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Happy 21st Birthday Bobby!


Bobby and I back in 1997, bareback and bridle-less on the local pony club’s cross country and obstacle course. We had had a marvellous day doing liberty jumping of the big cross country jumps and the kids obstacle course here was fun too.

Happy birthday to the best horse in the whole world!  (Ahhh well I do really know that the world is filled with horses who are the best horse in the whole world – but yes this one REALLY is special! )

Read on to the end of this blog and find out about the beautiful birthday present that Sabina gave to Bobby and what I decided was the best birthday present I could give to him.


My heart just fills when I think of this amazing horse who had the courage to resist me so fiercely and then the heart to show me the path to all that we could be together.

Bobby is WHY we have the book Bobby’s Diaries.  Bobby is WHY we have Zen Connection with Horses.  Bobby is WHY we have the on line program Fast Track to Brilliant Riding that is standing for creating the possibility of major and beautiful change in the horse world, giving people a new vision of what could be between horses and humans.

Bobby is WHY thousand of horses now have more fun with their people because of our beautiful, beautiful on line horse training, including the free horse lessons that people get with The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse.

He started the whole dang thing…


He jumped the whole cross country course at liberty this day, including turning around and cantering back to me after jumping THIS jump and jumping it again from the other direction. What a horse!












Bobby was born on the second of November, which that year was Melbourne Cup Day.  He was named Equity Park Game Boy, his stable name Bobby for short – the same stable name as the legendary Australian throughbred racehorse Phar Lap.  Sheila still has in pride of place on her walls, the photo of Phar Lap Bobby laying down in the straw, with his strapper laying with him.

My best friend Sheila bred Bobby by putting a thoroughbred show stallion over her ex-police stud mare.  Horses are rarely sold from the police stud and never sold after they are branded with the Queen’s brand.  Bobby’s mum Cassie was sold off as four year old for lack of height although she later grew much taller.

Being police stud bred, Bobby’s mother probably had a touch of Warmblood that they often put over the horses on the police stud to grow them a bit taller and more solid.  That explains the slightly heavier look that Bobby has – a little more than the traditional thoroughbred.

I remembered that I had been there at his birth, but Sheila quite emphatically tells me that I am remembering the foal after him.  Bobby was meant to be Sheila’s 8 year old son’s Shane’s horse, planning ahead for a horse for Shane to grow into.  I think Shane just lost interest as he grew up and at one point Sheila had a doctor tell her that with an old neck injury, she was never to get on a horse again if she cared about not becoming a quadriplegic, so she was no longer allowed to ride.


Bobby was a youngster when that happened, just a few rides under his saddle and I took him on to ride him for her.  I couldn’t have afforded to buy him at the time, he was worth a fortune to a show home, having won Open Breeding Champion as a yearling colt at Melbourne Royal Show – a beautifully put together horse.

I am not sure how much later after this, we had a bit of a windfall – the same windfall that enabled me to go overseas and study with one of the great horsemen – and I wrote out a cheque for five thousand dollars with a big smile.

I was so disappointed when I got to Sheila’s house that there was nobody home – so with a wicked feeling of anticipation, I left the cheque in one of her runners that was at the back door.

What a surprise she got when she tried to stuff her foot into the shoe!

Anyway, Bobby’s story about how he made a stand for us and changed the world is written better in Bobby’s Diaries.

So… The first ten people who email me on the contact page above, can have a Bobby’s Birthday present of a gift copy of the e-book Bobby’s Diaries – Straight From the Horse’s Mouth to You,  a completely free gift and AFTER those ten people have had their gift, anyone who emails me straight after  reading this blog, can have that book at 1/3 of the normal $29.95 price and get the book in Bobby’s honour for $10.00.   Again just email me to arrange that special price, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

And that’s not all folks.

I wondered what I could give as a gift to the horse who changed the world and decided that 10 more horses and people with their lives changed by Fast Track to Brilliant Riding would probably show my deep appreciation of him.

So…  I have decided that the first ten people who come back to me by email can have Fast Track to Brilliant Riding for $100.  Corey do not pick up the phone to thump me with it!  This is Bobby’s birthday present and the loveliest way I can think of to gift him is to bring another ten people into the fold who might not have afforded it otherwise.

Corey has been following this on line program for a long time now and is constantly telling me that at the $550 price that is currently, it is way too cheap and that it is worth mega more.

These ten people will get the full course benefits for this price.  They will get to join our wonderful community for as long as they need the support or enjoy the community.  They will learn how to help their horse to become everything calm and co-operative and confident that they wished their horse could be and they will get to become confident and brilliant riders, really fast – if they apply themselves to their 81 lesson on line program.

And even bigger, these ten people will get the same guarantee that I about that that I give to everybody.

Click here for more details about Fast Track.   And let’s hope that the people who really can’t afford it get some of these!

And here is a treat for us all – Sabina has put a beautiful mantra to music in honour of Bobby and for his birthday.  Click here to listen to that.  ishqallah.mp3   Sabina says that she sends this song out in honour of Bobby, who knows how to love like God loves – which is what Ishq’Allah Maboudallah means.

What a beautiful sentiment Sabina.  Thankyou from both of us…







  1. shelley dunkin 11/12/2013, 8:00 am Reply

    would love to have a copy of bobbies diaries!

    • Jenny 11/12/2013, 9:08 am Reply

      Cool Shelley – you’ve got it!

  2. Corey 11/11/2013, 4:39 am Reply

    Anna-Karin how LOVELY to hear from you on this page!! Don’t know if Jenny would think it appropriate at this late stage, but if you were able to join the Fast Track “Oliver” course (which is very affordable and SHORT) you’d probably gain lots of help and insight with your starting of Zaritsa. Just a thought……. Be well dear,Corey

    • Jenny 11/11/2013, 6:47 am Reply

      That would work as a fence sitter (rider positions are full) – as long as she didn’t feel under pressure to catch up, because there is a LOT of stuff in that virtual clinic!

      • Anna-Karin Hägglund 11/13/2013, 12:02 am Reply

        Corey thank YOU for thinking of me it made me very happy in my heart!

        If you would think it would be a great help for me with the starting of the horses I would love to join! It depends on how much it is to do together with the horses. We are in the darker of darkest periods of the year, so there are just three days a week, when I am off from my work, I can see what I am doing without a lamp when I am out with the horses.

        Jenny, for how long is the Oliver course and how much of it have you done? Can I do it in my own pace?

        I will sit down and listen to my heart. It is sooo easy to say: Yes!
        There are so much of joiful things to do. But if something can help me on my way with the horses I am willing to chose to put time in it.

        Thank you and Take care Corey!

        Jenny, the way you put the words it feels like you know me!
        Thank you for being you!


        (In a week my oldest son and his girlfriend will leave Sweden for
        a 6 month trip to New Zealand and Australia, I wish i could join them!)

        • Jenny 11/14/2013, 8:48 am Reply

          Re son visiting Australia – you should give them my phone number and address so they can call in and say g’day…

          Re the virtual clinic. I have been thinking about how it would work for you to join in at this late stage. We are in the fourth week of a four week clinic that has turned into a six or seven week clinic. As a fencesitter, you could just pick up the lessons one by one and work your way through them, and listen to all the live calls. Fence sitting is $150. There are some 40 odd lessons I think in this one (we won’t be doing so many next time, it was too big a pressure on me to keep up and I think other people felt that too, which is why we stretched the clinic out over more time.) My only reservation is in you perhaps feeling under pressure coming in this far into the clinic and maybe feeling a bit behind. As a fence sitter you work at your own pace.

          Or you could join in as a rider for the next clinic which will start late in January – which will go for the 4 weeks this time! 🙂 We have learned heaps from the running of this first clinic!!
          Joining in as a rider in late January, would enable you to send videos of you working together and have them come back to you with my commentary and suggestions overlayed and to have a live call with me specifically working on your own end of what you are doing with your horse – and all in the lovely amplified energy of a clinic. Plus you get to watch every else’s videos and learn from them, listen to other people’s calls and learn from that too and watch where we are going with whatever lessons we are doing here too and sending out by audio and video.

          I have worked hard to reproduce the experience of a live clinic here at my home and it has turned out to be a very special experience…

          • Anna-Karin Hägglund 11/15/2013, 4:44 am

            I will give Emil your address and phonenumber. They will land in Melbourne in the middle of jan. and then they will travel the east coast up to Caims.

            I think it is better to join the next clinic,, due to the dark winter and limited time with the horses and, as you say , to be in the amplified energy of a clinic Then I also will have the Christmas holliday to spend more time in daylight with the horses.

            I can imagine that you have put down a lot of work to make a great clinic and you are so generous with what you give so I understand that you needed some more weeks. Looking forward to take part of it.
            I would love to visit you on a clinic at your place and someday I may, hmm. But without your brilliant and lovely work and ingenuity ( a new word to me) I have never had an opportunity to paricipate and learn from you!
            I am so grateful ♥

            Love AKH

          • Jenny 11/16/2013, 1:17 pm

            Excellent to both things. I look forward to meeting Emil and I look forward to seeing you in a virtual clinic!

  3. amanda savill 11/09/2013, 5:03 pm Reply

    Dear Jenny
    Happy birthday to Bobby! and thank you to you both.
    Thank you too for your beautiful generousity……….it;s a shining, warming, radiant light!
    Love, amanda
    PS I have Bobby’s Diaries and Fast Track – as you probably know.

  4. Anna-Karin Hägglund 11/09/2013, 9:19 am Reply

    I will go through the lessons first and after that I will send you a photo. Last fall I felt I had this great riding posture but I lost it while going through a lot of change points. While releasing a lot of stuff, I have never burped so much, I have had pain and stiffness in my lower back. Now it feels like my pelvis is open up again and that I can take some more steps on my journey.


    • Jenny 11/09/2013, 9:29 am Reply

      Woohoo – well done you!

  5. Corey 11/09/2013, 3:36 am Reply

    Sabina’s recording is utterly magical. Just as Bobby is. Your generosity in this $100 Fast Track offer is also a thing of magic because it will change the life of 20 creatures on this planet. It does that at the full price as well………

    Shaking my head at Jenny but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOBBY!!!


    • Jenny 11/09/2013, 6:21 am Reply

      And of course, the spin off from those twenty lives will spread things even wider. I thought this would be a good gift for the man…

  6. Anna-Karin Hägglund 11/08/2013, 8:47 pm Reply

    It is me again!
    I already have the 14 first lessons in the fast track. I will go explore them. There have been so much stuff going on the last months so I have forgotten that I already have those lessons!!


  7. Anna-Karin Hägglund 11/08/2013, 7:39 pm Reply

    Hi Jennie!
    Lovely to read about Bobby and his journey to you or your journey to him. Thank you for listening to Bobby and that you have let him guid you. If YOU haven´t been willing to be guided …we never know what has been happening…

    I don´t know if I am ready to join the Fast track yet. We have started to put the saddle on Zaritsa and are soon going to put a leg over her back. We are taking it easy and slow and letting her think about it. Ameri K keeps an eye on us while we are working.

    Your blog post realy stood out to me when opening the Facebook so here am I now writing to you.

    I have Bobby´s Diary on my computer so don´t count me in, you can give it to the eleventh writer.

    Send my best wishes to Bobby and I guess he had a nice birhtday 🙂


    • Jenny 11/09/2013, 6:20 am Reply

      I was going to say that all of you from the first two on line groups were given Fast Track Anna Karin, because you all helped develop it, but I see from your next comment that you realised that you had it already. Fast Track has a stronger rider focus than the first course, because we knew about that beautiful ridden work that we developed later in the course.

      I haven’t got a riding seat photo of you girls yet, for your graduation certificates. You can take those on a chair if you like. So send them in!

      I love that Ameri Kahn is supervising your starting of Zaritsa. Valezka who was on the Grace course with you started her youngster Topacio, with the help of her older horse Sirius who taught her everything to do first. And she has done a spectacular job.

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