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Kristina – crippling arthritis healed

Arthritis – whether it’s in humans or horses – is fixable. In this video you’ll see how Kristina has fixed her arthritis after 20 years of suffering and then below the video we’ll talk about how horses heal people and people heal horses and more specifically – what other people can do to reverse their arthritis like Kristina did.

Kristina’s Keys to success

1.  I think Kristina’s major key to success was that beautiful reciprocal way that we have here of working with a horse where people heal horses and horses heal people. You’ve probably had just a tiny taste of it if you have explored The Seventh Key to Happiness with Your Horse.

2.  Having techniques to quieten her mind and allow the answers to whatever she needed to know, to flow in the moment and techniques to find those answers if they don’t come up straight away. Helping us to find a Quiet Mind is possibly the biggest gift that our horses give us.

3.  Using her unique way of feeling as her Inner Guidance System – again, you would have had a glimpse of the possibilities in that if you tried the exercises in the Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, which are a foundation to our work here. Kristina got to explore and then strengthen that Inner Guidance System working with Peace and little Dom and then expanded that into the rest of her life, so that now she uses that wisdom naturally and easily every day.

4. Kristina learned what things she could do that would alleviate her arthritic symptoms, while she was getting at the root causes behind it – things like high Omega 3’s and food as medicine.

5.  Kristina attended to all the things that caused the inflammation behind HER arthritis – systematically, one by one. You can read about those things on our Arthritis Recovery Program page (see link below).

6.  Kristina learned effortlessly powerful posture, which gave her a new ease of movement, so that she could find the perfect balance between the “use it or lose it” of exercise and listening to the limitations of her body as it healed. She started off small and these days she runs up to 10 kms fairly regularly.

7.  She learned how to help a horse find the gift of mental, emotional and physical well being and found that for herself as well.

Headed your way

The Arthritis Recovery Program IS NOT the delicious announcement of the two new things that we have headed your way soon. However, we couldn’t have this particular blog in our series about the wonderful things that are possible when we work this way with our horses, without making it possible for people to get access to that Program straight away.

So if you are looking for relief from arthritis in a whole mind, body and spirit approach, click here for information about our Arthritis Recovery Program.

See you soon about those two exciting announcements!



  1. Dave (Pet Food Reviews) 02/10/2016, 9:50 pm Reply

    Arthritis develops over time, particularly without proper nutrition from a young age. I see it a lot in dogs, particularly larger dogs, when they’re fed supermarket petfoods from a young age which are deficient in decent oils, fats, and meats that contain omega fats.

    Alleviating the affects of arthritis is possible, but sadly it’s not reversible

    • jennya 02/11/2016, 9:59 am Reply

      I wholeheartedly agree Dave, about the source of a lot of arthritis being poor nutrition and the pet food industry being responsible for that. The delicate Omega 3’s are killed by more than a gentle heat and the source of some of the meat and what’s in it when it dies on the farm would turn you grey to think of your dog eating it. Carcasses full of litres of calcium that unbalance the bones of a dog that eats it. (Cats usually won’t.) Or huge doses of antibiotics or other drugs too numerous to mention.

      HOWEVER, I am very happy to let you know that you’ve got the wrong end of the stick about arthritis and are 100% wrong about arthritis being not curable. I have worked with 100’s of them now. Hang on a minute – I was going to refer you to the video about Kristina, but you are actually commenting on that, so I am puzzled. Did you actually watch the video? Did you see the bit about her doctor in Germany testing her late last year and coming back with no arthritis markers left?

  2. Kathy 11/14/2015, 3:35 am Reply

    Kristina, absolutely amazing…thank you for sharing – and all the best to you in every way!

    • Kristina 11/21/2015, 7:40 am Reply

      Thank you Kathy!!

  3. Susie Cam & Solnar 11/09/2015, 6:31 pm Reply

    Such a great, heart warming story Kristina, beautifully spoken Jen (so lovely to hear your voice again!!!). love to all xxxx

    • jennya 11/09/2015, 7:19 pm Reply

      Ahhh I was wanting to talk to you and don’t have your phone number listed against your name in my phone… Can you give me a ring please? I wanted to know how Solnar was going after those breakthroughs?

    • Kristina 11/10/2015, 8:36 am Reply

      Hello the three of you!!! Thx… I really hope it inspires people to find their own way to healing and happiness. 🙂 Best wishes to you guys… K x

  4. Joanna 11/06/2015, 7:30 pm Reply

    wow! well done kristina, what an amazing journey – more people need to know about this. jenny, a while back, i think during one of the live seminars you mentioned a book you were reading about spontaneous healing but i can’t remember the name of the author…?

    • jennya 11/06/2015, 9:45 pm Reply

      It was “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani – I think I spelled that right! Ab…so…lutely gobsmackingly amazing book. She was literally in her death coma with her organs almost finished shutting down.

    • Kristina 11/10/2015, 8:35 am Reply

      Hey Joanna! Thank you!! … yes it was a long and bumpy road 😉 K

  5. Haruko 11/06/2015, 9:18 am Reply

    Hi Kristina, so nice to hear your story. Thank you for your sharing! It is very inspiring and insightful! Very best wishes to you! CONGRATULATIONS! Let us hear from you from time to time!

    • 11/10/2015, 8:33 am Reply

      Hi Haruko!! 🙂 Thank you for leaving a message for me. All the best to you too. I hope you and your mare are doing well ?!? K

  6. Di 11/06/2015, 8:43 am Reply

    Yay! Kristina – fantastic story. Even better to know you. Best wishes xx

    • Kristina 11/06/2015, 9:35 am Reply

      Thx, Di you crazy chick!!! K xx

  7. Mary House 11/06/2015, 8:06 am Reply

    great to hear Kristina – are you still in Germany? Good luck with the course next year hope to see you again when passing through here

    • kristina 11/06/2015, 9:33 am Reply

      Hi Mary… yes I’m still in Germany, will be back in Perth in the end of November. The course will be great I’m sure. Hope to see you and Ronny and Sheba again too. K 🙂

  8. Kristina 11/05/2015, 11:37 pm Reply

    Thank you Sue. I’m not only going, I’m running!! 😉

  9. Sue 11/05/2015, 7:06 am Reply

    Go Go Go Kristina……

    Lovely to see your cheeky grin again, and listen to your beautiful story.

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