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Helping Sammy go home…

Sammy was a chest thrust out, giant of a dog in a miniature fox terrier’s body.

He spent his weekends out in the shed with his Dad, pottering around doing chores or watching the footie and he slept with Trinette, where he had been keeping her safe from the monsters of the night for almost all of her life.  Just the thought of losing Sammy had teenage Trinette hysterical with upset.

I met Sammy when he came to me to check out whether I could do anything for the raw and ugly tumours that were visible and growing rapidly on his belly.

I never know with cancers – sometimes I help them to a spectacular and complete recovery.   Sometimes it’s a remission, where the person or animal has a great quality of life, sometimes for years of what seems like a complete recovery and then they die very quickly in just a few days.  And sometimes it’s like Sammy.

We thought we were winning with Sammy, because the tumours, which had been growing rapidly, stopped growing after the homeopathic medicine of the first visit and he got his old bounce and joy of life back.

But he arrived for a healing session last week with tumours that had doubled in size in a fortnight and it was clear to me that he was at the end of his road.

At the end of Sammy’s first healing session a few months ago, I had helped Trinette and her Dad consciously connect with Sammy and feel how happy he was despite the tumours.

They both got the connection like old pro’s.

That’s not so surprising really, they had been experiencing that connection all their lives.  All I had helped them do, was to recognise what it was that they were feeling and then to use that connection deliberately to keep track of how Sammy was doing through his illness.

It’s exactly the same connection that I wrote about and teach in Zen Connection with Horses.  Obviously that book is about horses, but many people now have used it and one of the lessons on the CD in the back, to develop their conscious connection to other animals.

Trinette had a strong natural talent for the connection.  Like most kids I guess – they haven’t had as much time to squash it down as we older people – so it was her job to connect with Sammy deliberately every day and check out how he was really feeling.

As long as Sammy was feeling good, we were on the right track – wherever that track might take us.

Trinette knew that the time had come to help him go home before they brought him to me for that last healing session and was already coming to peace about it.  (A VERY big change from hysterical upset.)

All four of the family connected with Sammy to feel him consciously and deliberately.

This time, instead of happiness they felt anxiety, which completely cleared back to happiness once they each understood that it was time for Sammy to go and that they needed to take him to the vet to be helped out, into death.

Sammy made it quite clear to them in that connection, that the time of death was to be of his choosing and it wasn’t today, but it was in the next few days.

So they took Sammy home and spent a wonderful last weekend with him, each of them able to take their time to say their goodbyes in all the wonderful small ways that living one day at a time can make possible.

Tuesday night, we all gathered at the vets.   Sammy was quite perky and not at all worried about being at the vets like he had been in the past.  It was a funny occasion, sad moments interspersed with memories and laughter – but above all a very peaceful occasion with Sammy slipping away quietly and gently under the vets expert care, while I reiki’ed him all the way to his death and beyond.

What a gift this family had.  Not only the gift of his life, but the gift of his death as well.

To know whether to help him die – or not.

What a gift to be able to know EXACTLY when it was the right time.

What a gift to feel his happiness at being able to communicate this decision.

What a gift Trinette and the rest of the family had at being able to release their beloved Sammy and feel peaceful about their decision.

Thanks for the blessings of that to all of us!  And R.I.P. Sammy…

If this connection stuff is new to you and you are interested in understanding more about it, then the book Pathway to Heaven on Earth  is a series of short stories that I wrote about the amazing people that led me to understand this connection and how to do it.  It’s only a little book, but it’s BIG.

Many ordinary animals lovers who wanted to understand and develop that deep mental and emotional connection with their animals have bought Zen Connection with Horses for its help in that deep understanding of the many ways that people experience their connection with their animals.

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  1. Tamara Dingle 11/19/2011, 9:54 am Reply

    Dear Jenny,
    Thank you for all you have done as you have helped me to understand and to connect with my horses. In turn this has helped me to better connect with people aswell. Don’t ever stop what you are doing and I hope in any way i can help too.
    Love Tamara

    • Jenny 11/19/2011, 7:43 pm Reply

      Funny about the effect that this horse work has on our human relationships – hey! Keep up the good work then, Tamara!

  2. Frances Dingle 11/19/2011, 9:50 am Reply

    I have not always coped with the death of my animals very well. I am one who keeps trying anything to save them.I now understand this is not the way . Thank you once again jenny . Please continue to bless all the animals .Frances

    • Jenny 11/19/2011, 7:44 pm Reply

      Ahh Francis – if the article has done at least a little bit of that for you, then it’s done it’s job. Death is so beauitiful when it’s right…

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