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A Tale of impossible healing – Practical Happiness for Animal Lovers

I have known for a long time that people don’t need to believe what I believe in, to benefit from the work that I do and teach.

We CAN however, put limitations on our healing with what I call limiting beliefs.  And please… it’s not about the ridiculous notion that somehow we’re at fault if we’re not healthy.  That is not at all true.  We can however, take control of our own healing and feelings of well-being in ways that continually surprise me, even though I’ve worked in this field for more than twenty years now.

The photo here:  When I asked this little girl’s mother if I could use this photo that she called “downward dog” (a reference to the yoga pose that the baby is doing)  – in her “yes” she told me that changing limiting beliefs was something that appealed to her in parenting this delightful child.  The world is indeed changing for the better already. Bless Facebook for making it possible to watch my great niece grow in ways that I couldn’t have in the past. 🙂

This particular story is not about the baby though, it’s about finding the limiting beliefs that were blocking a young man’s ability to heal and about him finding HIS truth in a way that resulted in “miraculous” healing.

Today’s story is an example of something that surprised even me.

I was doing a healing session on a young man who came for help with his back problems.  I’m a kinesiologist (amongst many other modalities).  In the kinesiology testing, we identified an old car accident that he’d had, that had produced some kind of blockage to his body’s ability to heal itself.  We cleared up some old emotional stuff around that accident and then I did some reiki healing on his brain where there were still some effects of the concussion that happened back then. 

While I was working on his brain, he needed to be thinking about what beliefs that he had, that were getting in the way of his body healing the way it was designed to.

That’s an important point about the body’s capacity to heal, right there. 

Our bodies are capable of the most phenomenal healing – when we’re not blocked up by what I call “blockages to healing”.   There can be old emotional stresses and the tension that can be locked in by those, belief system blockages, there can be not enough physical building blocks for the body to do it’s job – like good food or specific vitamins or minerals, there can be fright imprints from old accidents causing tension,  the list goes on.  In this young man’s case, some limiting belief that he had, was actually causing a blockage to his body healing in the way it was designed.

When we finished that part of the session, he got up from the healing table and I was guiding him through some of the same conscious posture work that I teach in my on line courses, that is designed to to give us the full and joyful use of our bodies.

Something about what he was doing, just wasn’t right, it just didn’t feel right to me, so I was exploring with him what he could change and I came up with (or was guided to 🙂 ) something about his feet.  I said, “Allow your feet to connect with the earth as you walk, allow your toes to really spread out and your feet to flex with the movement of your body.”

“I can’t do that” he said, “I got my foot caught in the harvester back when I was a kid.” “See?” he showed me. “This foot can’t move any more, all the bones are like stuck together and I can’t bend my toes. or my foot much.”

“OK’” I said, “focus on doing what you CAN do with your feet, because even with an injury, there is a perfect way to compensate that will have your body feeling good.”

So off he went again, walking through my kitchen and out into the other room, feeling into his feet – then he turned around and started to walk towards me …

…and pfft the old injury was gone…

The bones released, the toes spread out, the foot flexed – the toes could bend so much that we all (me, he and his wife) were laughing with tears in our eyes at how ridiculously flexible they were. 

So what changed? What made this miracle possible?

I’ve seen good posture make extraordinary healing possible in many other cases, but I can’t see how that was going to unfreeze bones and scar tissue that had been stuck together for twenty odd years.

I think the big deal happened when he was on the healing table and he opened his mind wide open to notice what belief that he had, that was not actually the truth.

Just pause right there folks and dwell on that for a moment.  It was when he decided to notice what belief that he had, that was not the truth and opened up his mind to notice his OWN truth – whatever that was for him personally.

This is why I am sharing this story with you. It’s so important – our beliefs are so important to the way we heal – to the way our whole life works actually.

And remember I said earlier – this IS NOT about some ridiculous notion that you (or your loved one) are responsible for being sick or that it’s somehow your fault or their fault.  That’s not at all true. What we CAN BE responsible for however, is taking back control of our own feelings of well-being.  We can take control of what IS possible in our own health – WHATEVER that is.

We can even hear a truth that appeals to us intellectually – you can read me talking to you here right now and think wowww… how cool is THAT young man’s ability to heal?  And it isn’t deep enough for lasting change – because you need to get YOUR OWN ahhaaa moment about YOUR OWN limiting belief about whatever part of YOUR OWN life is in overwhelm.

It’s YOUR OWN truth that will give you back your power.

Limiting beliefs are very often so deeply embedded in our psyches that we don’t even notice them, sometimes they were embedded before we were even born.  Uncovering those limiting beliefs is just one of the things that we do in our Happiness programs.  We support people to find their own Truth by facilitating their own ahhaaa moment of expansive understanding – like I did with this young man.

And when you get one of those ahhaa moments – you’ll know this new truth all the way to your bones – waaayyy beyond mere faith.

We’ve made this year’s Happiness program bigger and better in every way.   Apart from utilising the support of all our wonderful animals who are just busting to help us, one of those additions to the program is a healing circle of Reiki 2 distance practitioners who are ready to support ANYONE who needs it (and that includes ANY of the financial options.  There will even be some healing support available for the $12 program option.)

However, if your body is being overwhelmed by trying to to heal itself and the symptoms of that are really crappy, then the fully mentored option would be best.  If you need to pay less than the full price, let me know.  If you need a scholarship let me know.  You can read all about Practical Happiness for Animal Lovers and the shift in the way that we’re doing the money stuff – at this link.

If you’re interested in more stories of impossible healing, you’ll find some of them here.



  1. DoeWil 02/23/2018, 12:36 am Reply

    Dear Jenny,
    Thank you for this email on Healing. It has come to me at just the right time to say YES! How you are being lead is true, just and your souls purpose.
    Two years back I joined your horsemanship program to help connect with a new horse named “Major” who came from a life of hard work and little loving. At every turn with Major a catastrophe unfolded until he ended up in hospital on deaths door. With the correct medical approach and the use of energy medicine opening the door to “I see you, we are one, receive” he recover. I did have to move him on a few months after he came home to me. In hind sight he was a life lesson. A very hard lesson but a lesson to which much was gained. Thank you for all you do in this world.

    With love and gratitude,

    • jennyp 02/23/2018, 8:15 am Reply

      I’m glad it was useful Dolores!

  2. Mark Lawrence 02/22/2018, 9:39 pm Reply

    Great read, Jenny.
    The big take-away for me is that it’s not always necessary to find and articulate the story behind the limiting belief, only to recognise that the belief is not one that serves you.
    Many therapies seem to get bogged down by their insistence on knowing the root cause and the conclusions drawn from that.
    Looking forward to releasing some of my own limiting beliefs as the Happiness Program moves along.
    Thank you, Mark. 🙂

    • jennyp 02/22/2018, 10:12 pm Reply

      Whatever the insight is – whether about beliefs or any other understanding that releases us form past patterns and even traumas – it just has to feel expansive and “right”. 🙂

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