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Come join me on my own arthritis healing journey

In Australia, more specifically in Melbourne – we have this saying “I’ll bare my bum in Bourke St” if this happens or that happens.  It’s kind of like the ultimate bet, the ultimate of making ourselves vulnerable – because Bourke St back in the olden days was the main street in Melbourne, where if you bared your naked butt, it would surely be hanging out for everyone to see, in a VERY busy street.

Well what I am doing with this blog and the subsequent Facebook posts where I’ll keep this updated, is the equivalent of baring my bum in Bourke Street.

Over the last few months I’ve been struggling with what turns out to be arthritis.

It didn’t feel like arthritis to me, it felt like I had damaged something in my knee really badly because I could feel it crunching painfully.  Sometimes the pain would hit so hard, that I didn’t know whether the leg would hold me up as I took a step.

I’d do my healing work on it and I’d take the pain back a few notches to bearable pretty quickly and then after a few days I’d get on top of it altogether – until the next time I over used it or walked on uneven ground and bam!  I’d be back to square one, in agony.  Up and down like a freaking yo-yo.  It got in the road of being able to enjoy my grandkids, it got in the road of enjoying my horses, there were days when I couldn’t even think about going shopping and carrying the shopping bags, it made me short tempered and altogether it was not a pretty sight.

To say I was pissed off is an understatement.

I’ve spent the last 23 years “fixing” other people’s injuries and arthritis in all kinds of circumstances – many, many times helping people to achieve what modern medicine had failed at and many times with that healing happening really fast.

So why couldn’t I heal myself?

Well folks, that’s the background as I invite you to join me on this very personal journey to heal my own arthritis.  After seeing the xrays, it’s what my lovely Dr Mavis called moderate osteo-arthritis in both knees and both hips, not yet severe enough to warrant replacement joints.

The “bare my bum in Bourke St” part – you’ll get to follow my journey as I heal the arthritis, with before and after xrays and the ups and downs (if there are any!) on the way.

Please note lovely caring people (I’m surrounded by so many beautiful people)  – I’m not looking for suggestions or healing from you or the latest medical advances or anything else.  I KNOW I can do this myself.  In fact, LISTENING TO MYSELF consistently is the biggest part of this journey.

The proof of that is already obvious to me.  The act of getting the xrays and diagnosis and deciding to follow my inner guidance system to share this journey on the blog here, has already made an enormous change in my body.  I’m feeling more vibrant, happier and I’ve been out dancing with my horses at liberty for the first time in a very long time.  🙂  I’ll share how that went on the Facebook page.

Rather than clog up my blog with short updates, I’m going to use a closed Facebook group – closed because that way we make sure that it’s a kind and cordial facebook page.  Everyone interested can join it by clicking here.





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