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Depression – for the love of them DO something about it!

I smile when someone comes to me with depression and it’s not because I somehow get a thrill out of other people’s misery. 

It’s because I LOVE  being a part of them figuring it out and coming back to life again – it’s SUCH a buzz. 🙂   There’s good reason for my smiles and  excitement – there is ALWAYS a cause for depression.   Systematically identifying, understanding and eliminating the causes – watching the sun shining again for people – is such rewarding work.

Our animals – horses, dogs, cats and other wonderful creatures – are sooo… good at helping us deal with so many problems, but for people who are depressed, they are specially wonderful.

Heads up: And the cost of the program is chicken feed.  In fact, chicken feed is more expensive!

There’s always a reason for depression.

There is ALWAYS a reason for depression.  Usually there’s layers of mental, emotional and physical reasons.   All your energy and motivation is gone and it has a hold on you until you change something.  On the emotional side, that can be anything from understanding some crappy thing that happened in the past, to understanding what you need to change to have a joyful, peaceful, excited and /or passionately inspired Present and Future.

There’s many physical causes of depression too.  In the first happiness program, 19 people wrote to me telling me that depression was a problem in their lives.  All but one of those people was either significantly improved or not depressed any more, within the six weeks of the program.

How did we get that incredible success rate?

We started off by testing people for the 6 major physical causes of depression and using a scale of 1 to 10 for to figure out how important fixing this was to their recovery from depression.

Starting by eliminating the physical causes, meant that getting to the mental and emotional causes was so very much easier.  In some cases the physical causes were so big (10’s on that scale of one to 10), that we would never have got to the bottom of the emotional stuff without fixing the physical causes.

Good news!

Working on the emotional causes of depression is not about digging up painful things that have happened in the past, although yes the past does come up.  But it comes with an expansive, lovely feeling of understanding that releases those old stresses at the same time – AND FEELS GOOD.  There is such ease in the way we go about flowing that understanding.  I love this work!

Don’t throw the anti-depressants away just yet.

The reason people fall in a heap when they stop their anti-depressants – even if they’re ready –  is that they stop them waaay too fast.  These medications change the balance in the brain and you HAVE to reduce them ever so slowly AND under doctors supervision (you need an outside opinion for this one. 🙂 ) 

You’ll read Katy’s story further on – 25 years on anti-depressants and cocktails of anti-depressants after a childhood filled with more trauma than anyone should have to cope with.  Everyone is unique and in her case after so long on these drugs, it’s taken 2 years to come off them, slowly and steadily.  Feeling good on the journey to not needing the drugs became her goal.

Just pause and have a feel into that – feeling good on the journey to not needing the drugs is the goal. 

And now?   Wowww…

For the love of our animals, DO something about it.

I see a lot of people bringing animals to me that are unwell, spending their time, money and effort on their animal and they don’t realize (until they get to me) how important it is to their beloved companion that their human partner be happy too.  Our animal friends work their butts off to help us feel good.  You know that already, right?

If you’re not sure if this program can help your individual circumstances, then email me.


Someone you love suffers from depression?

Knowing what to do and how best to help someone who is depressed can be such a big worry.  Knowing what to do, when to offer advice (and when not to), how to set up healing for them, how to look after YOURSELF during this time of worry – you’ll get all this from the Happiness program.  And you’ll find your peace of mind.

Someone suffering from depression is going to want one of the supported options for the program,  so if that creates financial difficulties, then please, look for the scholarship options.

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B said at the end of the program: I’ve got myself back, I lost myself for a while there with depression which I might add I’ve never experienced before so to say I loved your program is an understatement. The timing could not have been better, the universe sent you at the exact moment in time to possibly save my life.

Depression can really get in to ones core and if left to its devices eats you up from the inside out. If 10 were actually killing myself I would say I was at an 8-9 . That’s where I was. Now I’m a 0.

I do feel like I have the tools now to face any obstacle in my path & overcome them.  Amazing/life changing.

Katy and B who wrote that testimonial above are both part of the Support Team helping others in this Happiness program.  You’ll get to know their real names then. 🙂

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