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Narel’s close call with colic – solved with colic first aid

I recently experienced my first horse colic ever. I guess I am very lucky considering we currently have 15 horses on the property and that being in my 40’s and having owned horses much of my life, that this had never happened before.

The herd were waiting at the gate for dinner, and we began our usual routine of them going into individual yards where their feeds would be put out. Champs is fed about half way down the line and on this day appeared totally fine, walked into his yard and stood waiting. I finished putting out the feeds and the head mare Lily alerted me that something was wrong.

I turned around and saw Champs lying on the ground in his yard with feed untouched.

It seemed to come from no where.

Instantly I knew it was colic, and it was just so very sudden, seemingly from nowhere. He seemed dazed and his eyes looked confused. We helped him up and he was pawing at the ground, and kicking at his stomach, as well as turning to observe his sides.

I rang the vet

I rang our vet first who said to get him walking and if nothing was changing in half hour to ring him back to come out. Champs has had no change to his feeding, to the source of his feed, to his regime in any way at all.

In the mean time I messaged Jenny, who bless her, rang straight back despite being in a lesson! So on speaker phone she coached me through some Bowen moves for the colic – three separate moves about 10 minutes apart.

She hadn’t done a practice video, but you will won’t you?

Now I have done Jenny’s colic course online before and yet in this moment I could not remember much of it (Jenny: she didn’t do a practice video), let alone be able to locate my course materials in a hurry. I did not know if I was doing it correctly but must have been, because pretty much straight away Champs began to poo quite a number of times – fairly dry ones so we think it was an impaction colic.

He began to very quickly become present again and brighten right up. The entire event was over in about one hour or just over.

I think all horse owners should see these moves, familiarise themselves with where on the body to practice the moves, and tell their horse friends about this.

I hate to think what could have happened if we had not been there with him or had Jenny’s advice to hand which I feel potentially saved Champs’ life, and also ourselves a huge vet bill.

Thanks so much Jenny 🙂 x

For all those who already have the colic first aid program

As you’ll remember, the Bowen muscle moves for colic are very powerful first aid while you wait for the vet and easy to do.  In Narel’s case I talked her through what to do – the muscle work solved the problem and saved her a vet bill.

For those of you who already have our Colic Attack First Aid program – have you sent me your practice videos yet?  So I can give you feedback and advice if you need to change something?  See below for ways to do that.

The confidence that you’ll get from that will be well worth your time and remember, there’s no extra charge for that – it’s part of your program.

I’d rather not have any middle of the night colic emergencies from the other side of the world, if they can be avoided – I WILL charge you for that! 🙂

As Narel said, under the pressure of an emergency it was difficult to remember how to do what needed to be done without practice.  So hop to the videoing folks!  🙂

If you haven’t seen the Colic First Aid program yet – click here to read all about it. 🙂


Ways to video for me.

It’s easy these days.  Just set your phone up on a drum or fence post with a couple of large paper clips to keep it steady – like in the photo here.

Review the Bowen video – there’s not a lot to it – then video your practice, keep the videos to the moves, not the waiting, although I CAN fast forward if I have to. 🙂

Load the video up to youtube on an UNLISTED setting – that way the only people who can see it are those that you give the link to – so you don’t have to be out in public unless you want to be. 🙂  Another option is to upload it to Facebook if you wanted.




  1. Sandy Walden 03/10/2019, 4:17 pm Reply

    Jenny you sent me something on colic sometime ago and as l had to have a new phone l lost it all. I do not have a computer so l have to do everything on my phone. Can you please send me the instructions again as l have a mate that has had a couple of bouts of colic. Thanks Sandy

    • jennyp 03/10/2019, 5:25 pm Reply

      Gosh do you know the cause of those colics? And yes I’ll send it again. 🙂

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