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Fast Track to Brilliant Riding


You’ll find a heart warming testimonial from Hannah (pictured here with her horse Maia) on the testimonials below.

Every problem we ever have, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity for a deeper bond with our horse – IF we solve it right.  When we learn how to encourage our horse to participate in the process of problem solving, the trust is phenomenal and the result is beyond our wildest dreams.

– Jenny Pearce

What were you doing when you last experienced the sheer Magic of being with a horse? Were you riding out on the trail?  Did you have a beautiful breakthrough? Were you laying on their back in the sunshine? Listening to that beautiful sound of a contented horse munching?

What if you could re-create those yummy feelings over and over again, with some of the things that you’ve actually been STRUGGLING with?

Fast Track is a unique blend of developing a deeper connection to our horse, horsemanship and healing for the mind, body and spirit of both horse and rider.

Fast Track is much more than just beautiful words and principles – it’s a PRACTICAL, step by step pathway to bring beautiful concepts into reality and you won’t find anything like it – or results anything like it – anywhere else in the world.

You can explore the unique aspects to Fast Track here.

Fast Track Features:

Ordinary People Being Extraordinary

Feel is one of those foundation things that all brilliant horse people have – it takes people from someone who rides a horse, to a REAL horse person – it enables even novice people to escalate into world class. READ MORE


Is it really a Fast Track?

The RELEASE, RE-LEARN and RE-PROGRAM formula used in Fast Track, is a practical way of changing stress, tension and resistance from old experiences, into a beautiful new way of being between horse and rider. READ MORE

Healing for Horses

The process of dis-ease can be reversed by RELEASING the old emotional stresses and bringing the whole mind, body and spirit back into well being. The process is simple and systematic on Fast Track. READ MORE

Healing for People

When we help our horses, our horses can also help us – one of the beautiful things that happens in this program is the healing of people (mentally, emotionally and physically) with the help of their horse. READ MORE

Innovative Techniques

People are taken OFF their horse for some of the riding lessons to release what is BEHIND them not being in their best riding position. Then a very different technique that keeps that lovely riding position automatically is used. READ MORE

Develop New Skills

We use simulations to take the pressure off learning new and better skills and gives our brain the chance to make new neural connections. We then ANCHOR this progress into muscle memory really quickly and easily. READ MORE

Confidence for the Horse

Step by step with innovative techniques we RELEASE old stress and tension and build confidence. Our horse starts to see us as a real leader who looks after them – someone they can truly connect with. READ MORE

Confidence for the Rider

Fear is our excellent survival instinct at work, keeping us safe – we teach you how to use these signals and systematically eliminate every cause of nerves and anxiety so that you can live your horse dreams to the full. READ MORE

Knowledge & Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are two distinct and incredibly important aspects of world class horsemanship. You will learn how to access your INNER Wisdom and become confident in your OWN Knowledge and Wisdom. READ MORE

What are you looking for?

We all have our own unique things that we’re looking for with our horses. Fast Track can help you reach, and even exceed, your wildest dreams and in way that empowers both you and your horse. READ MORE

What Fast Trackers are saying

“then I met Jenny Pearce—embarked on her program — and began glimpsing the beauty of pure connection with horses that I’d only dreamed of…”– Hannah

“I do not mind whether I am on the FastTrack or the SlowTrack, as long as I am on JENNY’S Track, that’s all I can say… ” – Jan

“And the support from Jenny and the on-line community is phenomenal.” – Amanda

Read these (and more) testimonials here

In The Fast Track Program

More than 8o lessons – a mix of interactive audio and video lessons for a wonderful magnetic riding seat that I keep raving about and lessons to help you in how to help your horse become that happy co-operative partner. (View LESSON OVERVIEW here)

You will receive the links to the lessons in your Inbox once or twice a week. You will also get access to the entire Fast Track program once you have enrolled so that you can work at your own pace, if that is your preference.

A monthly Live Seminar (10 per year “God willing and the creek don’t rise” as my Texan friend says) – with more lessons and an opportunity for questions and success stories that personalize the course – a wonderful opportunity to hang out with like minded people.

You can join in as often and for as long as you like, live or recorded – it’s totally up to you, there are no restrictions. There are people who are still joining in for the cameraderie, years later and we constantly develop new information and different ways to explain things.

A private Student Forum – with questions and answers on individual lessons, many extra lessons and archives of old live seminars. It is also a lovely way to share your journey and experiences with other like minded people on a similar journey.

A Lifetime Support System – this is a very well supported program – you get access to the Live Seminars, the Student Forum and support teachers including myself, for as long as you need or want to.

Access to live teaching – includes the opportunity for one on one sessions available with me or my excellent staff, as appropriate. Sometimes there are free one-on-one sessions available when a staff member is in training.

Riding Seat Review – when you have finished your program, you send me a photo to confirm that you really have found that beautiful riding seat. And if I think there is any doubt, you will get some personalized homework to get that riding seat happening.

Completion Certificate – when I can see that you have that riding seat happening, you will receive a personalized completion certificate.

My “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

Fast Track Program Bonuses

There are a number of different enrolment options to make life easier and more comfortable – please note that only the upfront payment includes these bonuses:

Private lesson with Jenny – to be used whenever suits you, no time limit.

Oliver’s Diary – Lessons that follow the magical journey of Oliver and Steve.  We’re five lessons into this lesson set, with more to be released next year.

Oliver had a badly damaged back and sore tight shoulders and a weakness in his hocks. He was given to me with a bad reputation for being difficult on the ground (at 18 hands high, that seriously was not fun to be on the receiving end of) and he had a very bad floating accident just before he came, where his owner thought that he had “a screw loose” in his brain.

Like so many so called “problem horses”, Oliver has turned out to be such a special horse – a gift from heaven indeed. In the form of a mini-clinic on the student forum, you’ll find the key lessons that brought Oliver back to demonstrating that specialness. You’ll watch and learn how Steve facilitated Oliver to start seeking his own healing (that almost blew my mind at the ‘feel good’ expansiveness of that.)

Steve, an old Three Star 3 Day Event rider, has been incredibly generous in sharing many private moments about releasing his own tensions and injuries too – finding a freedom and an ease in his riding that he hadn’t had since childhood.

It’s a lovely and inspirational addition to Fast Track to read about the techniques and philosophies behind the major steps in Oliver’s Journey and to watch Steve and I applying them where video footage exists.

Enrolment Options: weekly, monthly and a whopping discount for payment up front.

If you’re ready to step into Fast Track, then there’s an enrollment option to suit everyone.

Weekly Subscription

Jenny is passionate about this extraordinary program being accessible to EVERYONE who wants to join the Fast Track so she has created a weekly payment option of only $12.69 a week for 52 weeks – and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year. This option has the same lifetime support system as any other payment method.

$12.69 per week for 52 weeks 

Monthly Subscription

You can get Fast Track to Brilliant Riding for $54.99 per month for 12 months and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year.   This option also has lifetime support with the forum, questions and answers and monthly live seminars.

$54.99 per month for 12 months 

The discount for the single, upfront payment includes the Fast Track Bonuses

You can get this life changing Fast Track to Brilliant Riding, for one, upfront payment of $550 and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year. Please note that this option DOES include the Fast Track Bonuses of a Private Lesson with Jenny (valued at $180) plus Oliver’s Diary (not priced yet but around $125), plus the savings of $109.88 – that’s over $400 of savings and extra value for the upfront payment.