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It’s time …

Cynthia Cooper’s bitless bridle – from

It’s time for a change…

In fact, it’s well past time to allow bitless bridles in competitions of all kind in Australia and this petition to Equestrian Australia is asking for just that.

Click here to go and sign this petition

Cynthia Cooper is a friend of mine (see the picture of her bitless bridle left) and since she is a friend, I am glad that her bitless bridle is the best one that I have come across, because it would be terrible to have to recommend someone else’s if it were better.

So lucky that I think it’s the best on the market world wide. 🙂

Bobby has one and all Oliver’s work in the virtual clinic that is happening now, is being done in one too.

Everything required by the judges in any discipline can be done in a bitless bridle and God knows we’ve long since proven that bitless riding is safe – probably more safe than bitted riding.  There is no longer any reason at all to withhold this approval.



  1. Cynthia 03/26/2014, 2:16 pm Reply

    Thanks for your wonderful endorsement Jenny – I strive to make the best bitless bridle and if anyone is interested they can find them here:
    So many people are making the change it’s very heartening and makes my day with every one I send out because I know another horse is going to be happier 🙂

    • Jenny 03/27/2014, 6:14 am Reply

      You’re welcome Cynthia – I am always happy to support good things…

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