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Arthritis is fixable

I have waaayyy lost count of the number of times I have watched the swelling of arthritis just melt away under my and/or the client’s eyes – not all the time, but often enough to be not uncommon.  Since I completed my training,  I cannot remember a time when anyone left a session with me, without a reduction in pain.

Humans and horses – both have the same capacity for incredible healing – when their whole beings are in balance.

And that’s the reason that modern medicine doesn’t think that arthritis is curable – because it doesn’t look at the whole person or the whole horse, like we alternative therapists usually do.

Right now we are working on people in an arthritis trial.   I am looking for 100’s of people – even a thousand people –  to do the online arthritis trial that we started 10 days ago.  Even 10 days in, a significant number of people are already finding a reduction in their discomfort and an increase in their feelings of well being. (Update April 2015 – 2/3 of the participants have reported a dramatic reduction in pain and we are only about half way through.)

You can join in this program if the buy now button down the bottom of the page is still active – we have people at different stages in the trial.  The program itself is free, but I am asking for $10 as a contribution to the costs of running the program.


There are seven main ways that we are working with the whole person to help with recovery from arthritis:

1.   Emotional stress causes muscular tension. That tension if left untreated, will put those muscles under enough physical stress that they will eventually pull the bones out of alignment.  The bones out of alignment will stress the joints in such a way that the body will make bony changes in an attempt to repair and support what’s happening.

So you can see that understanding and releasing the emotional stress BEHIND the muscle and bone problems is one of the things that we need to do if we want to really get to the bottom of arthritis.

We’re going to give you some tools to both understand emotional stress that you may be experiencing now and to release old emotional stress.

2.   Getting the body – muscles and bones – back into alignment in good posture is part of it too.   Please God, I wish that posture didn’t sound so boring!   The words “good posture” doesn’t begin to describe what it feels like to experience the sheer joy of swinging along down the street, walking with freedom and strength in your body when you haven’t had that for a long while.   (Can you tell that I have experienced this for myself too?)

And good posture has NOTHING in common with that “stand up and sit up straight” stuff that we were taught at school.

Through my horse work, I long ago figured out how to teach good posture effectively in an on line program.   It has blown away the horse world with its effectiveness and the method of teaching effectively by distance, works just as well with arthritis sufferers.

3.   Mineral deficiencies – We need to get enough of the right kind of minerals into our bodies to support the regeneration of the bones and the melting away of those mineral deposits. Those mineral and trace element needs will vary from district to district and country to country depending on your diet and the way that your food is grown.

We’re going to help you to figure out what you uniquely need, to support your recovery.

4.   Digestion –  Here’s another topic that sounds boring and yet is so flaming important!  We have to get our digestion right in order to be able to digest the nutrients that we need for arthritis recovery.  And don’t panic, I am not going to ask you to diet and eat crappy food that you don’t like.

5.   Detoxifying – That’s another word that makes me cringe and think of tough juice diets and fasting.  Well you can do it like that if you want, but we certainly don’t need to.   The fact of the matter is,  that your body can’t do it’s best recovery job while battling a whole heap of toxins at the same time.

And given my long time commitment to doing things the easy way, we’ll be talking about simple and easy ways that you can reduce your toxin load.

6.   Chronic Inflammation and the immune system are tied in together.   We boost the immune system and reduce inflammation by attending to digestion issues, food sensitivities and food allergies and adding a BROAD RANGE of additional foods and food herbs to speed up the recovery process.

We’ll help you to figure out what your unique food sensitivities are that trigger your inflammation to be worse and to work out what anti-inflammatory foods and food herbs will personally suit you best.

You can buy supplements or you can use good food and food herbs to do the same thing.  We’ll talk about budget ways to get what you need out of food.

7.  Exercise – There is a paradox in arthritis.  We have all heard the saying “use it or lose it” and yes that saying is so true – and yet the paradox is, that pain is a signal that our bodies use to say “stop!  Sort this out before you do …” whatever it is that is causing you pain.   Working our way through and learning to exercise in ways that takes account of BOTH of these seemingly conflicting and very valuable pieces of advice is one of the things that we are going to learn how to do on this program.

And I promise you, you’re going to be wowed…


As you can see from the things we will be paying attention to, we’re looking for people who are interested in doing things a little differently from the normal “take a pill” approach.


So… we are 10 days into developing an online program that pulls together all seven of those threads to recovery from arthritis.  Most people who started 10 days ago, have already found some improvement – a reduction in their pain levels and increase in their feelings of well being.

If you want to be a part of this trial program – if you want to actually be a part of helping other arthritis sufferers by helping me to develop a permanent program at the end of this trial, then come join us.

Instead of individual success as I experience in my healing room, I want so many people on this program that it is impossible for the modern medical community to ignore! 🙂

The cost of joining in with this trial is a $10 administration fee to help cover my costs.  The program itself, even with all the help from me, is free at this trial stage.

So if you, or anyone you know and love has arthritis and you think that you or they might enjoy active participation in your own recovery,  then please share this article on Facebook, email them the link, comment below and generally make a big noise of excitement at the possibilities with me.


Let’s create a possibility for change in the world – one arthritis sufferer at a time.

$10 administration fee only


Click here if you would like to read more about some individual success stories with arthritis.





  1. Emma 03/07/2015, 7:18 am Reply

    That is a reasuring read. I am 30 and very active and exercise a lot which brings about stiffness. However, I do all the above (to manage, get rid of and prevent it) and looks like I am on the right lines in doing what I think is every human’s duty-to respect and nuture one’s body for long term function. I used to work in health care and so I have seen first hand the impact chronic health problems make in someone’s life-arthritis being a common one. I try to apply the same principles to my horse and am soon going to be starting ‘ Pilates for horses, Gillian Higgins’ once I have finished the ‘Shaitsu for horses, Pamela Hannay’.

    • jennya 03/08/2015, 7:31 am Reply

      Good on you Emma! Well done you! 🙂

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