Jenny Pearce

Ease and Grace – a new path with Horses

You might have noticed by now, that I’m not into struggling. I’ve done struggling, with my horsemanship and with life. I bought that T shirt, wore it out and threw it out a long time ago.

Ease and Grace

For a long time now, my journey has been about Ease and the path that horses have opened up in front of me, is filled with Grace – filled with feeling good, with an ever expanding, wonderful feeling understanding of life, love, God and the Universe.

What a blessing these so called “difficult” horses have been – there’s video footage somewhere of my precious Caretaker Bobby bucking higher than my head rather than go forward, Matt whose horrific back injury and windsucking was caused by his incredible and beautiful sensitivity, Sunny who would rather fight you than run away and used her teeth and feet far too easily, Oliver whose disconnection from himself and everyone around him, caused him to occasionally be a danger to himself and everyone around him, including mindless freak outs where he’d just run that giant 18 hand body right over the top of you. He’s the most delicious teddy bear now. 🙂

Every one of these so called difficult horses has brought more and more joy to my journey in horses and in life. I remember someone telling me once “You gotta enjoy the journey Jenny.” I could have slapped him. It was Bobby he was talking about. How could I enjoy the journey when I was so bogged down in struggle with this pain in the butt, athletic, beautiful horse who showed flashes of brilliance who was so incredibly resistant and difficult?

Finding ease instead of struggle in what HAD been in the past, an incredibly difficult journey, has given me a talent for helping others to find THEIR Ease and Grace and the healing for horse and human that comes from that.

Healing and Horsemanship

It’s impossible to separate healing and really good horsemanship.

The opportunities for healing WITHIN the horse human relationship – for both the horse AND the human come thick and fast in the work that we do here. (We also add some deliberate healing modalities like Reiki for people and horses and Bowen muscle therapy for the horses.)

Emotional stress causes physical tension. I expect you’ve felt it yourself – that tightness across the top of your shoulders or your lower back when you’ve been going through a period of stress. What you may not know is that there’s a kind of switch in your body that releases a hormone called cortisol and if that stress goes on for too long that switch gets stuck on, releasing cortisol constantly and that suppresses the immune system and is behind all kinds of illness and disease, stuffs up your metabolism, stuffs up your blood sugar levels and causes the inflammation that is behind all kinds of physical dis-ease including arthritis. It can even give you poor memory and make you feel like learning new things is hard.

That physical tension that is caused by emotional stress also causes the way you physically move, to change. You walk more stiffly, with more impact on your feet, which causes more impact on the knee and hip joints, with that stress traveling up your back and causing all kinds of joint and spinal problems. The muscles tighten to protect the joints, nerves get caught in that tightening and can cause serious pain, the body sends calcification to some of the stress points to try and strengthen them.

All of this is utterly reversible when you Release the emotional stress.

When you Release the emotional stress, the physical tension eases. When you release ENOUGH emotional stress, the cortisol switch turns back off again, creating the opportunity to reverse all those things that might have happened in that stressed place – reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, for immune systems to recover, for posture to relax and for beautiful, strong movement to flow. Your body can work again and feel good doing it. Some people who have struggled with their brains under stress, will even find that learning new things becomes a joy instead of a panic attack.

And THEN when you can add the things that your body needs to complete the healing, they’ll actually work.

It’s exactly the same for your horse

Now let’s start at the beginning of that explanation again because it’s the same for your horse.

It takes time for those more serious conditions to build up. Eventually emotional stress causes the level of physical tension that cascades into that whole poor posture, bad back, joint problems, cortisol switch stuck on, immune system, blood sugar problems and on and on. Old emotional stress can even make learning new things really difficult – all these things in very much the same way that it does for humans.

And just like with humans, it’s all reversable for the horse too.

But it takes you and me to do it.

It’s pointless to send a horse off to a trainer to do this stuff. It’s YOUR understanding that they need. It’s the relationship with YOU – in the daily routine with the person who loves them – that creates the opportunity to release the stress and tensions that were put in, however it was put in and whoever was responsible doesn’t matter.

Ease and Grace as a path to horses

This program gives you access to ALL my programs – every single one of them on the Training Page here

PLUS the Reiki healing program

PLUS  our life transformational Happiness program Practical happiness for Animal lovers This program was more for people than for horses but because of its impact on our ability to be Present and authentic with our feelings, it had a huge effect on everyone’s horsemanship.

PLUS access to 100’s of hours of on line clinics, which includes the knock everyone’s socks off clinic that we called Heal your Horse’s Back, that facilitated Sandra into expanded consciousness and Mel & her horse Pye into extraordinary healing that you have to see to believe (you can see a video of that in the Fast Track testimonials) Oliver’s Diary and much more.

Ordinary people being Extraordinary is what we’re about here and you’ll find lots and lots of testimonials and stories about that on those links above.

But here’s what I’m doing in this program that is different.

You don’t need to wade through all that material looking for the bits that will help you and your horse – I’m going to send you the material that is most appropriate for you and your horse’s individual circumstances.

It’ll be like a private clinic at your own pace, specially designed to get the best for you and your horse both.

We’re going to be in regular conversation by email mostly, about how you’re going, so I can figure out what you and your horse need for the next step. Sometimes I’ll send you a whole program, sometimes I’ll just send you bits and pieces that are specially useful to you personally.

We’ll Skype where necessary, get you to video something that’s going on and Feel into it together, either live or by email, whichever seems appropriate at the time, we’ll do the odd live lesson here and there when it’s the best way forward.  The technology is easy, I can help you set up whatever we need.

The length of the program will depend on you and the pace you and your horse like to work at. It could be a very intense three months or a relaxed drawn out year – I don’t mind which. 🙂  I start by asking what it is that you and your horse are looking for together, and then you and I together identify what the end result – the goal – is going to look like when you’ve reached it and we go from there until you get it.

This program is a once in a life time game changer and it’s opportunity cost of $1500 AUS comes with the same personal  “love this or get your money back” guarantee that all my programs have.

Your responsibility will be to feed back to me often and send as many photos and useful short videos as you can manage, that I can use for helping you and to set the pace that you want to work at. 

You’ll be working very closely with me on this program, so here’s the deal from MY end.

I only want to work with people who want to be gentle with their horses.  I don’t mind if you’re not gentle yet, because I wasn’t gentle myself, but I sooo did want that poetry that comes from two minds, bodies and spirits working together for One-ness – and THAT takes being prepared to be very gentle.  There are occasions where the perfect thing doesn’t look gentle – but even on those rare occasions, the foundation underneath is utterly for the horse.

I teach world class Feel with a horse and if that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not – so I want to work with people who are prepared to make significant progress in their personal and spiritual growth that makes that level of Feel possible.  You’ll very quickly notice that I am prepared to be open and vulnerable and utterly authentic and I look for people who at least happy to be on a journey to that.

It’s almost impossible to separate good horsemanship from healing the horse AND ourselves, so on this program where I’m working so closely with people, I only want to work this closely with people who are open to doing things differently in order to get extraordinary results.

I give people a fish wherever and whenever they need it, but mostly I teach them HOW to fish. Please email me if you don’t understand what I mean. 🙂

Ease and Grace – a new path with horses

Think of it… to get what you’re looking for without struggling – with Ease and Grace. Hmmm… lovely.

If you want to learn Ease and Grace as a path with Horses, then grab it on the buy now button below.

I can only manage about 10 people at a time on this private, guided program, so when I get to that limit, that will be it, until some people have reached their goals or my work load in some other area decreases.

The registration page will take you to register for the Fast Track program (I need you in that email list so you get all the notifications of the monthly Live Seminars) – and then we’ll have a discussion about your goals and dreams with your horse and for your life, so we can start to tailor your individual program.

There is nothing like this anywhere in the world – be prepared to have your socks knocked off.

$1,500 AUS