Jenny Pearce

Budweiser Clydesdales Just Say YES to extraordinary training

It’s another exhibition day until something goes horribly wrong…

They didn’t get off scot free, but by goodness this video is a credit to extraordinary training.


Watching the way in which these horses stopped struggling so FAST and how that no doubt saved at least some of their lives, I have decided to re-release that free lesson about making your horse safe from fences and ropes – because it’s THAT kind of lesson that saved these horses lives.

Get the other free lessons The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse first, in that big yellow box up on the right hand side of this page – because that will give you the background and important philosophy to what we do …

… and then Click here for another free lesson about how you can make your horse as safe around ropes and fences and such, like the Budweiser horses.



  1. Kathy Cavanah 05/20/2014, 9:12 am Reply

    Wow, that was something special. While watching this I was about to cry and I had a heaviness high in my chest. Then some lady said, “Look at all that rope” and I think to myself WTF, shut up lady. Oh yes, we all respond to stress differently in our own sweet ways.

    • jennya 05/20/2014, 9:58 am Reply

      I know Kathy, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was relieved to see them get up battered and bruised some of them and the way that they all stopped struggling so FAST. That training saved some of their lives I am sure. That free ropes and fences lesson, I think I’ll put it up on this article, see if we can help some more people to make their horses safe in an accidewt too.

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