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Win cash with an animal lovers Facebook competition

This competition is over now… 🙂

Last days to enter!  Spread the love around with a Facebook share. There’s three ways to win in this Facebook competition and two of them are with $100 Paypal cash, drawn on Sunday the 25th March. Woohoo!

Have some fun with this folks… 🙂

There’s nothing woowoo about talking to your animals. 🙂

You ALREADY talk to your animal.  You ALREADY hear them.  If you love them I promise you, you’re already communicating with them.

What we do in this program is to teach you how to talk to them DELIBERATELY.  How to take those feelings that you “just know” something is wrong with them, to a conscious communication where you “hear / feel each other and understand what the other is telling you. 

How often have you wished that you could understand your horse / dog / cat / bird / guinea pig / rat / snake / lizard / even a wild animal – better.  How often have you wished that you could  use that communication to solve a problem?

I’ve never met anyone that I couldn’t teach to have communication with their animal.

Di is a great example of someone who thought they would never be able to do it.  She told me in this lovely story I posted before Christmas, that in another life she was a lawyer with a lawyer’s very practical and down to earth mind and was certain she was going to be the one who couldn’t do it.  She was astounded that she could “hear” so easily when I taught her about her own unique skills (EVERYONE is unique – teaching to that uniqueness is why this method of teaching is so successful.)  She wrote and said:

Dan (that’s my current horse) came through to me crystal clear and we spent 20 minutes or so “talking” about where we’re at/ going in our relationship – what he’d like and what I’d like. And he sent THE most amazing sense of support and comfort that was actually physical for me – like that feeling when you’re getting warm after being cold.

But you’ll have to wait to hear more about that, because right now we’re more interested in who’s going to WIN, WIN WIN that $100 Paypal cash!  🙂  I’ll video the draw and post that on my Facebook page on Sunday 25th March, so make sure you’ve clicked Follow on my Facebook page too. 🙂 There’s a short summary of the easy steps to follow to enter for the cash, below.

The first way is for you and your animal to win together

Get the animal communication course completely and utterly free.  You and your animal both win because EVERYONE feels special when they know they are heard – heard AND understood.

When you register on the link below, these completely FREE lessons, no strings attached, will come into your email inbox, one lesson per day for 4 days.

Now let’s keep it simple about winning the Paypal cash.

OK folks … Go back to my Facebook page at this link – 

  1. click Follow at the top of the page, find this competition post back in January,
  2. click share,
  3. tag 3 animal loving facebook friends – that will get you ONE entry in the draw.  
  4. For a SECOND entry, post your favorite photo of you and your animal in the comments and tag me (Jenny Pearce Happiness with Horses) in that same post.

The photo has to be one that YOU have the rights to and one that you’re happy for me to use on my own website.  In other words, I’m giving you a second chance – an additional entry –  to win $100 Paypal cash, in return for the rights for ME to be able to use that photo that you post.

And above all

Find out more about Talk to Your Animals and where you can register here.



  1. June McIntosh 01/23/2018, 12:34 am Reply

    Do you mean post the photo in the comments section of the post where we share your post?

    • jennyp 01/23/2018, 8:18 am Reply

      Anywhere would be fine and yes that is what I meant. 🙂 Thanks June! That barefoot trimmer Facebook page is you isn’t it? I thought I recognized Bridget> 🙂 Thanks for sharing the post!

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