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Horse magic – compassion overload causes harm?

Who would have thought that overwhelming compassion could do so much damage to the body?  And who would have thought that resolving that – in a horse clinic of all things – could accelerate healing after artificial knee surgery so dramatically?

When I went to photograph a day in the life of Frances, I got a lot more than I bargained for.  You are about to get a glimpse into the dying art of finishing carriage wheels as Frances cheerfully and easily works her butt off only five months after her knee replacement surgery.



Keys to Success

1.  Frances’s healing accelerated when she used her inner guidance system to peel away the physical effects of each instance of compassion overload, where she had got stuck in those overwhelmingly upset and worried feelings about others.  I’ll explain how problems get from the emotional to the physical in a minute.

2.  Whenever we are worried or concerned for others, that worry is really an opportunity to understand how best to help them to the very best of our ability.  

When we understand how best to help them, the worry is gone instantly.  Do you get how big a key to success this is?  It’s a simple process.  If we are still worrying, it’s a simple fact that we don’t have the answer yet.

3.  The overwhelm is what usually happens when we don’t listen or are unable to listen to that message.  Each un-listened to, unresolved message intensifies the next one, until we can be completely overwhelmed by the worry and the upset.  Then our brains have no choice but to bury those overwhelming emotions in our bodies.  Like the other workings of our body, it’s an ingenious process and in this case, it’s designed to keep us sane.

4.  Once we get to overwhelm, then support systems are a key to inner peace and the good health that comes from that.  We all need support systems.

5.  Here is one way that emotional stress causes physical damage.  Unresolved or suppressed emotional stress causes physical tension that can and does pull bones out of alignment and that then causes problems with the way that we move our bodies in everyday activities.  When we have those bones grinding away at the wrong angles eventually we cause inflammation, joint damage and even the calcium build up of arthritis.

Resolving emotional stress improves our posture effortlessly and provides a foundation to reverse the physical damage.

6. Those emotional releases quite simply improved Frances’ posture effortlessly, reduced the pain dramatically and made it easier to walk properly – which meant that her body could start healing the way it was designed to.

7.  Normally artificial joints have a limited life span, before they too wear out like the original joints –  the stress and tension and incorrect posture that caused the initial problem, grinds away at the artificial joint too.  It’s logical that effortlessly good posture like Frances has developed will stop that uneven wear from happening.  Keep up the great work Frances, I look forward to confirmation of that theory in a decade or two!

8. Horses are another key to success – they make the process so much easier.  They provide an opportunity to practice and understand our inner guidance system so that it becomes second nature and when we have worked with them for their emotional and physical well-being too, they easily anchor us with their calm and peaceful presence.  You can get a feel for our work here with the free lessons The Nine Keys to Happiness with Your Horse or investigate where to next with our other training at this link.

9.  Being able to find a Quiet Mind is a major key to success.  Frances tells me that she only occasionally goes into overwhelm these days.  If she can get a Quiet Mind first, the answer she is looking for about how to help that other person best, flows easily and then the feelings are instantly gone.  And judging by her strength and activity and general peacefulness the day I took those photographs, it looks to me like her overall health is steadily improving as a result.

10.  Some occupations make us more sensitive to getting stuck in worry about others – alternative therapists and holistic medicine practitioners of all descriptions, doctors, nurses, vets, masseurs, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, people who work with the elderly – anyone who works with other people’s problems is particularly at risk if they don’t understand how to use their concerns or worries to find solutions.  In Frances’s case, her sensitivity to others has been increased by the family’s amazing museum, dedicated to animals in war.



Are you the type of person who gets overwhelmed with worry and concern about others?  Do you have health issues that you think might be related?

Do you manage people who experience emotional and health issues that you can see may be related to the way that they experience their connection to others?

Frances and I are looking forward to chatting with you in the comments section at the end of this article.  We both lead busy lives, but we will be there regularly!

If what you want to talk about is too personal, please feel free to email me privately through the Contact at the top of the page.


We’re getting closer!

Those two exciting announcements are still headed your way and both based on Horse Magic – two dramatically different ways in which you can deepen the connection with your horse and find the inner peace and even healing that you’ve been watching on the videos we’ve been featuring recently.



  1. France's 11/20/2015, 9:41 am Reply

    Thank you Sue.I am happy to speak with anyone who is about to go through the same thing or to just chat about their horses.

  2. Sue 11/19/2015, 6:49 am Reply

    Lovely to see you looking so well and pain free Frances. I have passed on your story to several others who prior to hearing about you , were facing similar journeys with only doom and gloom as companions.

  3. France's 11/16/2015, 6:40 am Reply

    Thank you Haruko and Caroline.Please no more climbing on ladders Haruko.Let me know how you are and what is going on over there.Perhaps you were a painter in a past life?

  4. Caroline 11/16/2015, 12:24 am Reply

    I love hearing this story Frances, and the amazing and super quick healing and recovery you have had. And really lovely to see your pictures with Bernie working on the cart wheel. Sticky bun for your horse 🙂 and feathered friends, all wonderful to see. You are amazing, I always have a sense of yummy comfort when I hear your voice on the seminars xxx

  5. Haruko 11/15/2015, 11:23 am Reply

    Hi Frances, this was such a delightful news for us all! Do you know that you look totally different?? I am glad to have known you,your family members and seen the museum. I can remember them still so vividly. Looking forward to hearing from you more!

    • jennya 11/16/2015, 7:02 am Reply

      Yes she does look different doesn’t she Haruko? I noticed that too. Her face has less lines and she looks as peaceful as she feels. I have noticed that when we work with horses too, that their facial structure seems to change. I remember thinking that Oliver was definitely not a handsome horse when he arrived and now the lines of his face are simply majestic! For everyone else’s information Haruko, who lives in Japan, met Frances when they both attended a clinic here at our place.

      • Haruko 11/16/2015, 11:15 am Reply

        This reminds me of Maru’s facial lines, which I have been wondering about these days. She is developing strange ditch along her lips on both sides. It looks like she is sucking too much on the side. Any suggestion?

        • jennya 11/16/2015, 1:10 pm Reply

          As they get older the outside of their face changes as their teeth get longer inside the mouth instead. Could that be it? Take a photo and email it to me, because I don’t have a picture in my mind of what you mean.

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