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Colic Attack First Aid – a brand new program

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I’ve never lost a horse to colic and never had a horse need colic surgery.

That’s an extraordinary record given the countless number of horses that I’ve treated and that a study in the US tells us that around 16.3% of colicking horses have colic surgery and 11% die or are euthanized.

It focuses the mind to realize that those are not just numbers, but someone’s precious horse friends in those statistics.  It focuses the wallet to know that a colic surgery can cost up to $10,000 even before complications.

I have no intention of creating fear in you with this article – God knows it could be 20 years before you need the information in this program – I hope that it’s more than twenty years – or even never.  What I am trying to do, is to walk the fine line between information and passion …

What I am sharing with you in Colic Attack First Aid, are the techniques – mental, emotional and physical – that have given me that extraordinary success rate of zero adverse colic events both personally and with clients.

You’ll even get a handle on some of those mystery colics.

These are techniques that will help you to relieve your horse’s pain while you wait for the vet.

In addition though and almost as big,  I am deliberately bringing people to a new depth of connection with their horse, wherever you are at now.   It will make you a calm, knowledgeable and effective carer to have your inner guidance system working strongly in a time of emergency.   Even bigger than THAT is that it will bring you a new depth of joyfulness with your horse in every day life as you practice around the routine things that you do with your horse too.

And that’s what I’m about –  that’s my vision for everything that we do here – connecting horses and people for the mental, emotional and physical well-being of horse AND rider.

Colic Attack First Aid is a life saving program that contains 5 video lessons, 6 audio lessons (there’s a written version of every audio) and one written lesson with diagrams. You can download the audios to your mobile device and take them out to your horse. You can also download the video lessons to your computer and watch them whenever you like. (Download instructions are included.)

That’s 12 lessons altogether that contain:

* The Bowen techniques for colic

That’s a full video teaching and demonstration of the Bowen muscle therapy moves designed to relieve the symptoms of colic. Bowen is an incredibly powerful and yet very simple, quick and easy to do muscle therapy that puts a vibration into the muscle that has the capacity to effectively relax muscle spasm and release tension.

I was completely blown away by the very first Bowen that I did – it was over twenty years ago on my arthritic horse Carlos, who I was about to put down – I had actually made the call to the vet a couple of days earlier and then called it off when I heard about the Bowen clinic.  I didn’t feel as if I was doing anything with those ever so gentle Bowen moves and then I watched the pain melt from his eyes and his muscles started to plump out as the blood started flowing to atrophied areas.  Since then I’ve developed some of my own work within the Bowen framework and I’ve also learned some other stuff to heal the joints as well.  Bringing Carlos out of retirement to be the first horse I ever danced with is another story though. 🙂

The whole Colic sequence would normally take about 10 minutes to do.

* Simulation of the Bowen techniques

A video simulation lesson to help you learn the powerful Bowen “move” before you take it out to your horse. This makes for easy learning and I believe is one of the reasons that my distance teaching is so successful. I must be the Queen of Simulations these days – it takes so much pressure off us to be able to learn quietly, with confidence and then take that knowledge out to our horse.

* An acupressure point to calm and relieve pain

A video lesson on how to use an acupressure point to calm your horse and relieve pain.

* A calming breathing exercise that can decrease your horse’s pain

A breathing exercise that you can use to calm and make yourself more effective in an emergency situation. The big deal though, is that it can influence your horse to help relieve their pain. This is an audio lesson that you can download to your mobile device and take out to your horse.

* Experience your feel, connection and communication

An audio lesson on bringing to your conscious mind, how you personally experience feel and connection and communication with your horse. Nowhere is connection and communication with your horse more important than when they are sick.  This is also a lovely lesson to download to your mobile device and take out to your horse.

* The Quiet Mind and inner guidance system

An audio lesson introducing you to a Quiet Mind. Learning to quieten your mind is an important step towards expanding that inner guidance system that will not only be incredibly useful in making you a calm and effective carer of your horse while you are waiting for the vet, but will also stand you in good stead when you are doing everything else, including riding. (Also a great lesson to take out to your horse.)

* Understanding your horse’s fear and anxiety

A video lesson about understanding your horse’s fear or anxiety in the context of a Colic Attack, and what to do about it.

* Understanding your calm centre

An audio lesson about understanding how to find your calm centre, so that with practice, you can find it even in emergency situations.

* That all important thing that we call “feel”

In the case of a Colic Attack, “feel” is what enables you to use your inner guidance system to help you get the best outcome – it’s a practical thing – knowing when walking feels good, when to allow them to rest, when to do some more endorphin release, when to keep them warm, when to cool them down, when to leave them alone. I’ve proved over many years now, that “feel” is utterly teachable and this lesson is a practical lesson in “feel” – it’s also one of those things that you need to practice ahead of an emergency like a Colic Attack. This audio lesson is designed to take out to your horse.

* The power of your own unique “feel”

When we use our own unique feel in a practical way, we can do anything – we can achieve just about anything. This audio lesson is about understanding all the different ways that we can feel for our horse, so that we can more easily recognize our own unique natural talent that we all have.

* How and when to use a pendulum

There’s a video lesson dispelling the myths about using a pendulum and how it can be usefully used in circumstances like a Colic Attack.

* The spine’s influence on the body including colic

This is a written lesson with diagrams showing you the direct relationship between the spinal bones and the organs of the body – bringing most people a whole new understanding of where many of those mysterious undiagnosed Colic Attacks are really come from.

If you’ve had The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, you will have seen five of these lessons before. But even if you’ve seen those Keys before, it is worth looking at them again because this time they are in the context of a Colic Attack.

* Bonus PDF file “Causes and prevention of colic”

There is a bonus PDF file Causes and Prevention of colic, that comes with Colic Attack First Aid, because preventing Colic Attacks is always our preference. I think even experienced horse people are going to be surprised at some of the causes of colic that we should all know about.

*  Email support and feedback for improvement if you edit your practice video to less than 3 minutes. 

*  A Live Seminar towards the end of August 2015, where we’ll get together, have a practice session and make sure that everything  is going fine for you.

* Instant and Lifetime Access to this program

Colic Attack First Aid is priced at $75.00 AUD (a fraction of a vet bill) and it comes with my usual “love this program or get your money back” guarantee.

The statistics say that you WILL have your horse colic, sometimes more than once – so please, Murphy’s Law – be prepared, so that the worst doesn’t happen.

$75.00 Colic Attack First Aid program

For $75.00 give someone else the gift of confidence and peace of mind
with the Colic Attack First Aid program


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