Jenny Pearce

Foundation for Riding Excellence


Have you ever watched great horse and rider combinations and wished you could have that special something that they’ve got together?

Ordinary people being Extraordinary is our motto here. 🙂 

There’s 10 foundation keys to sheer magic between horse and rider and the perfect riding seat is the Key that you’ll find here in this program.

A Magnetic Riding Seat

When someone is flowing with their perfect riding seat with their horse, they are so physically connected to each other that it reminds me of those old centaur myths of a person who is half horse half human.  In that perfect riding seat, riders in my courses feel so magnetized to the saddle that I can’t even push them out. 

It’s an extraordinary feeling to ride a horse when we’re in that position.  Every joint – your whole body – is available to flow smoothly with your horse’s movement.

Valezka was a beginner rider who learned to ride with these simulations and then took her perfect riding seat out to her horse.  Val was out on her first proper trail ride when her horse Topacio spooked.

She said  “My seat was still glued in and my body naturally flowed with her and we stayed together. This was my first shy on any horse.”

We can ALL have that beautiful flow with our horse, no matter what is happening.

The magic starts with the perfect pelvis position for each individual person.  And the best place to find that is in an ordinary kitchen chair like Donna in the photo below.  Yes that’s right – an ordinary kitchen chair.

Mary described this approach as “… light years ahead of traditional riding instruction.”


Donna riding position in chairAre you sick of trying to get rid of the same old problems in lesson after lesson?

There are simply too many things to think about when you are on a horse, to improve your riding position easily when you’re actually on the horse.  That’s why we find our perfect riding seat WITHOUT your horse first.  That’s what makes this program so effective and so fast in the automatic changes to your riding seat.  You get to focus on yourself so much more easily, in ways that you simply can’t do when you have your horse to think about too.

Foundation for Riding Excellence combines cutting edge sports psychology with down to earth practical methods from her alternative therapy background, that phenomenally speed up learning to be a really good rider.


The real secret in this program however, is being able to keep those improvements, to make those riding position improvements effortlessly automatic.


What’s in the way of your great riding seat?


We can systematically get rid of the tensions from old falls, from injuries, emotional stresses, even childbirth.  We can even get rid of most of the effects of an aging body on our riding too.  Sometimes severe cases need some more personal attention from jenny. 🙂

Steve, pictured left, was carrying the tension, stiffness and body restrictions from the injuries he got in dozens of falls, some of them major wrecks from his 3 Star Eventing career.  He repeated lessons where he needed to and had some private sessions with Jenny to speed things up and simply doesn’t have that tension, those injuries or stiffnesses or restrictions in his body any more.  He said he has his childhood ease with horses again – no pain either…

Do you get how BIG that is?  He doesn’t have those injuries or the stress and tension and pain that came from those old falls any more – some of which he had carried for over twenty years!

Then we put you back on your horse in a way that anchors that beautiful riding seat onto the back of your horse and you can start flowing that seat into beautiful movement with them.

With Foundation for Riding Excellence and indeed with all our programs, it’s simple – do the work and get the results. Jenny is so sure that you’ll improve your riding seat if you are prepared to put the work into the lessons, that she backs this course with her “Love this program or get your money back” Guarantee.

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Program Details

For about the cost of one riding lesson with a really good instructor, you’ll save years off learning to be a better rider and a fortune in riding lessons and you WILL improve your riding seat or I’ll give you your money back:

1.  This $140 program has 20 interactive audio and video lessons –  Click here for a detailed description of each lesson. 

2. There’s great support comes with this program, one of which is that you can join our monthly Fast Track Live Seminar.

3. AND you get access to the Student Forum where there’s a wealth of information in the archive of old live seminars.

4.  AND You can get questions answered and enjoy a conversation with like minded people on a similar path.

That’s only $140 for 20 lessons that have been described as “the best riding lessons ever”.