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Which ride would satisfy YOUR soul?

Just Say YES! started back at the time that the blue tongued horse video was whipping up outrage all over the world – when we realised that for Scandic’s pain and distress to count for anything, that we had to do more to promote the beauty that is possible between a person and a horse.

I’ll let this next beautiful 3 minute video speak for itself in regard to the beauty possible in the horse world – then you can watch the video of the blue tongued horse further down the page here and decide which YOU would rather ride.

The rider in this first video is 26year old Frenchwoman Alizee Froment and the horse is Mistral du Coussoul, a 13 year old Lusitano.

They compete at international Grand Prix competitions and also perform shows bitless all over Europe.

BTW, Alizee has nothing to do with my Fast Track program – I came across the beautiful video and was suitable awed.  I bet this girl was BORN a beautiful rider!  Take heart though, you don’t have to be born to it any more, to be this good…


Now look below, at this video of Watermill Scandic being schooled in a forced Rollkur / Hyperflexion / whatever words they want to use to describe it, in this video footage of a blue tongued horse in distress in the warm up arena before a Grand Prix test.

When you’ve watched this 4 minute video, come back and tell me which way of being with your horse satisfies YOUR soul.



Now let your rage and distress count for something and go back and watch Alizee again in the first video and decide which path YOU would like to choose, to pursue greatness in dressage. Because for Scandic’s pain and distress to count for anything, each person’s individual choice for change will contribute to the movement in the world to eliminate forced training methods forever.

We only choose force when we don’t know any other way – the horse world is full of GOOD people who don’t know any other way.

I too have chosen force in the past, when I didn’t know any other way and bless us all, my force no doubt looked even uglier than this video, because I wasn’t as good a rider – but I have to tell you that any satisfaction that came from using force was VERY short lived.

And it’s not the real deal either…

My program is not the only way to get to that beautiful picture in your mind about where you want to be – but if you weren’t born an already gifted rider and if you want to ride more like Alizee and have a happy co-operative, soft and completely “with you” horse like Alizee and Mistral in the first video, then there is no better and faster way that I know, than my on line program Fast Track to Brilliant Riding.

(Well, you could come all the way to Australia and do it in person.)

Fast Track bypasses years of learning to be a better rider and thousands of dollars worth of riding lessons with my unique and simple formula to improving your riding – FAST.

This course produces a magnetic, plugged in riding seat that enables your horse to move beautifully underneath you and even better than that, it helps you to produce a happy, co-operative, soft, expressive horse.

Click here for the FREE Fast Track to Brilliant Riding lesson and get the first improvements in your riding seat, today.

And saddest of all, a little birdy told me that Totilus – one of the greatest dressage horses of all time, went for re-training to the very home of Rollkur and has basically never been heard of on the dressage circuit since… Bless him, maybe someone could tell Mattias Rath about Fast Track.




  1. Caroline 09/11/2013, 9:52 pm Reply

    Just in the discovery of knowing you can develop this kind of togetherness, this softness, and this beauty, without any kind of force is a relief, especially for those who dream of doing dressage, jumping and so on, and it is the way I choose for me and my horses. And although riding is not such an important part for me, even though I love it, I have achieved and am achieving more of this beautiful gentle connection with everything I do on the ground too. It makes for a happy and enjoyable time spent with my horses.
    I have just started Fast Track with one of my horses, and already the softness, attention and willingness in him gives me a real sense of joy. He almost looks disappointed if I don’t DO SOMETHING with him.

    • Jenny 09/12/2013, 4:42 am Reply

      That’s lovely Caroline!

  2. Tabatha 09/11/2013, 3:47 pm Reply

    There’s no hesitation for me in saying that the first video of Alizee’s inspiring connection and relationship with her horse is what I will always aim to attain with my horses; the same goes for my other animal relationships. As with any living creature we should be aiming for a mutual partnership rather than a forced partnership. What’s that saying…you get get more with sweet than sour.

    • Jenny 09/11/2013, 4:05 pm Reply

      I guess that’s what these two videos show, Tabitha. The trouble is that most people don’t know how to do “sweet” and yet at the same time achieve their goals. So they get frustrated and try force instead. And when they see people held up as amongst the top riders in the world, i.e. Grand Prix dressage riders, using force to achieve THEIR dreams – they don’t realise how empty that is…

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