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Put some Animal Magic in your life

Real communication – from heart to heart –  always feels good hey?  So why were they so surprised at how RELAXING it was to open up to communicate with their animals?

My email this week is full of happy people connecting with their animals, talking of how easy it was once I showed them how.


When I hear the words “Talk to the Animals” I think of that song from Dr Doolittle and smile.  Even now the music in my head makes me dance a little in my chair.  That movie grabbed me by the heart when I was a small child and started a chain of events that decades later had horses first and then other animals teaching me how to hear them.  I’ve taught thousands of people through on line programs and never had anyone come back to me with an “I can’t do this”  that we couldn’t fix.

It starts with recognizing our own unique talent

It starts with recognizing our own unique natural talent.  THAT folks, is why I can claim that EVERYONE can do this – and I back that up by working with quite a few people one on one during the live calls that we did last weekend, making sure that EVERYONE got it.  It was gorgeous to see such a wide variety of experience.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what happens in these three wonderful little lessons, but let me tell you – once I started working with individual people, they got a LOT more than they bargained for!  🙂

Having the recordings means that you can download and repeat these wonderful meditations that lead you through connecting with your animals over and over again, so that you get REALLY good at it.  The combination of recordings and practice will mean that you’ll be able to hear / feel your animals loud and clear.

And they’re available for the tiny price of $7.

There’s method in my madness with that tiny price.  Communication – REAL communication, is the kind of thing that makes a difference in the world – whether it’s communicating with our animals or each other.  And THAT folks is my dream, with this simple and easy to do little program bringing more happiness into the world. 🙂



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