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On the back of a horse was where she belonged


I was reading this romantic novel/thriller today and there was this line in it about the heroine who had been a champion rider and she and her horse had both suffered career ending injuries in a riding accident.  She was watching a new young stablehand get on one of her horses with yearning:


He looked like she felt on the back of a horse.  Like that was where he belonged and everything else he did was just passing time.  Like climbing on that horse’s back made all the misery in his life fade away.  A small pang of loss sliced through her.  She would never experience that ease again.  For her, riding was tainted by pain, guilt and worry, and for a few seconds she almost wished she’d never sat on her first pony.

Because you couldn’t miss what you never had.

This started a train of thought in me.  So many riders have suffered – yes SUFFERED – the consequences of falls off horses that if they were lucky, have just left them a bit tight and tense and knocked some of the confidence out of them – and if they were unlucky, the fall/s REALLY knocked their confidence and even caused physical damage that still effects them today.

Here’s a shift of perspective. What if those “unlucky” ones are really the lucky ones after all?  What if I told you that you could have that childhood confidence and feeling of safety that you yearn for?  That you could have it back again? Or even get it for the first time?

And that the very process that you need to go through to get that confidence back will make you a seriously better rider?  And a seriously better horseperson generally? And the same process that will make you a better rider could even bring you more happiness in your life generally?

What if I told you that getting to the bottom of, and releasing that tension would stimulate the healing process of even old injuries to – at the very least – feel better?

I know…  I’m smiling a little as I write this.  I can hear some people thinking “Oh yeah… reaaallly…  Way too far fetched.”  I don’t blame you.  If I hadn’t seen this kind of mental, emotional and physical healing happening consistently over these years, I would be questioning it too.  But my students who are reading this aren’t questioning it.  They’ve seen and heard about and talked to and felt that kind of healing happen on our courses and in the live seminars, repeatedly.

So what does it take to get that kind of healing to happen?  I think the most important step is realizing that you don’t have to put up with it.  That it’s not necessary to feel that little bit of tension as you put your foot into the stirrup to mount up or when you hear that motor bike in the distance when you’re out on the trail.  We can change this stuff – we can release this tension and it’s not even that difficult to do.

And as for the confidence, confidence is a rider AND horse issue and no matter how many people settle for it, it’s NOT NECESSARY for our horse to experience tightness and tension about anything, let alone the routine things of life – like riding away from home by yourselves, getting on the float, doing a transition from trot to canter, being saddled, whatever.

And, no matter how many people settle for it, it’s NOT NECESSARY for a horse to explosively spook at anything, let alone at things that you can see are not things to be worried about.

Crikey I can feel myself getting on my soapbox again. Smiling here. I get VERY passionate about this stuff.  I’ll put some links to programs that will help you to fix ALL of these issues at the bottom of this article and they all come with a “love this or get your money back” guarantee.

The book I’m reading is She Can Tell by Melinda Leigh.  Don’t read it late at night by yourself (that thriller content will have you wanting to check under the bed and jumping every time the dog barks. And please be warned 🙂 there’s explicit sexual content.

The rider AND horse program is Fast Track to Brilliant Riding, which contains the lessons that will help you to release stress and tension from old falls – and the payment in full option comes with a free private session with me if you have a really big old accident in there. In this program, the overall mental, emotional and physical well being of both horse AND rider is covered step by relaxed, happy step.

If you don’t know of me and my genuine-ness or if Fast Track is too big a commitment, Foundation for Riding Excellence is a smaller riding seat improvement program that also contains the lessons to help you release stress and tension from old falls. What it DOESN’T do, is address the horse side of the issue and a good ride takes two to tango. 🙂

And 21 Days to a Quiet Mind is a gorgeous little program that will improve your horsemanship in a mere 21 days.

You can find all these programs on the training page here.




  1. Mathilde Kvernland 07/24/2017, 5:48 am Reply

    This actually hits so close to home! I have struggled so much with my horse, I was many times at the point of giving up(I was literally typing to his owner at the time that I wanted to quit, but I erased it). I’ve had some major falls off him too, and every time I got back up, I was a little less confident. But my horse really helped me get my confidence back. If I did give up as early as I wanted to, I would never end up with my best friend, so I am glad I never gave up!

    • jennyp 07/24/2017, 6:19 am Reply

      Horses are magnificent aren’t they, in the way that help us. Their generosity so often astounds me. 🙂 Did you get an expansive understanding of each fall Mathilde? Because that’s one way of releasing the tension of the fright from the fall. 🙂

  2. SusanJ 06/19/2017, 3:50 pm Reply

    Thank you Jenny! It’s never too late in life to realise that shift in perspective and I’m really enjoying working towards the healing and confidence for my horse and me. If we hadn’t experienced our setbacks we would not have come to this fantastic place we are in today!

    • jennyp 06/19/2017, 9:26 pm Reply

      Never too late – ain’t THAT the truth! Thank God, cos’ I started late!

  3. Kathy 06/19/2017, 1:19 am Reply

    As one of Jenny’s many students, I can honestly say that she can help you in ways I have not seen anyone else be able to do! If you are not genuinely connected with your horse, and your horse to you…talk to Jenny 🙂 She can help you both feel safe again, in such a beautiful way!

    • jennyp 06/19/2017, 8:40 am Reply

      That’s a lovely testimonial Kathy – thank you! I look back on my own journey though and I didn’t even realize how disconnected I was and even now, it’s still a glorious journey that gets deeper and deeper! I am always wanting to know how to describe to people the sheer and utter magick of connection with a horse. How would you describe it?

      • Mary House 06/19/2017, 9:11 am Reply

        that’s a hard one – complete sincerity and honesty

        • jennyp 06/19/2017, 9:44 am Reply

          Yes I see that Mary. I’ve been thinking more since I wrote my reply to Kathy. My keys to success have been the willingness to see how things really are between me and my horse, KNOWING that what I wanted existed – although that HAS unfolded over time, with me wanting more and more connection, more and more magick and learning to enjoy the journey on the way! I wonder if that yearning for feel good One-ness with a horse is built in to EVERYONE? To Feel that Power? Hmmmm thoughts in progress!

  4. Mary House 06/18/2017, 3:12 pm Reply

    Jenny, you are so right – people who dont know Jenny’s work have no idea what a gem she is and how brilliant her work is, I urge everyone to give her a go, you wont regret it. It transformed my relationship with my horses and will speed up my relationship with my new horse who arrives mid July. Mary and Sasha

    • jennyp 06/18/2017, 4:19 pm Reply

      A new horse – woohoo! And lovely comments, thankyou Mary. 🙂

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