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Pay $9.62 per week for a year of uplifting experiences From Your Horse’s Heart

Pay $9.62 per week for the on line program From Your Horse’s Heart – only $9.62 per week for a strong, safe and incredibly magnetised butt on your horse, for a profound confidence between you and your horse and for the “feel”  of a world class horseperson.

Crikey!  Is that all you get?  (gentle sarcasm there)

In this program, I take you step by step through releasing old riding tensions  – and how to gently and easily program the strong, safe and incredibly magnetised butt that I showed you in yesterday’s blog.

I can feel you thinking – but HOW can you do that when I am in Finland or Britain or the U.S.A. or Portugal or Sweden or New Zealand or outback Australia?

Well THAT is my special expertise.  I am inviting the people who are already in those countries, who have ALREADY found their magnetic butt from the on line lesson program From Your Horse’s Heart, to comment in the comment section below and leave at least a short note about how they are going even though they haven’t finished their program yet.  I might have to chase them up a bit because they are a modest bunch!

Helping you and your horse have a profound confidence in each other is a key element to getting the incredibly magnetised butt easily and From Your Horse’s Heart is designed to lead you to feeling that profound confidence.

AND you have a money back guarantee.

I am in the middle of re-modifying the financial aspects of the From Your Horse’s Heart course and giving you an option for an easy pay as you go method of payment.

It’s cheaper for you to pay up front, but for those who appreciate the option,  the monthly cost is $41.66 per month. You can also choose a fortnightly payment at $19.23 per fortnight or a weekly option at $9.62 a week.   That should make it easy for everyone. :)

If one of these options appeals to you before I have the automated systems in place, please email me .  You can ask me to do it manually for you in the mean time.

Click here to look at the bang that you get for your buck – that’s an Aussie saying that I enjoy, that means have a look at what value you get for your money – which is HEAPS!  🙂



  1. Caroline in Portugal 01/14/2013, 6:21 am Reply

    With the incredible technology now available to us, ‘Learning’ has changed from sitting in a classroom and visiting the library, to sitting down with a cuppa and starting up the computer. Pick any topic that interests you, and you can gain the knowledge at your own pace, without teacher or peer pressure, and you can become your own ‘A Grade Student’. It’s a very empowering way to learn !

    Now if you are reading this, you may have an interest in horses. (That would be a Pommi understatement ) So now ask yourself… how many times have I searched, looked at, heard about and read about, how to be better with my horse? how to train my horse to be better with me? how to feel more confident with my horse? and a hundred more questions we ask ourselves when it comes to just wanting that remarkable horse and rider or horse and carer relationship.

    So using the skills I have learnt from Jenny, to find that inner peace and happiness, which can be applied to every situation in life, from discovering for yourself that remarkable relationship with your horse, to even finding the words to add my thoughts to this blog, I would like to add my experience for you to read.

    The Magnetized Butt lessons may seem to be about riding your horse, but it is just amazing how these lessons and all of Jenny’s lessons will mean something specifically to you as an individual, and possibly completely unrelated. Jenny utterly empowers you to absorb her lessons in a way that works for you.

    For many years, I have suffered with lower back pain, (I can hear a few of you say “uh huh, me too”). Well the Magnetized Butt exercise, via this course, remotely, on a computer phone call, following Jenny’s uncanny ability to guide us through body awareness (there were times when I thought there were hidden cameras, and Jenny could actually see me), has given me almost total relief from this hideous pain. There are times when I once again feel the dull ache, which in the past would lead to the awful spine breaking pain, but now I easily and fluidly find the powerful posture and continue on with what I am doing. Through this exercise, I am empowered to listen, to find an inner calm, to know what I need to do, and then do it, to prevent the horrible pain. The pain no longer frightens me, I feel like an A Grade Student in pain relief for myself… and that is truly empowering !

    As for the wonderfully magnetized butt in the saddle, well I look forward to feeling that when I start to ride my horses again. Yet something else exciting to look forward to. And YES it’s true, Jenny’s courses will change your life in more ways than you think… I re-discovered my ability for energy healing… OH YES … Jenny opens doors !!

    • Jenny 01/14/2013, 7:46 am Reply

      Well Caroline – I knew that all the the posture work (that ends up in the magnetised butt) had helped your back pain, but in your uncomplaining way, I hadn’t realised how big it was. I DID know that you are an A grade student!

  2. Lisa Hill 01/12/2013, 3:08 pm Reply

    This is the course to take that will get you where you want to be with your horse and your riding. Before I took Jenny’s program the illusive seat that I heard many talk about, said you should have or ask me if I had it. Always alluded me. Until I took this program and Jenny showed me how to have a Magnetized butt in the seat. I now get it. I even used it in my work. Over the holidays I worked as a drivers helper. I sat in the jump seat by an open door. Believe me, I was so glad that I had that lesson. You will too. This is the program for you!

    • Jenny 01/12/2013, 7:03 pm Reply

      I loved it when I heard the story of you using your magnetic butt to keep you safe while you were working Lisa – very cool! I understand why people would question my ability to teach that seat by distance – but there you go – there are heaps of examples here! And if anyone DIDN’T get it from the lessons themselves, then I am sure that a private session would nail it – or even being the guinea pig in a live seminar… So if there is anyone who hasn’t got it yet – please email me!

  3. valezka 01/10/2013, 6:19 pm Reply

    Hi, my name is Valezka and I have been on Jenny’s Spiritual Horsmanship Course this past year. I am a novice horseperson and in the last year I have been able to connect to my horses in a beautiful way. I have found Jenny’s instructions and descriptions very easy to understand and apply and they have given me much joy because I have been able to forge my own path with my horses in a confident and safe manner. I am starting my young mare myself and because I am listening to her and consistently acting on any fears and not quite rights and waiting for the chew response from her, it has been an incredibly beautiful thing for both of us. She is my caretaker and I am hers. It has been a tremendous relief to have the confidence in myself to take the time it takes to feel utterly safe and happy in whatever we are learning. This is what Jenny has given to me, selfempowerment and the courage to follow my dreams. I have also used the lessons on the magnetic seat for restarting my 18yo thbred who had major agression issues about saddling up and handling, left over from his racing days. I have the confidence to ride him bareback and learning to feel that magnetic connection has been so important and lovely for both of us. He is so happy and confident that he no longer has to deffend himself. The liberty work has changed him from a shut down, guarded and suspicious horse to a playful and inviting friend who is able to trust and be trustworthy. The bond we are creating gets deeper everyday.
    So I would recommend Jenny’s course with all my heart.

    • Jenny 01/12/2013, 1:04 pm Reply

      How beautiful Valezka! I particularly love that you and your horse are each other’s Caretakers. I know Topacio is a natural Caretaker because she lived here for a while. To read your emails about how she is developing that caretaker spirit, so strongly, right from her very start, is so special. I have a soft spot for natural Caretakers and a passion for helping all horses become Caretakers – well, as many people and horses who want to anyway. For those who don’t know, the horse lessons in the spiritual course are the same ;lessons as those on the From Your Horse’s Heart course.

  4. Joyce Reed 01/10/2013, 7:02 am Reply

    When I started this course, I thought it would be about 6 months with some handy tips to increase my horsemanship. Instead it has been over a year of thought provoking challenges. Even though my horses right now have a number of issues and can’t be ridden I know that Jenny is spot on with her seat and riding material. I have gotten much more than I expected and with the present price it’s a steal.

    • Jenny 01/10/2013, 7:22 am Reply

      That’s lovely, thanks Joyce. I am glad that you are getting so much out of it. And the magnetic butt work – even in the chair where you do the initial lessons, you can feel the power and strength of the position, hey? The power of simulating in the chair is HUGE. When Michelle was working out her perfect back up body position/back up signal, on the vaulting horse for Lesson 68, I thought the darned barrel on 4 legs with a saddle on it was going to move backwards, the energy of backwards was so strong. And then THAT flowed through really easily when she actually got on Rapunzel and did it later. I reckon that you will find when you have finished re-starting your baby, that your saddle work will flow very easily. Just keep it going with the chair lessons in the meantime to keep your body reflexes and muscle memory happening.
      I’ll bet you won’t feel like you have been out of the saddle for all those months if you do that. Come back and let us know if that is the case…

  5. Wendy Poore 01/10/2013, 1:21 am Reply

    I’m loving the course and would definitely recommend it. It teaches you a whole new way of being with your horse, and you learn so much about yourself at the same time. It gives you a viable alternative training method without involving bribery or uncomfortable pressure to make you and your horse feel safe. It has given me a new direction when I was stuck before. There is so much in the world of horses that I am NOT comfortable with ethically, and once you get a feel for ‘not quite right’ you can see it in horses (and riders) everywhere. I think even if you just listen to the course without doing the lessons step by step you can get a huge amount from it.

    • Jenny 01/10/2013, 6:44 am Reply

      Good reminder Wendy, thanks! The course is set up with lessons around the 4 minute mark – short enough to listen or watch them as you open your emails, so that you KNOW what’s there and are progressing with information even if you are not getting out to your horse as often as that. Some people with lots of time with their horses every day, work through each lesson with their horse as it comes in. Some people watch the lessons, then tuck them in an email folder for later when they are up to actually doing that lesson. And some people use the lessons to identify areas with their horse that need attention and just work on those.
      Some people need a structure for doing things with their horse because they don’t have one and others already have so many skills that they are just using the bits of the course that they need.
      All of these approaches work well.
      And ahhh… the benefits that come from noticing and acting on that early warning signal that I call Not Quite Right – crikey the world just opens up and your horse just opens up and your ability with a horse just goes through the roof when you hone this skill. As a “teacher” it’s very cool to watch people increase their skill so much.

  6. Jenny 01/09/2013, 11:21 pm Reply

    Here is comment from Fiona whose internet is playing up.

    My internet has stalled so I haven’t had the opportunity to do this lesson but I can tell you of a ride I went on with Richie recently:

    I’m very confident and have always been happy to burl around a bit, but, I would never let my horse just run through the bush trails at their own pace. I always presumed they would bolt, get unsteady and I would fall off. Now that I have found the balance point while I ride, I can relax into it and just feel like I glide, hovering (but glued) to Richie’s back. The turns, ducking and jumping branches just flowed so smoothly that I didn’t feel the least bit scared – I even laughed wildly out loud while galloping along! The joy I felt bubbling up from my pony, right through my body and out of me via my laughter was invigorating to say the least!

    I guess another way to describe it is for my butt to be magnetised!

    As another note, I mentally bring myself back to that moment and can find lovely relaxation in other circumstances. Perhaps as a prelude to meditating???

    • Jenny 01/10/2013, 6:26 am Reply

      Someone was talking recently again about that scene in the black stallion movie where the kid is galloping along the beach and what a trigger that scene has been for so many people to trigger a yearning. I’ve been saying it’s a yearning for the FEELING rather than the actual galloping down the beach. But here’s Fiona who has both the feeling AND the galloping along deeply connected in nature. It sounds like she was “in the now” and the benefits are flowing into the rest of her life too. And the galloping along in the bush – Ahh well, Fiona is a LOT younger than me – and Ritchie is a mirror for her wild side!

  7. Susan Washburn 01/09/2013, 3:45 pm Reply

    Most schools of horsemanship concentrate on the exterior and the visible, on what to do and when to do it. Jenny’s course focuses on the interior, on what you feel in your body and what’s happening in your mind—-as well as what you sense from your horse’s body and mind. She teaches riding from the inside out, which encourages the student to learn from their own fully experienced experience. That in turn fosters the ability to adapt to whatever situations might arise, no matter how unique they might be.

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 4:20 pm Reply

      Wow, how beautifully put Susan. It was bringing that inner awareness into my work with horses that gave me world class “feel” and turned me from very a tense and nervous person who felt like the class dummy and turned me into world class horsewoman. The BEST thing of all though is watching my students turn into world class horsemen and women. It gives me goosebumps!

  8. Narel 01/09/2013, 3:32 pm Reply

    I was truly blown away the first time I experienced this distance learning with Jenny and found that it really worked. Jenny has an amazing intuition that seems to hone right in to where we need it in one on one sessions, but even more importantly she quickly teaches us the tools we need to be able to do it all ourselves, teaching that our inner knowledge is the key – not looking to others for fixing our problem areas. In the weekly emailed group learning sessions they are tailored to really work in short time periods so they are achievable in our busy lives, the lessons seem very simple and subtle but they have HUGE results. You get so much understanding, support and even more learning also from what others on the course are discussing on the forum for example.
    After having been a rider for over 30 years I was blown away to see the results of this “magnetised butt”! Shifting the riding position from the way many of us are taught traditionally has had really big results for me in that both myself and more horse seem more relaxed and that means more happy! I have gone from a person who had lost much confidence after a nasty accident that had resulted in me gripping onto my horse “just in case” something happened, to sitting this new way which is so freeing for both horse and rider.
    Cant recommend it all highly enough, Narel.

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 4:06 pm Reply

      I am glad that it is all working so well for you Narel. Getting rid of the fright and tensions from old accidents is SUCH a big deal – enabling you to re-program your body into a stress free ride. Until I learned how to do this I had no idea that so much of the tension I carried was due to old falls off my horse. It sure was eye opening for me to get rid of my own and I love hearing what lovely things happen when other people release theirs. Thanks!

  9. Joanne 01/09/2013, 2:20 pm Reply

    Every part of this course will change your life, I have found this solid magnetised butt to be easily attained by distance and it has allowed me to tune in to body habits I had that I was unaware of before, and the “finishing touch” for me was the SMILE at the end, it really brings the flow of joy right through your whole being.
    For those contemplating embarking on this journey “Go for it you will gain more than you could ever imagine.

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 2:31 pm Reply

      Thanks for those nice words Joanne – I know this work changed my life whoppingly for the better and I love seeing it help other people too.

  10. Jan 01/09/2013, 9:13 am Reply

    Jenny, you are making it easier and easier for anyone both financially and physically with all that you offer . . . and boy, what an offer. Little did I know when I got involved with you a year ago that I could learn so much without you being there in person. I have a spinal fusion, and two totally replaced knees (not quite the bionic woman, but working on it!) and I now have more confidence with my riding through what I have been able to develop with your guidance. Previously, attending clinics or having an instructor, I always left with more fear than I went with, at times, not even being able to get ON my horse and do the stuff I could already do prior to the clinic. AND it cost a huge amount of money. What you are offering, including the support between lessons (it only takes an email or a phone call or ask for an extra private lesson at a reduced rate for your current students if required) is amazing. From the time I picked up your books and read them, spoke to you on the phone to see what this amazing woman might sound like (!) to now, I have never been disappointed. You have supported and advised me through times when my horses have been very sick and helped me achieve a good outcome with them. Oh, better talk about the magnetised butt . . . I am still working on it, because I know I drift in and out of it, but here’s the thing, I KNOW when I am, and can do something about it to get it back. Thank you Jenny, from afar (well, Adelaide is not so far from Victoria, but still too far for you just to pop in and see me) . . . the benefits I have derived from being with you are priceless. With my thanks, and that of my herd of four horses who continue to bring me joy every day.
    YIF (which means, Yours In Friendship) Jan Dodds

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 9:30 am Reply

      Thanks Jan! That’s exactly the thing that we are looking for in the beginning – being able to find the magnetic butt every time we drift out of it and then we get to the point where we are in it just about all the time.
      Repeating some of those lessons that help you release old body patterns and anchor in the new magnetic butt patterns will speed up the process of making the magnetic butt an auto pilot thing. We usually have “layers” to attend to, does that make sense?
      So that’s Lessons 43 and 44 about releasing the tensions from old frights and falls, Lesson 50 the magnetic butt in the chair at home, Lesson 52 Starting to connect heaven and earth in the saddle (gosh that’s a big name hey? but yes THAT’s what it feels like!), Lesson 54 about how to get in the habit of having joints that slide instead tensing up, Lesson 60 the one that prepares you for effortless turning to get your horse to just glide into the turn with you, Lesson 66 anchoring all of this on your actual real life horse instead of a chair.
      It’s worth going back and repeating those lessons if you want to fast track through the process of having the magnetic butt on auto pilot – it’s kind of like getting to the bottom of the early warning signal Not Quite Right – finding out why and taking action on it. Does that make sense?

  11. Sabina 01/09/2013, 8:24 am Reply

    This course gets to the “heart” of the matter…no pun intended but that must be why the course is entiltled “From Your Horse’s Heart.. ” What a master I am discovering Jenny to be at passing on teachings that are forever changing my relationship with my herd of 4 horses… and i am riding for th efirst time of my life and am in total communication with my own and the horse’s heart with each step. I am grateful to have a guide with Jenny and with each lesson she shares. THANK YOU! WHINNY! WHINNY!

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 8:30 am Reply

      Wow that’s lovely Sabina – thanks!

  12. Frances Dingle 01/09/2013, 8:17 am Reply

    How can you possibly lose with a deal like this. As a person who has been kicked in both knees, and has now progressed to austio arthritis i thought my riding days were over. This course has convinced me this is not so. Please give a try, you have nothing to lose and and I am sure you will gain as a better all around horse person.

    • Jenny 01/09/2013, 8:35 am Reply

      Ahh Francis, when you get to our age (I know you’re a bit younger than me) – the ground gets harder every year and we just don’t bloody want to fall off any more, hey? The confidence that this magnetic butt seat gives me at my age to keep riding and keep pursuing my dream, is just so cool. I have friends of similar age who have given up – how sad is that? Hmmm maybe even though they haven’t got a horse any more, perhaps I should send them the lessons as a Happy New Year present!

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