Jenny Pearce

The gorgeous foal in this video is a definite Just Say YES!

Just Say YES!  is a guarantee that you are going to see something that I think is beautiful and worth a positive thumbs up with a big smile.  I didn’t make up Just Say YES!  (I think Horses4Life did) but I sure do like the concept.

The rest of this video is nice work in the Carolyn Resnick method, but the foal is just heart melting!

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Click here to watch this gorgeous Youtube




  1. Frances Dingle 08/09/2013, 9:24 am Reply

    After a week of very sick horses and one elderly wood duck, this is so uplifting.

    • Jenny 08/09/2013, 10:44 am Reply

      I am glad to lift your spirits with this Frances. Nothing serious with the horses I hope? And I know there is not much to be done at reversing the age of a duck! 🙂

  2. Anna-Karin Hägglund 06/27/2013, 5:35 am Reply

    This foal put a big smile in my face! So cute and so curious ♥

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