Jenny Pearce

The secret weapon that changed my life in and out of horses

Happiness and Healing with Reiki

Place the power of the Universe HERE.

What a rush.  “Place the power of the Universe here”  is what we do each time we lay our hands on with our reiki healing – the words and the effect of that reiki healing energy still brings me goosebumps even decades later.

I’ve never felt helpless since I was attuned to it – from everyday comforting and relaxation, to my first response in an emergency, to healing sessions – reiki healing is the first thing that I turn to.

Every now and again I open up a limited edition reiki class and I’m opening up one right now – specializing in that unique mix that I teach between horses and people, instructions for supporting a wide variety of loved ones both two legged and four legged and using the healing energy for a range of beautiful purposes that you can read about on the link below.


Click here for the details and read what we’ve been doing with Happiness and Healing with Reiki



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