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Recording of that amazing Live Seminar – Martial arts meets gentle horsemanship

A big thankyou for this mornings seminar, my body and soul are absolutely humming and singing. I never thought I would be so grateful for rain but I am, because without it I would have been on the horse doing cattle work rather than listening to the seminar. This has been a monumental shift to the next level for me so please extend my thanks to Cam for making what appeared to be a deeply mysterious and somewhat obscure gift for the chosen few, so simple and attainable for the rest of us mere mortals!


Sue Edebohls crossing the river websized

Photo: Sue working the cattle bridle-less on the previously go-aholic OZ. The beautiful comment above, about the Live Seminar this morning, is from Sue.


Sue has expressed that just perfectly.  Something that appeared to be deeply mysterious and obscure and only a gift for the chosen few, has been brought to ordinary life for us mere mortals in this morning’s Live Seminar, which was open to everyone both live and on recording.

Expanded awareness first and then time, are phenomenon that take our “feel” and our riding and horsemanship skills to new levels, helps us to keep ourselves and our horses safe and enables us to find a new level of “enjoying the journey”.  This is something that is normally considered so very difficult and yet is not difficult at all when we understand the steps that will take us there.

My very special guest Cam Jenkin (a martial arts champion turned gentle horseman) and I had a great discussion this morning about those steps that we take routinely, talking about his life experience, what helps us to expand that awareness and what shuts it down.

It is an excellent seminar!

Register below and the seminar recording will come out to your in the mail, including the Quiet Mind exercise that I have separated out so that you can repeat it our with your horse easily.

Please share this seminar far and wide – on Facebook, on your webpages and to your friends.  Enough of this awareness will solve just about all the sad and terrible problems in the horse world.



  1. ANNE TWINE 10/28/2018, 11:54 pm Reply

    Hi Jen,
    Can I get access to all your podcasts please. I can’t see anywhere to register for them maybe as I am on iPad.

    • jennyp 10/29/2018, 6:13 am Reply

      Hmmm Anna, I’ve never thought of putting them all in one place, they just happen and I let everyone know on my email lists and then they sit there getting further back in the blog. You’re right, I should make a list of them somewhere. Did you enjoy this seminar? i.e. the martial arts meets gentle horsemanship?
      Now back to how you get on the email list to be notified – have you had the 9 Keys to Happiness with your Horse? I email that list every time I do a free seminar. I’m actually thinking right now, of doing a free live seminar on Feel.

  2. Barbara Beatson 08/26/2015, 9:19 pm Reply

    I am just loving this podcast Jen, What an education in personal energy awareness. Havent had the opportunity to ride much lately but I’m aware I can connect with my mare a long way away.
    Totally expanding

    • jennya 08/26/2015, 10:46 pm Reply

      You’re welcome Barbara. Connecting with your horse from a long way away can be such a rewarding thing to do. Young Hannah Rivard was away from her mare for three months, connected regularly and if I remember correctly, when she got home their relationship was transformed.

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