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A foundation for solving float / trailer loading problems

I get more questions about solving float / trailer problems with horses than any other single question.  Some of the stories of things that have happened have made my hair stand on end.

I’ve had maybe 20 hours of video of training my horse Oliver who had been deeply traumatised in a floating accident, sitting there to edit, for years now, but Paulette Evans of Ribbleton has saved me a heap of work.

If you’re pushing your horse into the float, you’re pushing yourself into conflict, you’re pushing yourself into problems… said Paulette in her video. I so heartily agree with what she said, that I’m sharing that float training video here. 🙂

You cannot have harmony in the saddle if you forced your horse on the trailer to get there – it’s impossible. Or if you forced your horse to have the saddle on when they bit at you, or wrestled the bridle on or if they pull back in fear when you tie them up. 

It’s impossible to have harmony unless there is ACTUALLY HARMONY in all things.

Paulette has done such a good job in her video about preparing for float training, that I can relax and forget about getting this particular job done. 🙂

She has NAILED it.

She has nailed the things that you have to think about before you even go the trailer and the attitude that you need to have, that will not only bring you success, but will INCREASE the bond with your horse while you’re training trailer loading.

The only thing I would add to this excellent video is understanding your own unique sense of Feel (which is the secret to all good horsemanship) and you’ll find the very beginnings of that in our free lesson series the 9 Keys to Happiness with Your Horse and the advanced series Fast Track to Brilliant Riding, both of which are on this training page.

Paulette’s very excellent preparation for float training

The video wasn’t easy to find when I was there – if you hover your mouse over the picture just under the “Ribbleton’s Secrets” on the left hand side of the page, you’ll see the video buttons come up on the picture. 🙂  It’s lovely to see so many more people now, training horses in REAL HARMONY., not just wishing they were.  🙂

And yes, this video leads into a paid training course, but if it’s half the value of the free video, it will be worth every cent.  Enjoy…

Click here for Paulette’s very excellent preparation for float training video.



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