the opportunity to see how to get a motor bike in our horse’s comfort zone in this clinic.

Then we have Lena from Germany riding my horse Rapunzel on a hot summers afternoon, photo by me.



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