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Live Seminar – Martial arts meets gentle horsemanship


Cam Jenkins 2 websizedHow would you like it, when something goes wrong with your horse – one of those moments that happens at the speed of light and the next split second you’re on the ground, knocked over or whatever – how would you like to find that place of “BEing”, where everything slows down and you feel like you have all the time in the world to look after yourself and your horse and do what needs to be done?


Well that’s what we’re actively working towards, on this Live Seminar.

Cam Jenkins is an amazing young man who I recently had the pleasure of giving a very special session on my horse Bobby. Cam was one fight off World Champion in one of the martial arts disciplines and early in his fighting career, he found that place of “BEing” where time slows down, along with an acutely expanded sense of awareness.

It’s that place of being that young Cam Jenkins brings to his very gentle way with horses, that has made him incredibly good with them very quickly.

Our “feel” work here expands both our body awareness and our inner awareness. When we combine how we teach that “feel” with our horses, with what Cam has to tell us about how he experiences his acutely expanded awareness and how he developed it, we are in for a very exciting time on this Live Seminar!

And you won’t need to be a martial arts expert to do it.

Right there in that Live Seminar – we are giving you steps that you can take to experience the safety and confidence of that expanded awareness and time slowing down phenomenon


Creating the possibility for you to experience a whole new level of awareness with your horse with the Quiet Mind exercise that will follow our discussion.

This is our monthly Live Seminar for my students, but it’s such a brilliant topic, that we’re opening this seminar to anyone who would like to join us. So please share this with your friends too!

TIME: 7am Melbourne time next Tuesday 25th August – that’s 9pm on Monday 24th Universal time.
That’s Tuesday morning in Melbourne and Monday evening in Great Britain, Europe and afternoon in much of the USA.

Click here for the World Time Conversion to find the exact time in your area.

Please register ahead of time and I’ll email you the webcast link. I suspect that there will be a lot of interest in this seminar and I need to make sure that we have enough capacity to manage everyone who wants to join in live.

There is chat box for questions and if possible, we’ll keep going until all the questions have been answered.


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