Jenny Pearce

Recording of the Live Event – Peace out of chaos

Horses teach us to be Present in a way that can bring great peacefulness.  My friend Narel said something very powerful today – she was talking to her children and telling them that they are present at a very important time in history that will be taught about in schools for hundreds of years.

We – WE have an opportunity to influence that history with the way WE deal with conflict in our own lives and the way that ripples out into the world.  Find your own peacefulness in these turbulent times and ripple that peacefulness out into the world deliberately.

I included some specific healing in this meditation for those who need it.





  1. Anna-Karin 09/08/2017, 4:15 pm Reply

    Thank you Jenny for this! I’ve been listening to this this morning having my class in mind. Out of 18 Children I have 8 children wearing a lot of conflicts inside themselves and it makes the days very turbulent and me very exhausted. I need to find a way to be present and make good decisions very fast without getting me drowned out. During this meditation I have got : Stay present, ground myself 🙏💕

    • jennyp 09/10/2017, 8:18 am Reply

      Getting that on autopilot when under pressure will be a great goal of your horse retreat!

  2. Susannah 09/07/2017, 8:49 am Reply

    Thankyou so much Jenny for this beautiful meditation – I couldn’t be there last night so took part this morning. Two days ago I completed a major task I had been putting off for over 18 months, so lots of deep, releasing sighs for me during this meditation, realising and releasing all the stored up energy I had been holding on to over this task….so much calm and peace now full to overflowing! blessings x

    • jennyp 09/07/2017, 12:54 pm Reply

      Wonderful Suze, I’m very pleased for you

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