Jenny Pearce

The winner of the competition to support Chuck Mintzlaff

Chuck jokingly calls these photos Stallion attack – very cute.


Congratulations to Megan Walsh from Traralgon who is the winner of the competition that we set up to support Chuck Mintzlaff when he lost his barn and tools and winter horse feed in a fire.  We raised $365.00, which while not a barn, made a significant dent in the hay for the winter for his horses.


I understand his neighbours gathered around too and a barn for the hay has been built.

Thank you very much to all of you for your very generous support, it was heart warming to see that money flowing in at a time when Chuck didn’t know how on earth he was going to feed the horses.



  1. Chuck Mintzlaff 01/06/2014, 4:24 pm Reply

    Congratulations Megan!!!

    And thank you Jenny, (and all of you!).

    Wonderful to know when the ‘chips are down,’ that there are people who care!!!

    The $365.00 REALLY helped!!!!!!!

    Chuck Mintzlaff & Kids
    Lady, Able, Sundance & Combustion
    (And Nikki, Rebel & Boss)

    • Jenny 01/06/2014, 9:01 pm Reply

      Lovely to know it was useful Chuck…

  2. Meg Walsh 01/06/2014, 3:06 pm Reply

    Thank you!!! I’m so excited!!!!!

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