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What have fish and trees got to do with feeling for your horse?

Well… HEAPS as it turns out!

Here is the 4th lesson in this series.  If you haven’t seen the first three lessons in this series yet, you can catch them at these links:

Lesson 1 How to be a stand out riding student   This lesson is the introduction lesson, the context for the other lessons.

Lesson 2  Ahhh  horses and that feeling of not being good enough  This is where you can come back and read about how the different teachers here experience their sense of feel.

Lesson 3  Your own unique feel is your capacity for brilliance  This is the audio lesson for you to get comfortable with how you experience your OWN unique feel for your horse.


 Again… please! 🙂  Please leave a comment at the bottom of this article and share it with your horsey friends.  I am up for leaving the world a better place and I am already hearing how this series is changing lives.  So let’s see how many more people we can rightly help to feel good!


If you ever need support , I think we have gathered the best group of women on the planet.  I just love them to bits and they are where I go when I need support to do something faster than I would be otherwise.

You can remind yourself about their unique ways of feeling for their horses at this link. You can choose any one of the staff here for a private session with or without buying into one of our programs.

Each member of our team is available as support for you to mix and match to help you get confidence in and create your own foundation of feel and connection for your horse. We all focus on you and your horse’s mental, emotional and physical feelings of well being as a priority, so you might like to choose someone who resonates with the type of feel that you have been discovering.

You will find that every “problem” we help you solve, will improve your own skills because of the empowering way that we help you to recognize and use your own natural talent.

We work as a team, so you can come through me if you’re not sure who is best for what’s going on, or you can approach a staff member directly. I will put an email list at the bottom of this article with our fees.

Private sessions can take many forms – We can work with you by phone or Skype or video or email, stepping you easily through the technology to make that easy and effective – or even live, if you can get to one of us.

When you are secure in your own ability, or even while you are working on developing that ability, you can take this knowledge back to your own special teacher or even the best trainers and teachers in the world and get the real benefit of working with them – from your own strength rather than lack.

And then watch yourself fly…


The financial aspects:

Caroline’s fees – are €40 Euros for a single consultation and you can bundle 3 sessions together at €30 Euros each. Email:

Caroline’s Lesson/s


Narel’s fees – are $50 AUS per session and $40 each in a bundle of three. Email:

Narel’s Lesson/s


Holly’s sessions are $55USD for one session and $45USD each when purchased in a package of 3 sessions.

Holly’s Lesson/s


Jenny’s sessions are by appointment only   Email:


In addition to our excellent support staff, there are also two on-line programs that you can start at any time and on line clinics that happen from time to time and even rarer, you can travel to a live clinic.  They happen one or twice a year.  So you can pick an option that suits your learning processes best.

As well as helping you to help your horse find well being in EVERY part of their lives, our Fast Track to Brilliant Riding is about developing your own unique feel in your own inner guidance system. Fast Track is 80-+ interactive audio and video lessons that you can start any time and take as fast or slow as you like.

But for those who don’t yet know that we can deliver what we say we can, then maybe the smaller and very powerful 20 lesson program  Foundation for Riding Excellence, at only $75, would be a good place to start.  In addition to getting settled with using inner awareness, you will also make a very good start on developing a good, stable riding seat, free of tension.

Email me if being part of a small intimate group in an on-line clinic is more your thing.







  1. Kathy Cavanah 10/09/2014, 2:46 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny,

    Enjoyed the four lesson mini clinic. Day three quiet mind exercise was a helpful refresher to remind me not to take shortcuts and just be thinking that I am listening inside myself. Thank you for doing this. Oh, and now I am looking forward to the upcoming clinic.

    • jennya 10/09/2014, 5:01 pm Reply

      Very cool Kathy – see you there when I finished getting it organized!

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