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I am what I call a practical and emotional intuitive, with my main strengths in mental, emotional and physical feel, although I work a little in all five feels these days. I bring extensive training as a “healer” in many different modalities, to my own unique mixture of feels as a teacher.

In my approach to my healing work, I have for a long time now, focussed on helping people to remove what I call “blockages to healing” for faster and lasting results. Our mind, body and spirit are capable of the most extraordinary, transformative healing when we get rid of the things that are blocking that healing from happening. (Ask me about some of those stories some day, there are some amazing ones! I still get my socks knocked off even now.)

I think it is this background that is responsible for me finding a way to teach “feel” when most people consider that you have to be born with good feel for a horse.

We talk about heart feel, energetic feel and physical feel with the other ladies below, so I’ll focus here on the other ones: mental feel and emotional feel.

Mental feel, amongst other things, is your problem solving ability. When we have a natural talent in mental feel but haven’t been taught to use it like the gift that it is, we can just about worry ourselves into an early grave. I learned young how to shut my mind up by reading myself to sleep, otherwise I doubt that I would have slept much at all. In my healing work I have met a lot of people who had trouble sleeping from their minds running at 100 miles an hour.

Mental feel is a wonderful natural problem solving ability and when we know how to use it, when we learn how to LISTEN to it, instead of trying to shut it up, the mind quietens down so easily – then the ideas and thoughts for solving a problem flow easily, usefully and often with great joyfulness.

Worrying becomes a thing of the past and learning to be gentle on ourselves becomes so much easier when we learn to use this feel for the gift that it is.

Then there is Emotional feel. We all experience emotions, but those of us who have a strong natural talent in emotional feel can sometimes be easily overwhelmed by the force of our emotions, especially when we haven’t learned to use that sensitivity as the gift that it is.

Horses are excellent emotional communicators. And just one of the plus sides of having a good emotional feel (and there are many), is that I can, amongst other things, very easily help other people to get to the place where their horse and themselves are being and feeling safe and have a lovely feeling of well being.

Those who know how to use their strength in emotional feel also find it easy to help a horse to a deep feeling of safety and emotional well being.

Horses and humans both – our emotional well being is an absolutely fundamental foundation for physical well being. You will not have physical well being for either horse or human for very long, you cannot have physical well being, unless you have emotional well being.

I have the ability to connect deeply with someone when I am teaching.  My natural strengths mean that I can connect mentally, physically and emotionally and I have a particular talent in helping people find their own beautiful and secure riding seat no matter where they are in the world, or their age, shape, size, fitness level or riding ability.

I get great enjoyment from sharing those moments when people let go of old stresses, braces, tensions, fears and anxieties and find a new strength, ease and flow in their riding position.

There is a quirky side effect of the way that I use my feel and connection with people. I have been able to help people in some interesting fields that I personally know nothing about. I helped a golfer find his perfect swing and a super bike rider to find that place where peripheral vision sharpens and time almost stands still (a very cool thing to be able to do when you are traveling in excess of 200 kilometers an hour!).

Work with Jenny

You can email Jenny to talk about how she can help and with any questions you may have.

$180 AUD for a single consultation or bundle 3 sessions together for $450 AUD or get even greater discounts for 10 sessions/lessons at a time.

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Caroline combines her qualifications and extensive training and skills as an Equine Behaviourist with a strong and natural heart feel – a natural ability to see what is REALLY going on behind a problem or behaviour. People with a strong heart feel AUTOMATICALLY look for what’s going on, without blame or judgement and without making the horse or person wrong. The gentleness of this way of experiencing feel and connection with a horse or human is particularly lovely to watch in action.

As she combines her Equine Behaviour training with this approach to horses, Caroline is kind of like an intuitive marriage guidance counsellor between the horse and the human – taking into account the horse’s psychology, their environment, any illness or physical discomfort or old upsets or trauma or whatever else could be behind their behaviour – working with people and horse both separately and together, to help clean up whatever is the real cause behind the behaviour or problem.

I can tell from conversations I have had with Caroline over the years that I have known her, that the sheer gift that she has with horses has been in evidence since she was a child and went into a stable with an incredibly dangerous stallion and “tamed” that horse that everyone else was so afraid of. That’s typical of people with a strong heart feel, animals positively respond to them very quickly. But because her type of natural skills and talents are not routinely celebrated in our scientifically based society, she was left feeling in her gentle ways, that she was “not enough”.

Please notice the important thing here. While Caroline was looking OUTSIDE her extraordinary gentle-ness for the answers to horses’ issues, she was feeling that she was not enough.

These days, Caroline knows the usefulness of that incredible gentleness of her heart feel, all the way to her bones. She knows how to feel it and how to use it and has expanded that gentle-ness into strength in the other feels as well with incredible competency.

She is certainly more than enough now and brings the skills that she had learned in that journey to help people here find strength and satisfaction in their natural talent.

Work with Caroline

You can email Caroline to talk about how she can help and with any questions you may have.

€40 Euros for a single consultation or bundle 3 sessions together for €90

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Narel has a natural strength in energetic feel, which she has extended with her experience in shamanic healing. She is also an excellent animal communicator who uses that shamanic framework and she’s an astrologer. She brings these energetic gifts and talents and experiences and training and combines those with a deep commitment to our approach to horsemanship and to empowering people.

To get an idea of how energetic feel works with horses, think of the way that a school of fish move together in absolute harmony – fast or slow, whoosh… they just all turn in the same direction at the same time – it seems with one mind. Using energetic feel ultimately brings that same ability to flow together, horse and rider together as one in a beautiful harmony.

The great riding master/teachers are describing energetic feel when they talk about the circuit of energy or the circuit of power between horse and rider. Energetic feel gives you another tool to use, to flow you and your horse into the One-ness – the amazing artistry of togetherness.

Having a natural talent in the unseen world of energy, Narel is uniquely positioned to help others whose natural talent is energetic feel to come to the same practical results as the rest of us – a different journey to the same beautiful horsemanship.

Because a strong energetic feel can have people feeling quite “different” to others, specially in our science based society, Narel went through a rough time in her life before she recognised her skills for the amazing talent that it is.  Having a rough time of it, specially growing up, can be quite typical for those whose natural talent is an energetic feel.

Energetic feel can be difficult to describe to those who do not experience it routinely. Narel says “Who on earth would believe it possible that our atmosphere was “full” of sound and pictures if they didn’t have a radio or television or phone to turn on? You prove the existence of those frequencies by tuning in and receiving those images and sound so that you can actually see them and hear them.  Those frequencies are still there, even though we can’t see them or hear them with our ears unless the machine is turned on.”

People too, can have natural talent to pick up different frequencies like a radio and television can and that is Narel’s particular area of expertise. She too, has been expanding her skills beautifully into all the different ways that you can feel for your horse.

Work with Narel

You can email Narel to talk about how she can help or with any questions you may have.

$85 AUD per session


Sue Edebohls

Sue is a mega talented horsewoman, with a deep sensitivity and ability to feel for your horse, even across long distances.


She’s a practical lady “from the bush” with that lovely kind of old fashioned courtesy and feel. She worked cattle until a recent retirement to a smaller farm and even ended up doing that bridle-less, with AUS shown here in the photo.


She’s ridden and camped out for weeks at a time with a group dedicated to keep the high country mountain trails open and is experienced in a wide range of horse skills, from packing a horse, camping out with horses for long periods at a time and even cooks brilliantly on a campfire. 🙂


Bigger than that though, she has an ability to feel into a horse with problems and nail what it it’s going to take to solve them and is very active on our student only forum.


She considers that she’s not very good with people, but I think that’s just because her focus is so firmly fixed on the horse and whatever is going on with them.. I wish you could see me smiling. She is SERIOUSLY good with horses with a very down to earth practical approach.


Sue is new on staff at the moment and we haven’t worked out a price for her yet, so get in quick before I change that. 🙂


You can email Sue to talk about how she can help or with any questions you may have.