Jenny Pearce

What breaks my heart?

Given my ability to deeply connect with horses and other animals, you’d think that what breaks my heart would be the awful things that so very many people do to their horses – almost always in ignorance of the impact of what they’re doing to them.

Sure it’s terrible, but that’s not what breaks my heart.

What breaks my heart when I allow myself to think about it, is the disconnection and sheer freaking WASTE of joy in the way that most people work with their horses. 

What breaks my heart is watching people who don’t realize how good they can be, struggle needlessly.

What breaks my heart is the misunderstandings and the WASTE of human and horse potential.

Most people have no idea of the gift that every horse brings to us – the gift of our own happiness, our own peacefulness, our own strength, our own power, our own joyfulness.  They bring us the gift of unleashing our own potential even as we support them to find theirs.

… when we work with horses considerately as the thinking, feeling Beings that they are.

WHEN we work with our horse as the thinking, feeling Being that they are…

And that even beginners can have this kind of interaction with their horse and even very advanced riders can miss it.

Today’s photo:  What’s kneeling down like that got to do with a happier horse and person, working better together?  Susan had just made a phenomenal breakthrough in their relationship.  They were both humming with happiness and Ignite had released old tension over her hindquarters that made it possible for her to move forward freely at last. 

Thank you to Susan and Ignite, for being an example of what GLADDENS my heart.



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