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An easy and quick cure for mange in dogs

I have removed this article from my website.  Even though it was an effective cure FOR ME and MY dog – the toxic load on most dogs with their bodies full of long acting flea chemicals that ooze out of the skin, seems to be already too high and the mixture that I used successfully could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.




  1. Leanne 03/31/2017, 8:42 am Reply

    Hi my dog had sores on tail about 3 months ago, and around 2 months ago my husband and I started feeling pinprick like bites and itchiness on our skin. This had lasted 2 months, and continues. We have been to vet and doctors but they find nothing!

    • jennyp 03/31/2017, 11:47 am Reply

      I can see why you wonder whether they are connected. Have doctors /vets looked under a microscope? And tiny microscopic critturs like mange burrowing under the skin are not the only reason for an itchy rash. Could be diet related/ mineral deficiency / stress related and a whole host of other things. You could be just be feeling the dog’s itch sympathetically too.

  2. SABRINA 11/01/2016, 6:55 am Reply

    hi there, I’ve bathed my dog for the 1st time wth the Dettol mix and I’m wondering, is it normal for the sore spots to get more red and inflamed? with this go down?

    • jennyp 11/01/2016, 7:32 am Reply

      Maybe your dog is one of those that using Dettol on doesn’t suit? Do they look more inflamed with just soap and water? Or is this an actual Dettol reaction? If it’s a Dettol reaction I would discontinue.

      • Sabrina 11/03/2016, 8:58 am Reply

        After the bath they turn really red. The day after it went down and are starting to dry up. I’m on my second wash! Fingers crossed on the third!

  3. Sami 10/27/2016, 1:32 am Reply


  4. Amanda 10/23/2016, 11:04 am Reply

    To get rid of mites on my dog I rubbed coconut oil onto the affected areas and then 24 hours later rubbed in lime – made from lime rind and juice together. A few treatments were required but it worked. A really good raw diet with this is needed. Frozen meats can also contribute to the problem. Feed raw never frozen meats and bones.

    • jennyp 10/23/2016, 2:12 pm Reply

      Thanks for that tip Amanda, I’ll try it if I ever have that situation again. 🙂 I am not sure why frozen meats would be a problem though. I understand how cooked meats could lose some of their goodness from a dogs perspective, but I don’t understand a problem with frozen. What is this based on?

      • Amanda 10/24/2016, 6:59 pm Reply

        Freezing damages the cells and reduces the nutritional value. Some butchers are aware of this too and will acknowledge this when asked. I learnt it from Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

        • jennyp 10/25/2016, 5:12 am Reply

          I wonder if burying it in the ground to go rotten does too?

  5. jyoti 09/27/2016, 9:32 pm Reply

    should I need to wash my dog after I wash him with the dettol solution ?

    • jennyp 09/27/2016, 9:48 pm Reply

      That wasn’t in the instructions I was given so I didn’t wash mine. Please note the warnings that other people have brought up about washing a dog with dettol. Maybe talk to your vet? It worked for me with no problems, but apparently it has caused problems in some circumstances.

  6. Daniel O'Connell 09/19/2016, 4:34 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny, I just want to know if the solution is rinsed off or left on to dry? Just thought the dogs licking would make it sick even if the solution has dried.

    • jennyp 09/20/2016, 6:46 am Reply

      I left the solution on. But again – pay attention to the poison warnings and horrible stories that people have left here about Dettol and dogs. 🙂

      • Daniel O'Connell 09/22/2016, 10:40 am Reply

        Thanks Jenny,truely need strategies to avoid the vet fees in Oz.Vets have a lisence to print cash here and when a mobile vet opened that challenged their pricing structure they got him de-lisenced for killing a guenea pig.

        • jennyp 09/22/2016, 11:16 am Reply

          Good heavens! Surely there was a bit more to the story than that??? Anyway MAKE SURE that you read all the WARNINGS in the comments here, about using this Dettol mixture to cure mange. Just because I didn’t have any troubles with it, doesn’t mean that they are not good warnings. Is it possible that there’s a cumulative toxin effect? because I don’t use chemical wormers hardly ever and don’t use those flea treatments where the chemical sits within the dogs body, leaching the chemical out through the skin, for 3 solid months killing fleas. Is it possible that my dogs being otherwise free of chemicals could be the reason that I didn’t have any trouble with the Dettol?

  7. Dave (Pet Food Reviews) 02/10/2016, 9:46 pm Reply

    Interesting reading this but I definitely wouldn’t use dettol (particularly such a high concentration) on my dog. If this method is used you’d have to ensure your dog is thoroughly washed afterwards as otherwise they’ll be licking their fur as soon as you’re not looking… so nope, wouldn’t use this method.

    • jennya 02/11/2016, 9:50 am Reply

      Yeah I’ve been interested at finding out that Supposedly vets think it’s an incredibly bad way to deal with it and people have terrible stories to tell, when the entire fox terrier club here on the outskirts of Melbourne used Dettol to fix mange easily and simply (they pick it up from fox and wombat holes almost routinely) and I used it on two separate occasions and only fixed the mange. I’m never sure on the internet, the source of some people, their motivation, who pays their salaries etc. so I’ve put the warnings up on the main article calling people’s attention to it and everyone should pay attention, talk to their own vet for THEIR knowledge and go from there. Thanks everyone if it’s a genuine heads up!

  8. Del 11/20/2015, 10:48 am Reply

    I would phone a Vet before using Dettol on your dog. I used dettol on my border collies foot after he had grass seeds between the toes. I was told by Vet after grass seed removed, to treat it with Betadine – which is safe for dogs – but I didnt have any – so I foolishly used Dettol instead. Unbeknowns there was a second grass seed, so wound didnt heal and I continued using the dettol till we returned to vet. Dettol killed the flesh and one of the dogs toes had to be amputated. I would not use Dettol ever again on any dog, especially not on puppies! Phone a vet or two for advice. AND people pls note IVERMECTIN or AVERMECTIN common treatment for mange (an ingredient in Advocate & heart worm treatments) can be FATAL for border collies so please be careful. This is not a trifling matter.

    • jennya 11/20/2015, 11:11 am Reply

      Good heavens! Clearly your experience was terrible and yet the fox terrier hunting people use Dettol routinely for mange and I used it with no ill effects on my Doberman too. I have referred to these warning comments about it in the article above. Thanks…

  9. Adan 11/10/2015, 12:12 am Reply

    Jenny, your dilution is way to strong.

    • jennya 11/10/2015, 5:59 am Reply

      It’s great to have other people’s cautions and experiences here – I appreciate it. Thanks Adan. In this article I am passing on the fox terrier hunting people’s recipe that worked brilliantly for me. Have you fixed mange with a solution that is more diluted?

  10. Es 11/06/2015, 2:26 pm Reply

    We tried this treatment on our lab/cattle last night as he has been very itchy for some time. Unfortunately he tasted a little bit while he was being bathed. An hour after the treatment he began to be in pain, crouching and trembling and moving restlessly. We got on the internet and read that dettol is highly toxic to dogs. Later in the night he was having spasms. His whole body was tense. Hes still alive this morning and less itchy so i daresay the treatment works but its a big risk.

    • jennya 11/06/2015, 2:45 pm Reply

      That’s good to know Es, I’ll put “don’t allow them to drink it or get it in their mouth” in the main body of the article. Thanks…

      • sue 11/23/2015, 12:04 am Reply

        I really think this Dettol idea is very dangerous most dogs accidentally get some in their mouth while bathing and as well lick themselves while still wet assisting in the bathing themselves, I would use a more homeopathic remedy, flowers of sulphar, food grade not the stuff used in the garden but the supplement horses take, iv read lots of flowers of sulphar helping mange and mites, lice etc applied to skin and bald sore wounds, it wont hurt them if they lick it off, it kills lice and mites, read up on that one, I wouldn’t recommend Dettol if its so dangerous, this poor womans dogs nearly died and having spasms and trembling, fills me with despair! don’t do it there are plenty of safer ways to treat dogs for mange, wether it be vet treatments or homeopathic, flowers of sulphar, all not going to risk spasms or death! From Sue!

  11. Es 11/06/2015, 2:20 pm Reply

    I tried this remedy on our lab/cattle dog last night because he has been very itchy for a while and had just started losing his fur in one patch. Unfortunately he seems to have tasted some while we were bathing him and about an hour after began to be in pain; crouching and trembling and unable to lie down. We got on the computer and found that dettol is highly toxic for dogs. Hes still alive this morning, thank God, and hes less itchy, so the treatment works but its a big risk. He only got a little in his mouth.

  12. Nidhi 10/18/2015, 9:03 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for the tip. I have started bathing my dogs with dettol and water. I still have to bathe them 2-3 times more to see the results. But thanks for your help.

    • jennya 10/18/2015, 9:15 pm Reply

      You’re welcome… I could see the faint signs of hair growth coming back just before the last wash, but I was told to still do the last wash…

  13. Abbie 05/16/2015, 7:10 am Reply


    My puppy has really itchy skin. Under her arms, her belly, her head. Scabs all over her and losing fur. I’ve tried a medicated shampoo which did seem to help for a while but came back when i reduced the amount of times I washed her (I didn’t want to strip of natural oils). I taken her to the vets and she told me it was puppy acne, and looking at pictures I think she’s right. However, I can’t afford the anti-biotics this month (I’m not an irresponsible dog owner, I’ve had a big unexpected payment I needed to make). Do you think dettol could do the trick?

    Thank you!

    • jennya 05/16/2015, 7:20 am Reply

      I haven’t come across this one before Abbie, but if she’s on any of the popular dry foods, then I would change her food to something more healthy and add some garlic to her dinner, just for a couple of weeks. (You ruin the effect of garlic if you keep using it, so only use it for a couple of weeks.) Dr Becker has a website that tells you about all kinds of health issues for dogs and how to work on them naturally. Here’s the link for them too. I will be extremely surprised if you can’t fix this one without drugs!

      • Abbie 05/16/2015, 7:38 am Reply

        Thank you for your quick reply! Where’s the link sorry?

        • jennya 05/16/2015, 7:40 am Reply

          Hover your mouse over the words “here’s the link” and you will see it 🙂

          • jennya 05/16/2015, 7:41 am

            p.s. I use a homebrand garlic in a jar and maybe a fraction of a teaspoon for a puppy.

    • Adan 11/10/2015, 12:11 am Reply

      Your puppy has mange. Don’t give him dettol because it could traumatized him

  14. Johan 01/09/2015, 8:06 pm Reply

    My lab has a really bad infection (sores) on her neck and it spread to the side of her face and ear. It is also smelling really bad. I have since started to spray the sores with Dettol (we also have it in South Africa) and it looks like it is doing the trick. I have noticed that her fur does not look very healthy and bought some Bob Martin tablets, will this do the trick? We also have big problems with fleas and tick with all the summer rain and I am trying to get this under control as well.

    • jennya 01/11/2015, 10:17 pm Reply

      I am afraid Johan, that we have waaayyyy too little information here on the other side of the world to give you an answer that has any use – except maybe diatomaceous earth helps keep fleas away in the dog’s surrounding areas, ticks are a serious health issue so keep up constant and careful inspections for them and I have no idea what Bob Martin tablets are! 🙂

  15. Sarah 10/12/2014, 1:07 pm Reply

    Hi jenny, we have a 1 year old american bulldog we’ve had him for about 2 weeks. 3 days ago we notice a couple cuts around his neck that look like pus is coming out, and yesterday I went to feed him and o noticed a huge pink patch under his neck where his adaptil collar was so I took it off to see dry pus on it and also his sore was covered in pus! He was raised on a strict diet from his old owner and since we’ve had him we have changed his diet, also he’s been sleeping outside for the past week because he tried to bite my sisters 8 month baby he does scratch a lot now as well but his apetite and everything is still the same we don’t know yet whether its mange or if he just cut himself trying to get to the dog at the house behind us! Just wondering would dettol be safe to use on his sores that I described to you?

    • jennya 10/12/2014, 7:13 pm Reply

      Well sunshine, there’s a couple of minefields in your post. Firstly you want a clear diagnosis by someone who knows what mange looks like – vet or experienced dog handler – before you treat it as mange – and from 12,000 kilometres away, it doesn’t sound like it to me – but hey, how would I know from here? And secondly, the breed sounds like they are spectacular with children when they know their place in the pack. I wonder what banishment feels like to the dog and the repercussions of that for the future? And yet the safety issues for a small child are huge. I reckon it would be seriously worth while getting advice from a good dog trainer on how to proceed with this one…

  16. Tabathier 08/04/2014, 11:43 am Reply

    Is Dettol really safe?? I’ve been doing some research and I’ve seen quite a few posts where people are saying that Dettol is toxic and harmful to dogs. I’m needing something for my pit bull as she has mange abd I’ve been giving her Ivermectin but it doesn’t seem to be working this time around. Yes she had it once before and I gave her Ivermectin and it cleared up within a week but a few months later she’s gotten it again and this time even worse! So please give me recommendations on what would be best and not toxic or harmful to her as I can’t afford to take her to the vet.

    • jennya 08/04/2014, 12:41 pm Reply

      I am afraid that I cannot give you those guarantees Tabathier. Certainly Ivermectin is toxic and I would have thought more toxic than Dettol, specially in the amounts needed to kill mange. I only know that Dettol was recommended to me and I used it very successfully.
      I don’t know of any organic product that will get rid of mange. You could try spraying diluted Neem oil on her every day and fresh garlic in her dinner every day for a few days too (don’t feed always). Neem changes the hormones of the insect and I wonder if it can change the hormones of the animal too.
      By the way, I doubt that it is the fault of the Ivermectin that the mange came back a few months later – I suspect that your dog came in contact with it for a second time and got re-infected and that would have happened no matter what you used to fix it with.

      • Tabathier 08/06/2014, 3:24 am Reply

        Hi Jenny,

        I think she came into contact with another dog that had it or she got stressed out badly from moving into a new house and environment. How much garlic? A whole clove or half? And fresh garlic as I have fresh garlic on hand? Me here can I get Neem oil from. I’m in Fayetteville, NC.? I gave her a bath yesterday and washed her with Selsum Blue. I brushed her with the shampoo on and after she dried she was quite flaky so I brushed her again removing a lot of flakes and today she hadn’t been scratching thank god. Thank you so much for your input and suggestions.

        • jennya 08/06/2014, 6:41 am Reply

          Just a quarter teaspoon of fresh garlic, that’s better than everything else – she may not even eat that much. I am not aware of dogs getting mange from stress…

  17. tammy 07/03/2014, 3:00 am Reply

    Thank you Jenny! Im pretty sure my dog dont have mange although im not a vet. We live on sand and the fleas here are horrible she does have flea drops and I use special vet shampoo on her. I will be taking her tomorrow to see the vet!

  18. Debbie A 06/26/2014, 12:16 pm Reply

    Hi Jenny have a Yorkie she is almost 3 years old. She is losing her her on her lower back and by her backside and she’s scratching a lot. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. I changed her food a couple of weeks ago. I’ve read that yorkies are hypoallogenic dogs and it could be her deit. I think it could be mange. I need your help you think I should try Dettol? Is this a soap or liquid solution?

    • jennya 06/27/2014, 7:00 am Reply

      Without seeing it, it doesn’t sound like mange, Debbie. Is there any way a little house dog like a Yorkie could even have caught it? For example our dogs are farm dogs going down rabbit and wombat burrows and around fox dens – does she even get out and about, to catch it off someone else?
      It sounds more likely to be a flea allergy and/or diet to me. Add some omega three’s to her diet by putting a teaspoon of chia seeds on her dinner every day.
      So many canned and dried dog foods are horrifying at the things that they put in them. Food is MUCH more likely to have caused her problem – indeed VERY likely to be the culprit. Even without the clue in your post about changing the food a couple of weeks ago. In Australia there are only two brands of dried dog foods that I know of who don’t have unhealthy additives in their food and every other brand could be the cause of your problem. Those brands are Bonnie and Farrell’s Kibble.
      In canned foods, some of them are plain horrifying.
      What about the “Give a Dog a Bone ” diet? Get the book from your pet store or library. – Now THAT would be a great diet for a dog sensitive to allergies and easy to do for such a little dog too. The other possibility is flea chemicals themselves. Since she is already sensitive, I wouldn’t be adding flea chemicals of any description to her body and if you have something like a flea collar on her – get it off fast and give her a couple of good washes in plain warm water to get as much of the chemical off her skin as you can.
      And never never NEVER give her those once a month flea treatments – I have seen more dogs with rashes caused by those than you can poke a forked stick at. Some of them have been sick unto near death.
      If you suspect that it might be fleas, then a bath in water with a bit of plain wool wash and a capful of tea tree oil and combed through her coat, should do the trick. Make sure to follow up bathing a few times to catch any hatching young fleas, keep up to the vacuuming in the house to make sure that there aren’t any hatching there, wash her bedding in tea tree oil and spread some diatomaceous earth around any spots outside where she likes to lay outside like mats, cracks in the cement, under the house etc. You can get diatomaceous earth over the internet – but make sure that it is food grade, which is a very fine, smooth powder – the other grades don’t work the same way.
      Try these non chemical, non drug ways of dealing with it, but if these fail, then try the vet. I don’t actually have much faith in vets for itchy scratchy rash stuff, their drug treatments always seem to me to cause more trouble than they fix – I have cleared up a LOT of those drug treatment messes here – but you may want to make sure that there is nothing else going on if these measures don’t work.
      Another thing to keep in mind is the chemicals in your home and washing. Get rid of bleach and all other nasty chemicals from your household cleaning and clothes washing routines – they can cause rashes and reactions too.

      Come back and let us know how you go.

  19. Sam 06/02/2014, 5:35 pm Reply

    Hi, thanks for the helpful advise. Please could you tell me whether we need to wash it off between treatments, or rather can we wash it off? Thanks

    • jennya 06/02/2014, 7:40 pm Reply

      I didn’t wash it off when I did it – there was no reason to and the timing is so frequent you wouldn’t want to wash your dog anyway??

      • Sam 06/02/2014, 8:14 pm Reply

        Thanks. It was just he seemed so irritated by it and the smell is so strong. Just wanted to check. Thanks for your response 🙂

  20. Chavonne 04/25/2014, 3:05 pm Reply

    I really need to no the active ingredient

    • Jenny 04/25/2014, 5:19 pm Reply

      I don’t know Chavonne – could you look it up on the net? Dettol is the brand name – it’s a common personal disinfectant in Australia.

  21. Chavonne 04/25/2014, 3:02 pm Reply

    Where would I get this from in South Carolina. My baby boy Oreo has no hair what so ever. I’ve tried it all. Please help me help my boy. I just can’t deal with putting him down. My girls would go nuts. They’re in love with Oreo.

    • Jenny 04/25/2014, 5:20 pm Reply

      Gosh Chavonne, putting him down sounds drastic – I’ll even send you some from OZ if we have to!

    • Amy 06/28/2014, 3:54 pm Reply

      Try your local Indian Grocery store. I buy it from Spice Junction on St Andrews Rd, Columbia, SC.

      Also, consider the possibility of treating for yeast. Does the dog smell? If so, ask the vet for ketoconazole or diflucan. These pills still need to be accompanied by external washing. There are dog shampoos that contain ketoconazole. It’s necessary for internal and external treatment.

      Also, give the dog a teaspoon of coconut oil everyday. It looks like crisco. The benefits are really good for them.

      • jennya 06/29/2014, 7:13 am Reply

        I am allowing the blatant advertising of the Indian Grocery Store because of the other discussion and the fact that Indian spices can be very beneficial to good health under some circumstances.
        Both the drugs that Amy suggested are used for humans too. Ketoconazole has been banned for humans in some countries because of the serious potential for liver damage and Diflucan has some pretty serious warnings too. I personally would be doing the dietary option (The give a dog a bone diet) which works just as well as drugs and doesn’t have the same risks of damaging major organs. If it’s an allergy or yeast infection, then the food the dog was eating was most likely responsible for the problem in the first place (what they put in dog food would make your hair stand on end!) and good food will allow a permanent solution too.
        I very much like the addition of the coconut oil – that’s another good fat, an excellent fat actually, that would make an addition to the chia seed.

  22. Joseph Anand 04/01/2014, 4:45 am Reply

    Hi Jenny, My girl doberman is heavily affected with mange. I started to wash her with dettol from today. Its very hot summer in India now. Can I leave her wet or I need to dry her after dettol wash? How long I need to do this? After dettol wash, she immly start to scratch her. Plz help with it advice

    • Jenny 04/01/2014, 7:57 am Reply

      Just rub the excess water off her and leave her wet Joseph. It’s OK that she is still itchy after only one treatment. Make sure that you are using 70% dettol 30 % water or you might burn her. Make sure that you are washing her very thoroughly wet to the skin ALL OVER (except in the eyes of course!), so that you get all of the mange. And you need to do it three times, 3 to 4 days apart. So do it again in 3 days and then again in another 3 days EVEN IF THE HAIR STARTS TO GROW BACK, make sure that you do the third wash.

      Good luck with

      • Joseph Anand 04/01/2014, 4:23 pm Reply

        Thankz a lot for your reply.

  23. bench 02/23/2014, 3:21 pm Reply

    Guys. What kind of mange you are all reffering to?

    • Jenny 02/24/2014, 5:26 am Reply

      My dog had sarcoptic mange and the dettol fixed that very quickly. The fox terrier hunting people who told me about this mange fix didn’t differentiate, just said mange. I expect it would be worth trying for any type.

  24. Mechelle 02/23/2014, 1:55 am Reply

    My dog has the mange and I only have Savlon on hand can I use that instead of Dettol?

    • Jenny 02/23/2014, 5:30 am Reply

      I guess it’s worth a go Michelle, but the two products are not remotely anything like each other…

  25. Anthon 02/15/2014, 1:22 pm Reply

    Hi jenny my boys a english staffy his got mange been to the vet and his givn me tablets but they seem to not wrk that good goin to try dettol must i dry him with a towel afta the wash or let him dry on his own

    • Jenny 02/15/2014, 3:43 pm Reply

      And those tablets are probably ivomectin, the really strong wormer, given say after day after day was what the vet gave my girl and Good only knows what effect that has on their insides such a chemical overload. And as you say, it didn’t work. I don’t remember drying my girl, but it was a long time ago. Unless the weather was really cold chill, I would drip dry… And the Dettol DID work – beautifully and easily

    • tammy 07/02/2014, 12:46 pm Reply

      Hi I have a poodle shitzu mix she’s very tiny we live in the country we have rabbits ducks chickens cats dogs parrots ECT.. My do started to lose her hair on her butt top of tail and lower back her skin is really red and dry with yellow crust and in spots on her skin it turned black like a birth mark does it sound like mange on also her tummy is bald and under her arms

      • jennya 07/02/2014, 4:57 pm Reply

        Sunshine you need to get a diagnosis first. I can’t do that without seeing the dog and I don’t know whether I would even recognise all the different forms of mange. My dog’s mange started on the tips of her ears and spread very slowly at first and then faster. If your dog is diagnosed with mange, then the Dettol will give you an alternative to 30 days of Ivermectin worming drug that my dog was originally prescribed. Good grief, can you imagine what THAT much chemical would do to her liver and the rest of her body? Crikey! And the Dettol worked faster too…

  26. Ankit 09/27/2012, 12:40 pm Reply

    I have a german shepherd. It’s rainy season over here so she is scratching most of the times and I found some ticks and lices on her body. Can dettol remove these things from her body without affecting her?

    • Jenny 09/30/2012, 7:36 am Reply

      I have never heard of the useful use of Dettol in circumstances of ticks and lice, Ankit. I would be more inclined to use food grade diatomaceous earth for that job. (It must be the super fine food grade.) It dries out the insects carapce and they die. It’s also brilliant for dusting lightly where the dogs live so as to get the eggs too. Be careful not to have it flying through the air, you don’t want that or any other powder, in your lungs.

  27. Frances Dingle 07/11/2012, 4:01 pm Reply

    Is this safe for our clydsdale mare crystal. Can it be done to just the feathers or the whole horse?

    • Jenny 07/11/2012, 6:24 pm Reply

      No safety or effectiveness reason why you couldn’t use it on the Clydesdale – i.e. it will work. But if her skin is raw and bleeding, then it WILL sting. So make sure that you explain that to her very carefully – none of that “this won’t hurt a bit crap!” And I would want a pretty good relationship first because of that stinging…

  28. Riikka 04/12/2012, 3:55 pm Reply

    The active ingredient in Dettol is chloroxylenol. I couldn’t find any other brand names on Google though.

    • Jenny 04/13/2012, 6:25 am Reply

      Thanks Riikka I hadn’t even got to the supermarket yet!

  29. Lisa Hill 04/10/2012, 9:12 am Reply

    Hello Jenny was reading this blog and wanted to know what is Dettol?

    • Jenny 04/10/2012, 3:32 pm Reply

      Dettol is a brand of antiseptic often used on cuts and abrasions, that is sold here in Australia – it is quite strong. I will look for the active ingredient in it next time I go to the supermarket so you people overseas can have an idea too.

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