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Jenny’s program gave me two incredible gifts. First, the lesson that pursuing joy, happiness, lightness, and comfort with horses at all times is good and is beautiful. So often we’re told to push through, to fight it out, that frustration and fear are normal with horses, and I didn’t want to live like that—that was not the horsemanship I longed for.

Hannah Rivard & her horse Maia Click here for the rest of that testimonial.

Heads up folks – when the new website goes up next week – the price goes up to $650 and ONLY in this last week, INCLUDED in the Fast Track program, you get three free sessions with me – to use for whatever you want – AT THE OLD PRICE.

And here’s an extra special deal – if you need the weekly or monthly payment, when you’ve finished paying it off, you can also have those free sessions. Wowww… I can’t believe I just did that!

When this website disappears next week, this offer disappears with it.

The gift horses bring us.

The Fast Track journey to a happy, confident, willingly cooperative horse is going to bring you the keys for something very special in the rest of your life too. The same keys to success with your horse, are the keys to a happy life. The same keys for effective gentleness in problem solving with your horse, will be the same keys to understanding and supporting the people you love or work with. Solving your horse’s anxiety issues will give you the keys to solve yours and blossom both of you into a deep sense of comfort and confidence.

I so enjoy watching all the different ways that the horse gifts flow into the rest of everyone’s lives.

If your dreams with your horse include the kind of joy, happiness, lightness and comfort with horses at all times that Hannah is talking about at the top of the page, then you’ve come to the right place. 🙂

So much of what I see as generally accepted out in the world is not OUR version of normal at all. Normal in our world is what you see with Sunny pictured here. She had been incredibly dangerous with her feet. The techniques that you’ll learn are what we used to bring her to this comfort and willingness.

Our other NORMALs includes a happy, confident horse who wants to be with you, who comes with you willingly away from other horses, enjoys having you on their back, carries you with strength and ease, is soft and responsive, who looks to you when something goes wrong. Normal is a horse who is happily polite at feed time and keeps their eye out for you, to keep you safe too. Normal is a horse that is curious and happy to learn.

All of these things ARE NORMAL and completely achievable with effective gentleness.

All of those lovely behaviors are simply reflections of a solid horse and person connection, clear communication and confidence together and if that’s not what we’ve got, then it’s a sign that we … WE… need to do something differently about it.

This photo of Sunny again is a prime example. Minutes later she self loaded at liberty. In the past, she had been so terrified of a float that just seeing the roof of the float appearing over the hill had her rearing and plunging in terror.

Fast Track is a unique blend of developing a deeper connection to our horse, great horsemanship with good skills to problem solve gently and it’s healing for the mind, body and spirit of both horse and rider – an approach to horsemanship that seems to just “accidentally” spill over into the rest of our lives so easily. 🙂

Fast Track is much more than just beautiful words and spiritual principles – it’s a PRACTICAL, step by step pathway to bring beautiful concepts into reality and you won’t find anything like it – or results anything like it – anywhere else in the world.

There’s so much we can talk to you about this wonderful program and all its support systems, you could be here all day – so just read more on the sections that interest you.

Fast Track Features:

Ordinary People Being Extraordinary

I am utterly committed to every Fast Track student developing the Feel for their horse that all brilliant horse people have– the kind of Feel that enables even novice people to escalate into world class. READ MORE


Is it really a Fast Track?

You’ll get to see for yourself with our “love this program or get your money back” guarantee.  Our RELEASE, RE-LEARN and RE-PROGRAM formula is the key to speeding progress up so rapidly. It’s sports psychology meets alternative therapy and it changes things FAST.  READ MORE

Healing for Horses

The process of all kinds of physical problems can be reversed by RELEASING the old emotional stresses and bringing the whole mind, body and spirit back into well being. The process is simple and systematic on Fast Track. READ MORE

Healing for People

When we help our horses, our horses can also help us – one of the beautiful things that happens in this program is the healing of people (mentally, emotionally and physically) with the help of their horse. READ MORE

Innovative Techniques

We bring you a whole new way of learning a beautiful magnetic riding seat, so it’s EFFORTLESS.  We take you OFF your horse for some of the riding lessons to release what is BEHIND you not being in their best riding position.    The change is so fast – do the work, get the results. READ MORE

Develop New Skills

We use simulations to take the pressure off learning new and better skills and gives our brain the chance to make new neural connections. We then ANCHOR this progress into muscle memory really quickly and easily. READ MORE

Confidence for the Horse

We can help our horse release even old traumatic experiences with the Fast Track techniques.  They gain a whole new depth of confidence when they know that we know HOW to support them to live their lives free from unnecessary stress and anxiety.   READ MORE

Confidence for the Rider

We teach you how to use your emotions and feelings so that you can be and feel safe.  Then we lead you through systematically eliminating every cause of nerves and anxiety.  READ MORE

Knowledge & Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are two distinct and incredibly important aspects of world class horsemanship. You will learn how to access your INNER Wisdom and become confident in your OWN Knowledge. READ MORE

What are you looking for?

We all have our own unique things that we’re looking for with our horses. Fast Track can help you reach, and even exceed, your wildest dreams and in way that empowers both you and your horse. READ MORE

What Fast Trackers are saying

“then I met Jenny Pearce—embarked on her program — and began glimpsing the beauty of pure connection with horses that I’d only dreamed of…”– Hannah

“I do not mind whether I am on the FastTrack or the SlowTrack, as long as I am on JENNY’S Track, that’s all I can say… ” – Jan

“And the support from Jenny and the on-line community is phenomenal.” – Amanda

Read these (and more) testimonials here

In The Fast Track Program you get:

More than 8o lessons – a mix of interactive audio and video lessons for the wonderful magnetic riding seat that I keep raving about and lessons to help you to help your horse become that happy co-operative partner.

You’ll get the links to the lessons in your Inbox once or twice a week. You’ll also get access to the entire Fast Track program once you have enrolled so that you can work faster at your own pace, if that’s your preference.

A monthly Live Seminar (10 per year “God willing and the creek don’t rise” as my Texan friend says). There’s an invaluable archive of these going back years – a treasure house of lessons and live discussion, an opportunity for questions and success stories that personalize the course – a wonderful opportunity to hang out with like minded people.

I often do short sessions of working with people one on one in a live seminar – it’s part of my absolute commitment to make sure that everyone on fast Track develops their Feel with their horse.

You can join in as often and for as long as you like, live or recorded – it’s totally up to you, there are no restrictions. There are people who are still joining in for the cameraderie years later and we constantly develop new information, add lessons and find different ways to explain things.

A private Student Forum – So you can share your journey and experiences with our lovely community of like minded people. This is an incredible resource. There’s a whole section with questions and answers on individual Fast Track lessons. As at March 2019 there were also 34 Extra Lessons from Jenny on a vast number of topics and problems.

A Lifetime Support System – The support is phenomenal. I don’t know anyone anywhere, that gives this much support for an on line program and you get access to that support, to the Live Seminars and the Student Forum, for as long as you need or want to.

Access to live teaching – includes the opportunity for one on one sessions available with me or our seriously wonderful other staff. Lots of you will have a FREE private lesson with me that comes as a bonus with your Fast Track purchase.

My “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

Fast Track Program Bonuses

There are a number of different enrollment options to make life easier – please note that only the upfront payment includes these bonuses:

Private lesson with Jenny – to be used whenever suits you, no time limit. People have told me that this lesson is pure gold. Some people use it straight away to get more confidence with their Feel, others save it to use for when a problem crops up. Technology makes video lessons so easy these days.

Oliver’s Diary We’re eight lessons into this lesson set, with more to be released from time to time as my workload permits. You’ll read about and sometimes watch live footage of what turned Oliver from a dangerous horse with “a screw loose” into my giant teddy bear.


Enrolment Options: weekly, or monthly OR a whopping discount for payment up front.

If you’re ready for this lovely journey, then there’s an enrollment option to suit everyone.

If you’re ready to step into Fast Track, then there’s an enrollment option to suit everyone.

Weekly Subscription

Jenny is passionate about this extraordinary program being accessible to EVERYONE who wants to join the Fast Track so she has created a weekly payment option of only $12.69 a week for 52 weeks – and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year. This option has the same lifetime support system as any other payment method.

$12.69 per week for 52 weeks 

Monthly Subscription

You can get Fast Track to Brilliant Riding for $54.99 per month for 12 months and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year.   This option also has lifetime support with the forum, questions and answers and monthly live seminars.

$54.99 per month for 12 months 

The discount for the single, upfront payment includes the Fast Track Bonuses

You can get this horse and life changing Fast Track to Brilliant Riding, for one, upfront payment of $550 and get your lessons into your Inbox, once and twice per week for a year. Please note that this option DOES include the Fast Track Bonuses of a Private Lesson with Jenny (valued at $180) plus Oliver’s Diary (not priced yet but around $125), plus the savings of $109.88 – that’s over $400 of savings and extra value for the upfront payment.