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The Horse Rider’s Challenge

If you’ve ever felt this, you’ll never forget it.

When you pick up a rein, your spine and your pelvis should be able to elastically give to your horse in what is a kind of spongey feel.  If you’ve ever felt it, you’ll know it without doubt and you’ll never settle for less than that perfect physical connection between horse and rider.

And it has NOTHING to do with your hands –  it comes from your spine and pelvis being in the perfect position to ALLOW the feel in your hands.  This sooo… explains all the times my instructor was yelling “Stop pulling!” and I was calling back saying “I’m not!”

That’s the Horse Rider’s Challenge  – to be in a magnetic,  stuck to our horse’s back like a glove, physical riding position that allows us to ride our horse with the Feel and sensitivity that these wonderful creatures deserve.

Teaching the magnetic riding seat, where-ever you are in the world, is my area of expertise. Take the Horse Rider’s Challenge in the audio lesson below.  Check out your riding seat and at the same time improve your body awareness which is one of the major keys to being a good rider.

Photo above:  Bobby and I back in 1997 – bareback and bridle-less around the pony club cross country and obstacle course. I thought I was pretty hot stuff being able to do this kind of thing. Little did I know what was REALLY possible.

Our horse’s elevated back is the first key to their enjoyment

A few weeks ago, we talked about the horse’s side of what has to happen in order for our horse to enjoy being ridden – the elevated back that comes from them being in a Comfort Zone – click here if you want to refresh that.

Our riding seat is the other critical key to our horse’s enjoyment.

It is all so much easier to ride your horse to well being when your riding seat is stable.  When your riding seat is stable, you can easily develop the Feel and sensitivity that makes it possible to ride your horse to physical and emotional well being and have riding be a pleasure for your horse too.

To get that awareness of our body automatic, to achieve the flexibility of our pelvis and spine and get stability and sensitivity in our riding, we work OFF the horse to start off with.  Working off the horse allows us to completely focus on getting ourselves right without having to even think about what the horse is doing.  This is a MAJOR key to success.

And then we can take that improvement out to our horse easily with an idea that my horse Bobby came up with years ago that will knock your socks off with it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

So working OFF the horse is how we’re going to do my interactive version of this horse rider’s challenge.

Get organized for your lesson

Using a kitchen chair to check the position of your spine and pelvis with a gentle push on the back of your fingers.

Using a kitchen chair to check the position of spine and pelvis –  in this photo with a gentle push on the back of the fingers.

Kristina sitting at the desk for this audio.

Kristina is pulling gently on the edge of the desk to check the position of her pelvis and spine from the other direction.

Grab a plain old kitchen chair that you can sit on facing backwards, so that you are looking at the back of the chair and have your hands holding the back of the chair at about rein height.

If you haven’t got one of the kind of chairs that it is comfortable enough to sit backwards on, then get the flattest chair you have and sit close enough to your desk to be able to push and pull gently on your desk like Kristina in this photo.

There’s a downloadable version of the audio below.

If you have any trouble with the audio player above, then use this link:  Riding seat questionnaire

Do you need a hand to get that perfect riding seat that I’m raving about?

You might have noticed by now that we’re pretty good at solving problems around here. 🙂 So if you’re one of the vast, VAST majority of riders who are not in a magnetic riding seat that is enjoyable for your horse, then it might be time to look at how to fix that.

If Fast Track is not in your ability to do right now, then maybe we’ve solved that with our smaller program Foundation for Riding Excellence – these 20 lessons are taken directly from Fast Track and if you convert to Fast Track later, we refund the price of the Foundation course (always solving problems. 🙂 )

Foundation for Riding Excellence (the new upgrade) is 20 lessons to an enormously better riding seat or get your money back.  🙂

All good ideas ripple outwards, gaining momentum.  Good riders, I mean REALLY good riders, who can ride their horses with sensitivity and a deep connection is one of those ideas worth that momentum.

So if you enjoyed this Horse Rider’s Challenge, I would so much appreciate it if you would help me to make a difference in the world and copy the url in your browser and share it with your friends by email or on Facebook.  There’s also a Facebook “like” button at the end of the written version of the audio below.



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