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A guest blog about a confidence problem on the ground with a horse

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The question from Sarah in New Zealand was:

Forget being a confident rider, I’m not even confident with my horse on the ground. He has no respect for my personal space, spooks at everything, just wants to get back to his mates in the paddock. I have heart palpitations just thinking about putting his halter on. Can we be helped?

Jades comment about my reply was:

You gotta love a person who can immediately turn a negative into a positive. Today’s expert, Jenny Pearce, tackles how to find confidence with your horse from the ground up, and she does it in a way that could uplift even the most sensitive soul. This post is your horsemanship lesson, meditation and cheer squad all rolled into one. I tell you, from this point on, I’m totally all about being a ‘sensitive rider’. Here’s why…

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