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Practical Happiness for Animal Lovers – a new explanation

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When I look into her eye – I see the wisdom, the unconditional love, the awareness, the pure beauty of her heart and soul, the magnificent physical presence of her body, her ability to support others in such a wise and loving way – she is everything that is beautiful.

Now look into YOUR animal’s eyes – your horse, your dog, your cat, whatever animal you are close to – soften your eyes by smiling a little, then look into their eyes and feel their soul too.

They are just BUSTING to help you find whatever “feeling good” that you are looking for in your life.

And so are we…


Practical Happiness for Animal Lovers

Start with 30 seconds a day to enrich your life and enrich your horse, dog, cat, rat, lizard, bird – whatever companion animal has your heart in theirs.

And then join in the living, breathing story – watch and listen and even be a part of it as it unfolds

starting 15th April 2018

You can participate with as little as $12 – all the way to being fully mentored at $1250. It gives me goosebumps to feel how powerful it is to do the money stuff like we are doing in this program – the options, the scholarships and the incredible surprise that happens within the program itself.


Find the glory of righteous anger and other emotions

Learn how to find the glory of righteous anger instead of being crippled with powerlessness. Of all the emotions, I put this first because this was what I struggled with the most and it’s turned out the most glorious. I used to feel powerless in the face of bad behavior and conflict. I spent a childhood swallowing my anger and had so much pressure inside that I was an uncontrolled volcano going off when I got angry. Now I love how righteous anger, can be a glorious and exquisitely powerful feeling that can produce extraordinary outcomes.

Find the burbling contentment of happiness rippling through your tummy and your heart.

Find the wonderful guidance to sweet feelings of safety that is at the root of all fear and anxiety (yes I am telling you that with a bit of easy and well supported practice, anxiety attacks can be a thing of the past).

Find the guidance for change that has frustration instantly transformed to feeling good, when you understand what’s it’s telling you. Find the passionate inspiration for what you’re going to do that day, that has you bounding out of bed in the morning. And then what other wonderful feelings can we help you to discover?


Trigger your own healing ability

Learn how to feel and understand the messages that your own body is giving you. What would it be like to be automatically drawn to the foods that will support our bodies to heal? To be able to move through stressful circumstances and to be able to find your peaceful center, repeatedly? We’ve even got some great and totally natural techniques for balancing hormones. 🙂

Learn how to trigger the healing ability that you were designed to have.

In the meantime, be supported by a kickass team of “healers” that will support you when you’re overwhelmed by your body and don’t yet understand what to do to make it better.

EVERYONE in this program, no matter how much they’ve paid, gets support. See what support is available in the program details below in hot pink. 🙂


Money is NOT the root of all evil

But don’t ever let anyone tell you that money doesn’t matter. LACK of money and all other forms of abundance IS at the root of everything that is crappy in the world.

Learn the overall spiritual practice that sets you up to attract abundance AND the bit that always seems to be missing – the PRACTICAL things you need to be doing as well, to actually CHANGE the money stuff.

It gives me goosebumps to feel how powerful this is – nobody has ever done the money thing like we do – with an extraordinary guarantee that you can read about below.


Love for others

Our relationships with others are at the heart of feeling good.

Understanding them – I mean so completely understanding people who have hurt you, that you are utterly free of feeling crappy about them. Finding peacefulness around old and new crappy relationships is at the heart of our ability to move forwards with confidence and a new peace of mind – THAT is what you’ll learn how to find, in this 6 weeks.


Love for self

Loving ourselves IS at the heart of loving others. I’ve constantly been surprised at how forgiving myself has made it so much easier to forgive others.

We’ve figured out what it is that has so many of us feeling unworthy and not good enough and how to get at and understand what’s BEHIND the numbness, the depression, the anguish and the despair – no matter what your circumstances. No matter what your circumstances…


How best to support your loved ones

Learn how best to support your loved ones who are in trouble, without pushing them into resistance. Then you can stop holding your breath and finally find peace of mind about them.


Is all this REALLY possible?

I know… it sounds way too big to be true hey? I get it. So here’s YOUR key to success – you have to actually read the 30 second emails and listen to the seminars to get the full benefit. (There’s a “duh” moment! 🙂 )

I too have bought brilliant courses before and not finished them. The difference here, is the 30 second daily emails that bring the program to you in bite sized pieces that don’t overwhelm you with information and things to do.

Another major difference is that we go on meeting monthly. Life is a journey. Some stuff you’ll find peace of mind around in this 6 weeks, other stuff will come up over time. We like to do things gently around here and enjoy the journey. 🙂

And yes you also have to tell me if you’re feeling pressured or left behind or in any way overwhelmed with what’s going on in your life – because then I can get you the support that will make a difference.

Nothing like this has ever been done before.


Program information

You’ll get a daily 30 second Happiness Tip, designed for busy people to enrich their lives. The 30 second emails will keep going long after the six week program, so that if 30 seconds a day is all you can do, you’ll still get what you need.

Then you can choose to join in (or not) once a week in a live seminar, where I’ll teach you how to get your own ahaa moments that will turn all that lovely stuff that we talked about above, into reality. My written notes are particularly useful for those short on time and those with English as their second language. You can come in live or listen in on a special Web Call arrangement, or by Skype or if your internet is crappy I have arrangements for super cheap phone calls from many cities in the world.

You’ll be inspired by other people having their own ahaa moments live and you might even want to be the one inspiring others in that moment. The big deal is though, whether you’re listening live or to the recording, that we set you up for YOUR OWN ahaa moments that will release stress and tension and pressure and have YOU feeling good.


Support Team

You can choose the level of support you need too. Just when you think you’re alone and overwhelmed, one of our magnificent Support Team jumps in – either with distance Reiki healing in Option 1, or Options 2 and 3 have more personalized support around any topic that you’re overwhelmed and stuck on. You can read about those options in the next section – supporting you to find the peace of mind, body and spirit that comes from finding your own unique answers for your own unique situation.

Our gorgeous support team is full of people who have been able to find their peaceful centers through all kinds of adversity. They’re all graduates (for want of a better term) of our earlier Happiness program.

These people came to this work with things like deep depression, illness and then death of a partner, financial disaster, overwhelming sensitivity, disastrous family relationships, difficult and stressful jobs, sexual abuse, ill-health – you name it, this ever so special group of incredible people have used this Happiness program themselves, to take control of their lives through just about every crappy thing that people can experience.

And they KNOW how to support you as you find your unique and individual path to Happiness.


Price information


Nobody misses out because they can’t afford it.

This program is so important and the dream so many of us share for the world is so big, that special financial arrangements are needed to drive that dream to reality.



Option 1 $12

Follow and listen to the weekly lessons and recordings and the Living Story as it unfolds AND be catapulted into your own insights and change for your own life. Join in live as it suits you.

Narel lost her house last year in a fire that revealed a serious asbestos problem. Finding her center and coping with a number of changes in emergency accommodation, re-building from the ashes with her gorgeous husband Ian and all the while working outside the home and managing her household and four children – I am so proud for her that she was able to repeatedly find her internal guidance system and peaceful center again in such upheaval.

Narel could only listen to the recordings in our last Happiness program (which was before the fire) and she said recently: “I absolutely adored the Happiness Program and would have to rate it as one of my favorite programs you have ever done. I always made sure to listen to the replays as was unable to make it to the live sessions. Without fail, every time I would come away with having heard from one of the participants, just the right thing I needed to hear in order to move forward on something personal I was encountering or working on. Another added bonus was that during and following the seminars I would feel like I had just received the best dose of energy that left me feeling amazing after the calls.”

The price for this option is $12 (yes that’s not a misprint! I deliberately made this the price of a book.) You’ll also have the option at the end of the program, of continuing to join us for monthly live lessons and more support, at a tiny fee to cover the costs of running this extra feature. You’ll get more details about that then.

See… Even after we finish this 6 weeks, you will never be alone…


Option 2 $350

Join in or listen to the live lessons or soak up the weekly recordings in your own good time AND get one on one, individual support from our very wise and loving Support Staff who you’ve already read about above. 🙂

The price for this option is $350. If you prefer a payment plan on this option then email me for instructions.


Option 3 $1250


Be closely mentored by me AND the Support Team.

I’ve been doing this kind of work in some form or other for 23 years – getting better and better at it all the time, until recently someone described my ability to connect with people over vast distances as “that crazy gift you have to just KNOW what’s going on with someone”. Well it’s not that crazy (it’s just part of my unique way of being Present) and the Support Team are hot on my heels in their own unique ways too. 🙂

Be a participant in the Live Seminars when you can and when you wish – and be closely mentored privately – from both me and the Support Staff.

Katy (not her real name) has had intensive mentoring from me. After more trauma than any child should experience, she was still depressed and occasionally suicidal – having regular meltdowns even through the anti-depressants (and cocktails of anti-depressants) that she had been on for about 25 years. I am so proud of who she is and how she’s recovered and what she’s creating, that I could just about burst with happiness for her. She’s now bringing some very special skills to her job as the head nurse in a busy emergency ward and is taking her exams this year to study to be a doctor so she can bring her special brand of compassion to the doctoring profession too. Katy is also part of the Support Team too, so some of you will get to meet her there.

Who would want the same kind of intensive mentoring option that Katy had? If you want to do the whole process faster, if you’ve absolutely had enough of whatever crap is going on in your life, then this option will seriously speed things up.

If accelerating your journey excites you, then this is your Option. You too, can choose to join our monthly get togethers / sessions / lessons after the program, for a tiny fee to cover the costs. If you prefer a payment plan on this option then email me for instructions.


Now here’s what’s SUPER unusual

I am emphatic that nobody should put themselves under financial pressure to do this program – it’s about HAPPINESS – it’s about CREATING abundance, not putting yourself in debt out of desperation to feel better and just adding to the crappy feelings with the debt.

It’s about learning to feel and BE abundant about love, about happiness, about money – in ways that are going to knock your socks off. It’s about learning to be safe AND to feel safe. It’s about learning how to feel and enjoy all the good feelings and knowing what to do with the crappy ones. It’s about learning to listen to your body in order to trigger your own healing ability.

And we’re going to START this program the right way – by feeling good about the money you spend – whether that’s a lot or a little.

You will be drawn to one of these options – ways of doing the program that will suit your life at this point in time. When you find the way that suits your needs right now, then ask yourself this question “Will I feel good spending this amount of money on my own happiness and the happiness of the people around me?”

And if you need help answering that question then feel free to email me



A scholarship is an exchange of energy instead of money and at some point in your future abundance, you’ll get the opportunity to “Pay it forward”. That means you’ll get the opportunity to do something special for someone else and THAT will make the world a nicer place for all of us. This program is about creating a world and a life we love, so I have extensive scholarships available for those who need them – ask me for one.

And I don’t just give you a scholarship and forget about you either. I give scholarships in a way that will change your financial abundance forever. I know from experience how crappy it feels to be short of money, the dread that you feel when you go to the supermarket and your card doesn’t work. This program is the end of that kind of powerlessness. I know that seems like a big thing to say, but I promise you, we have everything in place in this program to make that dream a reality.

The three options are all in this drop down box above the “Buy Now” button. Put your mouse over the little arrow next to “Option 1 $12.00” and the three price options will drop down. Highlight the one you want by clicking on it and hit the buy now button.

Three price options here

Then we have an extraordinary guarantee – click here to read about that.

Click here to talk to me if you’re not sure if we can help – I’ll happily talk about exactly what you can expect in your individual circumstances.

And PLEASE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this opportunity around with everyone that you love by email or with the Facebook and Twitter links below.


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