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Stories of impossible healing

I have maybe hundreds of stories now, of “miraculous” healing with alternative medicine and therapies – miraculous to the modern medical fraternity anyway, but I always seem to start with telling people this story.  I guess it’s because it’s so close to my heart.

My husband is the bravest man I know.


Courage is found in ordinary people in ordinary places, living their day to day lives.


Almost 22 years ago, he had a truck accident. A sweet little old lady driving the local old folks bus, went through a stop sign at 60 miles per hour looking backwards at her passenger for some reason.

Merv only saw them at the last minute as she burst out of the trees into the intersection. He’s an old and very good racing driver, with fast reflexes and an excellent knowledge of how vehicles handle and he swerved deliberately at the point of impact in such a way as to lay the truck down on its side on purpose to reduce the impact on them. That action did lay his truck over and it went sliding down the side of the road on its side.

He saved their lives, but his problem was the centrifugal force of the water that he was carrying in the back of the water truck. The weight of the water added incredible power to the slide of the truck. At each tree he hit, the water swung back and then forwards big and fast enough to drive him through the next Cyprus tree and the next tree and the next – four cypress trees smashed to smithereens.

His best work mate was driving another truck behind him and the bits of the truck were so small that he thought Merv could only be dead and couldn’t bring himself to look in the truck.  (He also had more than he could handle with two deathly injured people on the road in front of him.)  The only reason Merv survived was that a local doctor came upon the scene two minutes after the accident and revived him repeatedly while they were waiting for the helicopter.   When I saw that truck 3 months later for the first time, I gagged at the tiny space he was crushed into.

And crushed he was. Both legs broken across the kneecaps, one kneecap in little pieces, both legs badly broken, but one really badly into multiple pieces and shards of bone, one arm crushed from the base of his fingers to almost the elbow. Later on, I helped the nurse take out stitches by working on his neck and shoulder on my side of the bed and lost count at over 100 stitches.

Five teams of five people in each team worked for 11 hours that first night to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. (That’s an old children’s nursery rhyme about a broken egg for those who haven’t heard of that.) You know that scene when the surgeon walks out to tell you how the surgery has gone? They warned me that he may never walk again.

Nonetheless, those superb teams of surgeons managed the job. And after 7 months in hospital Merv came home for the first time in a wheelchair and a little while after that, he was on his feet for the first time, learning how to walk again.

I said my husband was the bravest man I know?

Do you know, not ever – not once did I EVER hear him complain. Not once. Not when the physio nearly killed him (literally) by exercising him against instructions on his chart, not when he sat up under a general anesthetic while they were physically and excruciatingly breaking the scar tissue around his knees so that he could get enough bend in his legs to ride horses again, not in all that pain and all that trauma that went on for YEARS – not once did he complain or whinge or be bad tempered about it.

By the three year mark Merv had developed so much calcification and arthritic changes around those repairs that it took 300 mg of morphine a day to relieve his pain. That’s a dosage so high that required a doctor to get permission from the Dept of Health to write the prescription.

The doctors said he could have artificial knees whenever he wanted them, but warned that at his age the knees would wear out within 10 – 15 years and the second operation back then had an 80% failure rate – which would have meant being crippled. So they recommended pain management for as long as he could stand it. So he soldiered on.

Bowen muscle therapy and Reiki healing were the first two things I learned how to do and I soon learned to relieve a little of the pain and to turn his migraines off with those techniques.  But that’s not one of the miracles.

Meanwhile, through the horses, I was getting more radically into alternative health therapies, even though Merv wasn’t interested in doing anything with it for himself.  Problems with arthritis in our much loved horse Carlos (15 years old) brought him (Carlos!) within hours of being put to sleep permanently before I discovered that there WAS something I could do naturally to alleviate his pain (the Bowen muscle therapy). I ended up training in the advanced kinesiology that my teacher used to gradually reverse Carlos’s arthritis.

By the time we were getting towards the end of Carlos’s treatment, I had the skills and was doing the healing work myself and about a year after that first call to the vet to put him down, Carlos came out of retirement and was the first horse I ever danced with. That was such a special moment.  (That’s the first impossible healing folks – a complete reversal of crippling arthritis in a horse.)

Still Merv wasn’t interested. Although I could explain some of what I do logically, it was different and back in those days it was not so well accepted. Until there came the day that I could no longer turn the migraines off with muscle therapy alone.

Then he was prepared to do anything to stop them.

And feeling that I was too close to be effective and maybe didn’t even know enough for such a complex case, I took him to my teacher for her to work on.

She helped him phenomenally – turned the migraines off, cleared the toxicity from those large doses of morphine (he was the only person I knew who had healthy looking skin on such high quantities of drugs) and over about 15 sessions over about a year, gradually brought his body to the place where it was ready to deal with the bone problems.

So around the six year mark, he tested up – kinesiology is a testing technique that amongst other excellent uses, allows us to precisely prescribe the medicine – he tested up to take a homeopathic every third day, to dissolve bone that shouldn’t be there and to grow new bone where it should be.

Well … he said that every third day it felt like his bones were broken again and pain relief came only when he sat in the armchair with his feet up.

Three weeks into this homeopathic medicine and we were smoking a cigarette out in the veranda when Merv said “Feel my leg.” I felt his leg and couldn’t feel anything and said so. Well there had been an outer shell of bone that had grown over the steel rod that was used to pin all the little pieces of leg bone together. That shell of bone had still been there after the rod had been taken out and you could actually see it running down the side of his leg – that shell of bone was gone. You could no longer see and no longer feel it under the skin either.  That’s the second impossible healing folks…

During that next six months, 6 full years after his accident, Merv grew approximately half an inch of leg bone. He had been wearing a lift in one shoe to even up the dramatically short leg. At this point, he had to discard the lifted shoe and wear normal shoes. If you have a good eye for a horse, you can still see a bit of a limp from a fractionally shorter leg still, but most people don’t notice it.

Just pause a minute folks and think about that medical miracle. Six years after an accident, he dissolved a considerable amount of bone that shouldn’t be there AND grew ½ an inch of leg bone.  That’s the third impossible healing…

Merv & the kids playing shuttlecock

Running around the shuttlecock court with the kids.

There was still a problem though, he was kind of sabotaging himself. He was able to do more and more, but would constantly overdo it and then have to spend the next two days laying in an armchair with his feet in the air to recover. It was like his body wasn’t getting the message to slow down or stop to his brain and the morphine was the cause. It was time to come off that phenomenally high dose of morphine.

And that was my job. My teacher was unavailable and Merv needed to be balanced daily, sometimes multiple times per day to reduce the adverse effects of withdrawing from these large doses of morphine and Oh My God, there were some terrible physical side effects.

I remember one day he was on my healing table and the only way he could stop the pain was to shake himself and every time he relaxed, the pain would start building again.

I so wanted someone else to do these balances. I remember struggling to hold back the tears of compassion and leaving the room so he wouldn’t see how worried and upset I was. I was trying to get hold of my teacher – and I couldn’t – so I took a deep breath, centered myself and went back in there again to do another balance to get rid of the need for shaking and the pain.

I don’t know how many body balances we did in those few days to get rid of the pain whenever it built again, but at the end of it, he was morphine free – with no cravings whatsoever and no pain either.

Pause and reflect on that medical miracle too – WITH NO CRAVINGS WHATSOEVER on withdrawal from a very high morphine dosage that had been escalating in dosage for six years.  That’s the fourth impossible healing.

Merv Mel SES websized

Father & daughter off to work together with the SES, two of 15,725 volunteers at the huge Omeo fires in 2003


By the seventh year, (not that long after the bone stuff) he had joined the State Rescue Service and was cutting up trees fallen in storm damage and dragging them off the road, tarping down people’s roofs damaged in storms and among many other searches, he was out on foot on a slippery mountain side searching for a missing old lady. In later years he even did a little cross country skiing.


And he never had the artificial knees. Everything was re-balanced, re-aligned, re-strengthened and re-grown with alternative medicine.

A double success story – brilliant surgeons and brilliant therapy.

But wait there’s more to this story, shaking my head here. He did it again and the miracles were even bigger…

I’ll share that story with you next time.  🙂



  1. shelley dunkin 10/18/2015, 10:56 am Reply

    a truly amazing story. your husband is indeed brave and of very strong character. i am a nurse and i know how much 300 mg of morphine is. unheard of, but the fact that he got off it, that he even wanted to get off it. hardly believable. what a team you two make, his determination and your love and healing. i can only hope for more and more miracles coming from what you have come to know about healing of all kinds.

    • jennya 10/18/2015, 6:29 pm Reply

      Yeah well, you’re right Shelley, I have come to know very much about healing through that time – though it’s funny – the horses drove most of it because they were my sanity.Funny that…

  2. Cynthia 10/16/2015, 5:13 pm Reply

    What an amazing story, and you are both so lucky to have each other. No doubt your learning with the horses is helping you become an amazing healer 🙂

  3. Caroline 10/12/2015, 2:33 am Reply

    You are our miracle in this world, my very special ‘Amiga’…. a true warrior, leading us on, into living with happiness and miracles every day xxxxx

    • jennya 10/12/2015, 6:12 am Reply

      Ahhh bless you Caroline…

  4. Gigi 10/11/2015, 11:40 pm Reply

    Wow, Jenny! This is an amazing story very well told about powerful medicine and healing. Isn’t it awesome that you were able to use your knowledge of alternative methods to help Carlos and Merv! Lucky that your paths crossed I’d say! Continued health to you both.

  5. Dee 10/10/2015, 8:57 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny your story completely resonated with me. I have seen homeopathy do the most amazing things. Your courage and love shone out of the telling. Well done both of you xx Dee

  6. Joanna 10/10/2015, 7:41 pm Reply

    This is such an amazing real life story jenny, thank you for sharing something so close to your heart. One sentence was massive for me – Merv never moaned!! I don’t know how these things work but that deliberate refusal might have had a huge impact on a cellular/energetic level, and given you heaps of strength too. Last week I decided never to moan about my life again. I know two people whom I hold dearly, who are suffering alot – one is inches from death and his wife is nursing him. He has not moaned either and has a huge faith in God. It’s a choice isn’t it. What a beautiful spark in their eyes in the photo – makes me melt!

    • jennya 10/10/2015, 10:32 pm Reply

      Ahhh… My strength ran out when Merv started to walk again. In hindsight, our horses and their two separate needs for alternative therapy that drove my alternative journey, may have been God’s threads at work to bring ME back again, let alone Merv! It is said that those of us who go into this work do it to heal ourselves and that has been my experience…

  7. Kathy 10/10/2015, 4:34 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing this Jenny…you are both pretty darn amazing. Awesome that we have these alternative therapies for ourselves and our horses! Very sadly, we lost a dear horse friend from a 3 year roller coaster battle with laminitis. We literally tried everything conventional at the time. Even chiropractic, acupuncture, reiki & animal communication. I was horrified to discover several years later, that my current horse had laminits! That was 2 years ago now. This time we skipped the conventional route altogether, left him barefoot, used supplements, herbal remedies and low-sugar hay. He’s doing great and has never looked back 🙂 I am so grateful and only wish I had known of these other alternatives previously 🙁

  8. Kris Mitchell 10/10/2015, 2:46 pm Reply

    Brought me to tears and I know the story xxx

    • jennya 10/10/2015, 3:42 pm Reply

      Awww sis… It was a big time wasn’t it? It’s funny how such wonderful stuff came out of such an almighty crappy time. Well not funny really, that is the way it happens when you keep clearing away the crap – it’s only the good stuff left!

    • Leanne Mitchell 10/10/2015, 7:47 pm Reply

      Me too!

  9. Haruko 10/10/2015, 12:32 pm Reply

    Jenny, thank you very much for your sharing this story! Please give my best regards to Merv. I am very proud of him, too!

    • jennya 10/10/2015, 3:40 pm Reply

      You’re welcome Haruko – Merv had two thumbs up and big smile back to you.

  10. nina 10/10/2015, 11:30 am Reply

    I love this episode and the beautiful photo of Merv and your daughter!

    • jennya 10/10/2015, 3:38 pm Reply

      Yeah that photo makes me all melty inside too. They are not blood related – Mel is from my first marriage – but they are sooo… close and every bit father and daughter. I was blessed in that regard. You can see them shining with each other can’t you?

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