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Understanding the magic of Frederic Pignon

In this recording of one of our monthly Live Seminars for students, we analyzed a video of Frederic Pignon working with three gorgeous black stallions in one of his magical performances.  We talk about the lady and horse that inspired me to do this audio video analysis, then demystified his keys to success and talked about HOW you can get similar results.

His sheer mastery with a horse, has to make Frederic Pignon one of the greatest horsemen in the world.  He inspires us to encourage any horse to shine from the inside out – filled with joy.  Joyful horses… Joyful people…

Hit the play button on the audio directly below and I’ll tell you when to start watching the video.  We watch it all the way through first, for pure enjoyment and then I’ll tell you when to stop and start and we’ll have a chat.  Turn your sound down a little on the bottom bar of the video, so you can just hear the music faintly, and still hear my commentary as well.


YOUR Keys to Success

What?  You think this kind of Feel and this kind of Connection is beyond you?  I LOVE that I can tell you that you CAN have it.  Even “ordinary” people and “ordinary” horses can unfold their magnificence with these keys to success, that we’re going to talk about in the comments section below.

So be prepared to unfold the extraordinary and let’s chat about how these keys apply to YOU.

If you’re interested in more about this amazing horseman – here’s two books from he and his wife Magali on Amazon. 🙂



  1. Frances Dingle 08/21/2017, 10:46 am Reply

    It also helps to have very very long legs and good use of body awareness.A treat or two cannot hurt as well.

    • jennyp 08/21/2017, 12:23 pm Reply

      I get the body awareness (that’s SUCH a big part of some people being Present) and a treat when appropriate (only when it feels good though) but hey is the very very long legs thing said with your tongue in your cheek? Or do you have some specific reason in mind Francis? it’s just that I know you have a very dry sense of humour!

  2. Hetty Koenraads 08/20/2017, 5:46 pm Reply

    Dear Jenny, Thank you for this experience. Leading us through the magic of Frédéric Pignon. It was so nice watching his video together, in a very specific way – to get a glimpse of what he is generating with his body. A great and educational experience. We should do that more often!

    I agree with your comment – it is not about technique, but presence. What I learn from him is love… and beïng humble. Willing to learn from the horse instead of the opposite way around. To accept and at the same time manage my emotions, finding calmness in my head, is a constant temptation in being with horses. And in the rest of my life also.

    Thank you,

    • jennyp 08/20/2017, 6:49 pm Reply

      Hetty those are delightful observations about his keys to success – thankyou!

  3. Jenny Pearce 08/19/2017, 8:13 am Reply

    OK… I’ll go first. I think one of the keys to his success that most people miss, is his mental and emotional balance – his authenticity, his centredness. You can have as many brilliant techniques as you like, you can have all the knowledge in the world, but if we don’t have that mental and emotional balance when we’re working with our horse, then we are not applying that knowledge effectively and for the benefit of our horse.

    When we have worries and emotions from other parts of our lives, that we’ve squashed down, it’s like a loud noise that stops us from listening to /being able to Feel / hearing the subtleties of our horses clearly. And being able to hear them clearly is WHY Frederic so good with a horse. There’s no rocket science in this connection / feeling stuff – we are ALL capable of developing our own unique skill set that WILL make us brilliant with horses too.

    We can even have old emotional stresses and traumas that normally cause the noises that get in the way, because being Present is the fastest, easiest way to cut through the noise in our head so that we can Feel our horse more clearly. Frederic is utterly in the Present moment, with his understanding of his horses and how to support them in that performance, flowing easily.

    We too can have that, just like Kathy, the inspiration for this lesson had that. It’s simply knowing how to find the Present moment and finding an effortless way to develop, expand and practice that Presentness, in a way that suits us uniquely.

    And it’s fun developing that skill with our horse. 🙂

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