Jenny Pearce

A gobsmacking Just Say YES video

Just Say YES!  came out of the time of the blue tongued horse controversy and is a lovely way to celebrate all that is good and beautiful in the horse world.

Gosh, I’ll let this video speak for itself and before you even look, yes she would have been better with a helmet on…  🙂 What a beautiful little Caretaker pony…

Don't forget these free lessons while you're here!

Don’t forget these free lessons while you’re here!






  1. shelley dunkin 08/04/2014, 9:14 am Reply

    i love love love this video!! i wish i had that little mini for my first horse!

    • jennya 08/04/2014, 9:20 am Reply

      Yeah, I bet someone (MUM probably) did a HEAP of great work with that little chap as well…

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