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I am training a house fly

My new tiny companion



A while back, I read the very lovely book Kinship with All Life, where J. Allen Boone talked about how he learned to experience animals differently and how he actually trained a house fly.

You can grab a copy of that beautiful book below.


Well the idea intrigued me, so for a while now I had been more conscious of my actions around flies – because, of course first there has to be little or no fear, before good communication can happen.

I don’t like flies on my food or my skin and for some time I had been asking them to be on my clothes rather than my skin and that appeared to have been working, with other people harassed by flies and me not, with flies all over my shirt instead.

This week, laid up with sciatica and unable to move around easily, I started exploring a relationship with a tiny house fly who was sitting on my Kindle.  When he landed on my skin I would ask him to leave and then twitch my skin to send him away.  I then pictured him landing on my fingernail again.

With lots of communication and thinking and happy feelings, he eventually started landing only on the fingernail that I held out for him. And blow me down with a feather, he was doin”  a little dance there with lots of happy feelings!

Sue McKibbin took this photo this afternoon, after I showed her how I called my new tiny friend to come and sit on my fingernail.

The completely free lesson set The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse, is written especially for horse people and  explains how to make a connection with a horse.

However, the first four lessons would be useful to any animal owner to understand more about communicating with an animal – and maybe you could train a fly too!

You can register for those free lessons by clicking here. 

And if you’d like to read Kinship with All Life too, you can pick it up from Amazon at this link.





  1. jennya 02/16/2015, 6:00 am Reply

    The family named him – Trevor and all the subsequent flies have been Trevor too.

  2. Rick 06/17/2014, 5:32 am Reply

    I had over 23 pet flies ( due to breeding ) and I remember I asked one to come over to me and sit on my nail, then all of them started to crawl towards me!!! Wierdest moment of my life o.O

  3. Jack 10/06/2013, 10:58 am Reply

    This morning ,I was looking up on the net, people who train house flies. I found on amazing vid on Youtube that amused me:

    Anyway, I was looking this up because I have this fly in my kitchen that just behaved differently to me when I came into the room.Like a puppy, it would get excited and wanted to get near me and would stay sitting near by me where ever I went in the kitchen.
    Now it’s not that I smell or anything like that. I’m a clean person. hehehe. I just began to wonder about this little creature acting so unusual.
    I looked around this morning and it seems to have disappeared. Maybe it has reached the end of it’s life and went to die somewhere..I don’t know.
    But the connection to the smallest of creatures is interesting.

    I have had jumping spiders in my house that were very easy to communicate with using mimicked gestures I observed from them.

    • Jenny 10/07/2013, 8:48 am Reply

      How gorgeous is that Jack. Both the spiders and the fact that you were looking up about training a house fly. People usually think animals are dumb – but they only act dumb when they are afraid and us humans don’t do too well under those circumstances either!

  4. Diane Marie 04/13/2013, 1:00 am Reply

    We communicate or can communicate with everything. I had a lizard in my house last year that didn’t want to leave so I made a deal with him. I wouldn’t hurt him if he stayed away from my bed while I was sleeping. I never woke up to find him in bed with me! LOL!!!!

  5. Jenny Pearce 04/11/2013, 6:42 am Reply

    Deborah wrote this comment in a Facebook group.
    I have an incredible open relationship with animals. Right now I have 8 squirrels – 2 of which will take the peanuts in a shell right from my hand while patiently waiting for me to give it to them and 2 chipmonks that have no problem taking the peanuts from me or coming in the house if I let them – but nay!~ Anyway I have always had this “thing” where wild animals just love to come very close and feel totally comfortable in my zone and them letting me in their zone. During the summer I could expect to be laying on the lounge and I look up to see someone sitting on the foot area looking at me just content being there. Wonder what that “thing” is? Can you explain what it is with horses? (I can stop along side the road and go up to a fence and all the horses will come to visit me)

  6. Corey 04/11/2013, 6:18 am Reply

    ……….does he/she have a name…….???

    • Jenny 04/11/2013, 6:45 am Reply

      A bit early yet, 🙂 I was thinking yesterday that I would wait and see how his personality develops first (I think he is a “he” – but it is definitely not “Louie”!

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