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Win and support one of the great horse people

Chuck Mintzlaff of Friendship Training has lost both his barn AND all his feed for the upcoming winter AND all his tools in a barn fire and like so many people when they’re struggling, wasn’t insured.  This has been kind of an extra kick in the guts since he lost his son in Iraq. (See the video of Chuck working, below.  Not only is he good – he’s a hoot with a great sense of humour.)

Let’s get together, have an opportunity to win something really special for ourselves and raise some money for Chuck to rebuild his barn and stock it with hay for the winter.  Let’s put a smile on Chuck’s face again.

So, for only $10 per ticket and for HUGE odds in favour of winning, you can win one of my new Fast Track to Brilliant Riding on line programs – that has excited even a world champion recently.  (Watch this space for the release of that interview soon.  I am calling it “Eavesdrop on a lesson with a world champion.”)

For every 200 tickets sold, I will donate another program to win – so you will always have one in 200 chances to win and I would LOVE to give away 5 programs, 10 programs – whatever! We’ll draw each winner when it reaches 200 tickets.

Check out more about what you can win – The Fast Track to Brilliant Riding on that ad over there to the right – yep, the one with the girl laying down with her horse.

You can get your $10.00 one in 200 chance to win, below.

Buy more tickets and increase your possibilities – e.g. 10 tickets and you have a one in twenty chance to win a $550 program!

Send this competition viral on Facebook folks (Facebook tags over to your left) – some people just deserve it.

 I will notify the winners here on my blog AND on Facebook AND in person.


And if you are wondering whether it’s worth supporting this guy, watch this video – he’s a real horseman and has a hoot of a sense of humour too.





  1. Michelle 10/14/2013, 4:07 am Reply

    This is a wonderful act of kindness for a fellow horse trainer in need, Jenny! I hope it is wildly successful!

    • Jenny 10/14/2013, 5:44 am Reply

      So do I, Michelle, so do I!

  2. Frances Dingle 10/13/2013, 8:23 am Reply

    Please do not rebuild, come over to Australia and be with us. If not than please buy a ticket to help this gentleman. If you can afford it buy more.

    • Jenny 10/13/2013, 9:52 am Reply

      Nice thought Frances! I think a barn might be easier! 🙂 Love you!

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